Power rankings roundup

    So with the Lakers losing to the Queens (some things will never change with me), how do they hold up in the Power rankings?

    ESPN Power Rankings -
    3. Lakers (2)
    Marc Stein wrote:
    The Lakers have lost more games since we bumped them up to the top spot on Feb. 25 (two) than they dropped in the first three-plus weeks of February. You don?t think it was us who jinxed them, do you?

    Fiya Ranks (Note: Usually contains foul language) -
    3. Lakers (3)
    Linwood Jenkins wrote:
    Asked if he was impressed by LeBron’s 50 point game, Kobe said “Yeah, and he didn’t even need three quarters to do it.” Then, he proceeded to re-tape his ligament-less fingers and shoot 3000 jumpers for fun.

    Sporting News Power Poll (Note: Posted Mar. 7) -
    2. Lakers (1)
    Stan McNeal wrote:
    Their offense gets the props, but their defense has been among the league’s best: The Lakers rank fourth in field-goal percentage allowed.
    (Thanks for the jinx, jerk. -Ed)

    NBA.com Power Rankings
    ??. Lakers (3)

    S.I. Power Rankings
    6. Lakers (3)
    Marty Burns wrote:
    Kobe Bryant couldn’t bail them out at the last second in Sunday’s loss to the Kings that snapped a three-game winning streak. They head out on a four-game road trip at New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Utah beginning Friday.

    Fox Sports Power Rankings
    ??. Lakers (1)
    John Galinsky wrote:

    Dime Mag Hit List
    ??. Lakers (1)
    Dime Mag wrote:

    Covers.com Power Rankings
    ??. Lakers (2)
    Sean Murphy wrote:

    SportsLine Power Rankings
    ??. Lakers (3)

    Yahoo Powerless Rankings
    ??. Lakers (4)

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    • dezmond

      I guess first place in the west isnt good enuff for some people…..Beat teams like the kings and we wont have to hear the haters-and fake Laker fans that talk down on our players!!!!!

    • sepehr

      With the defense we have been playing lately I’m surprised we’re ranked 3rd. Our defense needs to step up if we expect to beat a team like SanAntonio or Utah in the playoffs.

    • http://swishtheball.net luke walton

      i think that now we need to focus more on improving the players as individuals and less on adding players to help the team

    • Devean George

      When I was with the Lakers we played pretty good defense

    • 187 ON BOSTON

      [Comment ID #29006 Will Be Quoted Here]
      die slow fluke die slow