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The Mavericks (47-19) are now only one game up in the loss column to the Lakers (47-20)

It was indeed an impressive victory, and one that was nice to get as LA vies for home court advantage against everybody in the NBA, except the Spurs.

Bynum led the Lakers with 22 points, and 15 rebounds, continuing his dominance after the all-star break. The Lakers allowed Dallas to stick around by missing 10 free-throws, and allowing 15 offensive rebounds.

However, the big story of the game, was when a sense of panic set in, for any Lakers fan watching the game, as Kobe Bryant went down in the 3rd quarter.

Forget trying to get the win in Dallas, it could have been the end of the Lakers chance at winning a third consecutive title.

Late in the third quarter Kobe Bryant tried to draw a foul on Shawn Marion, when he landed awkwardly on his left ankle, the same one in which he hurt two games prior.

He then walked gingerly off the court, with a noticeable limp, straight to the locker room.

The Lakers were up 65-63 as it looked like Kobe’s day may have been over, Steve Blake then hit back to back three pointers as Kobe was in the locker room to extend the Lakers lead to 10.

With just under 9 minutes to play. Kobe would come out of the locker room, and tell Phil that he wanted to go back in. With the momentum with the Mavs, and the Lakers only up 6. Kobe would hit a baseline fade away jumper, with 2:46 left in the game.

With just under a minute to play, and the Lakers up only four. Bryant would miss at the right elbow.

However, Ron Artest, would wrestle it away from Jason Kidd, and put it back in to extend the Lakers lead to six.

Ron-Ron then gave the Dallas fans a sneek peak at the “Gun-Show”, flexing both biceps, as he walked over to the bench.

Regarding Kobe’s injury he said this to the media after the game

I thought I was done, like done,” Bryant said, thinking that he may have been done for the season. “I was just praying that when I stood up my foot was lined up straight … That scared the s— out of me. I thought I dislocated it.”

We were all pretty scared s—less, to be honest with you because it looked horrible and it felt worse.”

Kobe is listed as questionable to play Monday at home vs Orlando.

I’ll just do what I always do: don’t sleep, get treatment around the clock and I should be fine,” Bryant said.

  • Tyler

    What a scare there. I swear, I died for a few seconds. But Kobe’s a warrior, and He is should be fine. He should play in orlando, then they are off until the wolves 3 days later, then another day off, so he should skip the wolves and rest.

  • ThisIsHowUFixIt

    Great win by the team. Aprreciate the warrior mentality in Kobe, but dude get treatment and rest for a couple of games if need be. Dont rush back, we need Kobe healthy for the playoff stretch. Plus it would give the rest of the team a chance to find themselves and their own game and become a little more self reliant. Maybe this will make Kobe trust the team a bit more and follow the game plan of going inside to the bigs. Truth be told, Kobe almost came back in last nights game and hijacked a victory from us. They built the lead when he went to the locker room to get retaped. He comes back and starts trying to go one on one with Marion. He did hit a tough fall away from the baseline after returning, but dude c’mon. Play to win. Not to show everybody how you can beat your man and that you’re a warrior. We as Lakers fans already know and the rest of the league already knows.

    • LakerMarc

      I agree we have seen in the last 3 years that when Kobe is gone the team actually plays a more fluid game and even has a better record…and even on road trips..LOL!

      • edselpinoy2

        for a game or 2, it may show. but in reality they need Kobe to be Kobe for the whole season + playoffs. Kobe is a lakers identity, if you take that away from the equation it becomes a whole new formula, now we’re talking about a whole new set of plays, we’re just going to become the new Rockets, or Nuggets. For me, that’s what I really admire about the Kobester, he ain’t a demi-god, he ain’t perfect, far from it, but at least he puts the work ethic the time and what he thinks will get him to that one important goal — The Ring. Honestly he doesn’t frigging care about anything else.

    • stucktrader

      Agreed Kobe needs to rest.

      KOBE… you need some sleep.

      In any case i hope he doesn’t try to play for that World Basketball Championship deal or Olympics.

      Get the rings… Kobe… take some zzz’s.

  • louie

    agree with #2. Game looked easy and ball was moving better when kobe went out. In fact lead was up and baskets are made out of good shots.

    • stucktrader

      Sometimes i think Kobe should start the game and stay in just long enough to warm up. Then get Brown and Barnes in there.

      When the bench comes on… Kobe can stay with them…
      No Bench player is going to hang with Kobe.

      Maybe it can go something like this.
      Fish, Kobe, Artest, Pau, Drew
      -get Kobe out 10 minutes in… and Shannon subs.
      Bench comes in
      Blake, Kobe, Barnes, Lamar, Pau or Drew or if we ever see Ratlif.
      You still have the rookies if they can just play D to come in as well.

  • 123kid

    really looked like the 2nd unit played looser without the presence of kobe around. but overall great win. and what is up with the dirty play of chandler. he was like tryna put fish in a headlock.

  • NetsMachine20

    Might be time for Kobe to break out the Kobe III, Kobe I or even some Huarache 2K4 or 2K5’s. After last years sprains in the Kobe V and now the last few in the Kobe VI he has to realize that those flimsy shoes just won’t cut it and he his risking injury by wearing them.

    • it just knows better

      sigh. i could say kobe won his 4th ring because he was wearing the kobe IV, he won his 5th ring because he was wearing the kobe V, and he should win his sixth ring because he is wearing the kobe VI. my point is correlation is not causation.

  • WoW27

    Kobe needs to play…. People didnt pay to not see Kobe against Orlando!!! And im one of them… Better not pull a Labron on us this monday!!! GO LAKERS


      so,if him playing puts our season and his career in jeopardy? he should play? because you paid. I’m a Lakers fan since birth so, I always think big picture. if he’s still hurt,the best thing is rest. GO LAKERS!!!

    • 242LakerFan

      Pull a Lebron? Really? Lebron bites one of his fingernails too close to the quick and he’s in the locker room crying and needs three games to recover. Kobe rolled his foot almost completely over SIDEWAYS and came back in the game!!!
      I agree that we probably don’t need him to beat Orlando. If Bynum can play up to the standard he has set for the last couple of weeks and neutralize Howard to a degree, the rest of the team is easily a match for the Magic. But “pull a Lebron”? NEVER compare Kobe with Lebron as far as playing through pain. That’s like saying I’d like to buy a Rolls Royce, but that Hyundai in my driveway will do just as well.


        Hahaha, agreed! Nice new tag, BTW, 242!

        • patrick

          Touching yourself you loser stop mocking Touch Me


            YOU MUST BE TOUCH ME HUH? Been all these years and Now you wanna run up on me? You’re the LOSER! ‘TOUCH ME’ deserves to be mocked! ‘TOUCH ME’ is NOT a fan and that name is jacked and that’s all there is to it!

            Listen Patrick, why don’t you continue running around in BIKINI BOTTOM in your bermuda shorts with Sponge Bob and play with the Sandy Squirrel, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and Squidward and leave the Lakers Nation chat to the grown ups huh?

      • lakerman928

        nuff said..y the hell wud u ever compare Kobe to LeBrick?
        Now i hope he sits this game out just as a punishment for comparing those two!!!!!!

  • neekero

    kobe bryant
    what a guyyyy he never gives up

  • ZK

    The warrior will get through this fine as he has many times. I hope he takes his time to get ready for money time.

    And how about BYNUM Laker Nation? He has been the MAN. Lets all hope he stays healthy, because he has figured out what he needs to do for this team to bring No. 17 home.

    Go Lakers!

  • xtro

    i think he should rest than aggravate it.

  • kobe24venom

    should rest it but, if kobe feels he can go let him play . what a bad ass he is , he really rolled that ankle …..still came back . made some good shots and played decent defense….mamba!