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    Here are some outtakes and behind the scene clips of Lakers players saying “Powered by TheLakersNation.com”, enjoy!

    Season begins tomorrow.

    Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for LakerNation.com.
    • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

      job well done!!

    • http://twitter.com/nugge7 Jim Murdoc


    • JC

      congrats… BIG TIME.

    • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

      Nice, but what’s this for?

    • Nabil


    • vida8

      Great job mihm and Sasha THe best.

    • LN1

      getgarnett.com???? F that~! haha congrats TLN!


      what is being powered by thelakersnation.com??

    • Ko8e_f@n

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      ^ i agree! …more power to TLN :P

    • Edward

      D Fish was the best… the rest were sketchy and Lamar’s was so funny, it’s like he has ADD, he focused and said it alright but right after he said it like the millisecond “.com” left his mouth he went to never never land

    • LN1

      yeah d-fish really does have a way with words. his pre game, post game interviews are always the best. clear, focused, concise. thats why i admire him so much. such an eloquent speaker and person. wont be surprised to see him as a Laker analyst after his playing career.

    • lyk13

      Ok, obviously some of them can’t get it right on first go, but the first one to get it done was AB..:P

      Can’t get Kobe on this one? :P

    • tradekwame11


    • mo_altarhuni

      ariza struggled, did he go to college loooooooooool

    • mo_altarhuni

      chris mihm is a nerd

    • JSK4LIFE

      LMAO LOL omg lamar odom is such a bamf as soon as hes done hes just like staring into space LOL LEGEND

    • Banzai

      Luke looked stoned lol.

    • kb24mvp

      how is kobe the only one not on there hahaha

    • alan

      i lafd so effin hard on luke’s. he reminded me of napoleon dynamite. cuz he lookd retarted.

    • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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      UCLA :cool:

    • b0omshakalaca

      WHERES KOBES?somebody needs to get Trevor hooked on phonics, DFish is a freakn stud, Lamar and VladRad should get together and form a space cadet fleet, can never get enough of Sashas accent, besides that good stuff TLN

    • killua24

      i can’t see the vid… why?

    • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

      Wow TLN is big!


      All I have to say is….TLN really is the best.

    • xtro

      The Machine has some serious sunburn goin’ on the video.


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    • roscoe

      it’s crazy this site has come so far I started coming to it when I saw that news cast way back like 16 months ago. now it’s actually recognized.

    • yellowpurplefever

      VERY NICE!!

    • Laker Fan 4Ever

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      Yeah, if he went to SUC he probably wouldn’t have been able to read the card at all. :O


      Everything is great becides the backgound. I F*CKING HATE!!!!!!! green. And oh yeah SASHA’s hair is sick as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.myspace.com/flowdesignzmyspace FlowDesignz

      lol @ Ariza

    • dub824

      haha sashas in front of some green

    • Dewin

      Kobe’s just too big a star I guess….

    • Lakers 24 7

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      haha…good thing he didnt turn around, he’d turn the whole set upside down…


    • Drake Hunter

      I’m surprised Luke Walton would support this website. This is the Fluke Walton Haternation.com. If he doesn’t know, someone should tell him!