obamaL.A. Times: President Obama telephoned Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on Thursday and congratulated him and the Lakers on winning the NBA championship this season.

A White House spokesperson initially made contact earlier in the day with Lakers public relations director John Black, who made sure Jackson got on the phone to talk about the Lakers defeating the Orlando Magic and to set up a time for the team to visit the White House.

Black said he has been exchanging e-mails with the White House staff to set up a time for the Lakers to visit the White House. Black said it’ll probably happen before the season begins in the fall.

Andrew Bynum, after missing last year’s Finals that the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics, seemed excited about the possibility of meeting Obama.

“Obviously when we get the ring and we do the ceremony and we meet Barack, it’s really, really going to set in,” Bynum said about winning the NBA championship. “For me right now, it’s like living a dream, really. The parade yesterday was unbelievable.”

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    Yes the Lakers are the first team that gets to celebrate with our newest president! Historic mark by the Lakers again…first African-American President + Lakers 15th Championship = Epic!!!

  • ricky

    While at the White House Kobe should challenge the President to a 1 on 1 game. That would not only be amazing to see but imagine the media just going crazy to get coverage on that. That would be a media dream to be able to get Black Mamba vs The Prez. Imagine how cool that would be. Sorry Mr. President, I like you and all, but Kobe is gonna kick your butt!

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