So with the Lakers losing to the Queens (some things will never change with me), how do they hold up in the Power rankings?

ESPN Power Rankings
3. Lakers (2)
Marc Stein wrote:
The Lakers have lost more games since we bumped them up to the top spot on Feb. 25 (two) than they dropped in the first three-plus weeks of February. You don?t think it was us who jinxed them, do you?

Fiya Ranks (Note: Usually contains foul language) –
3. Lakers (3)
Linwood Jenkins wrote:
Asked if he was impressed by LeBron’s 50 point game, Kobe said “Yeah, and he didn’t even need three quarters to do it.” Then, he proceeded to re-tape his ligament-less fingers and shoot 3000 jumpers for fun.

Sporting News Power Poll (Note: Posted Mar. 7) –
2. Lakers (1)
Stan McNeal wrote:
Their offense gets the props, but their defense has been among the league’s best: The Lakers rank fourth in field-goal percentage allowed.
(Thanks for the jinx, jerk. -Ed) Power Rankings
??. Lakers (3)

S.I. Power Rankings
6. Lakers (3)
Marty Burns wrote:
Kobe Bryant couldn’t bail them out at the last second in Sunday’s loss to the Kings that snapped a three-game winning streak. They head out on a four-game road trip at New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Utah beginning Friday.

Fox Sports Power Rankings
??. Lakers (1)
John Galinsky wrote:

Dime Mag Hit List
??. Lakers (1)
Dime Mag wrote: Power Rankings
??. Lakers (2)
Sean Murphy wrote:

SportsLine Power Rankings
??. Lakers (3)

Yahoo Powerless Rankings
??. Lakers (4)

  • dezmond

    I guess first place in the west isnt good enuff for some people…..Beat teams like the kings and we wont have to hear the haters-and fake Laker fans that talk down on our players!!!!!

  • sepehr

    With the defense we have been playing lately I’m surprised we’re ranked 3rd. Our defense needs to step up if we expect to beat a team like SanAntonio or Utah in the playoffs.

  • luke walton

    i think that now we need to focus more on improving the players as individuals and less on adding players to help the team

  • Devean George

    When I was with the Lakers we played pretty good defense

  • 187 ON BOSTON

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    die slow fluke die slow