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Kobe Bryant is set to make $28 million in off the court endorsements this year.

He may lose out on $400K of that, according to

Lakers star Kobe Bryant is among the largest creditors of Power Balance, the maker of what the company claims to be performance-enhancing wristbands that recently filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court, as he is owed $400,000 for his endorsement.

Other athletes on the list of creditors include Clippers forward Blake Griffin ($20,000) and skateboarder Ryan Sheckler ($25,000). The L.A. Kings and Sacramento Kings are owed $250,000 and $100,000, respectively.

Lakers Lamar Odom was also named as an investor/creditor, and was used on the companys website for marketing purposes.

If and when the season starts reports suggest that the Sacramento Kings arena will still be called “Power Balance Arena”.


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    A rubber wrist band that gives you extra strength, superior quickness, burst of speed, agility, added inches to the vertical, age prevention, a cure for cancer, and world peace . . .

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