I love to hear this kind of attitude. Here is what Josh Powell had this to say on his facebook page:

Josh Powell kobe…kobe…we still need to step it up..can’t keep winning like that…there will be a change…trust me
  • showtime2010

    i sure hope so.. as exciting as it is to watch kobe bail us out, we need to execute better, and play better team ball and defense.

  • KB24ForLife

    that was back on march 10th tho haha

  • uh

    I’m sorry, I don’t take the words of a bench warmer seriously let alone one all over Kobe’s nuts every pregame.

  • doodles

    whats this we? get your butt on the court before you say we.

  • showtime2010

    we as in a laker fan for the past 15 years… i dont get why people critique every word of a comment posted on here.. just expressing my opinion thats all

  • Alfonso

    Come on you know that the lakers will be in top form during the playoffs! it’s normal that in the regular season the energy aint always that good. Once in the playoffs every laker will be in top form and the attitude will be great believe me. Still it’s gonna be a war zone in the west!