The Lakers sent a message to the rest of the Western Conference today at Staples Center. This message was simple: “we are number one.”

The Lakers gained sole possession of first place Sunday and can clinch home-court throughout the first three rounds of the playoffs with a win at home Tuesday vs. Sacramento. The Lakers cruised to a 106-85 victory today behind a third quarter that held the Spurs to only 5 FGs. The Lakers especially played well against Duncan holding him to 16 points on 6-19 shooting.

The key today was the Lakers transition game as they ran the ball well and dished off 26 assists in the process. It was another game of balanced scoring with 6 players in double figures and the leader, Kobe with 20.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers -

1) Lamar continues to play superb ball. 17 points, 14 boards, 4 assists, 0 turnovers.

2) Pau played excellent defense today on Duncan. Offensively, he had 14 points, 11 boards, 3 assists, a steal, and 2 blocks. Ka-Pau!

3) Farmar and Fisher played great today. Combined 10-14 FGs, including 3 threes and 6 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Vlad Rad didn’t do much. In 23 minutes, he had 2 points and 2 boards.

Play of the Game: Pau’s outlet pass to Kobe for the three as the third quarter ends.

What to look for next game: Look for the Lakers to bring this momentum with them into the playoffs. Kings should get blown out. Game is Tuesday @ 7:30 PM (FSN).

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Time to get up those Kobe/Gasol ‘08 Bumper Sticker, Laker Nation!

  • kb24 4life

    i loved the way kobe celebrated with ronny after the alley opp, good for the bench to know that his best player supports them…

  • Basher

    We need to win on Tuesday and hope for a loss from Houston. But I have to say this was a big win for the Lakers. PAU also showed me a lot with his defense on Duncan tonight go Lakers.


    Ok.. Great job..

    But SAC will be determined to play the role of spoilers on Tuesday.. Better not let them go crazy on our court like we did last time.

  • nayrb_883

    houston has to lose tonight against the nuggets for us to clinch the top spot in the west, that is of course if we beat sac.. rockets own tiebreaker vs lal. lal is 2-2 against but owns tiebreaker.

    the lakers sit atop at 56-25 while houston gets third with 54-25

    they have two more games after tonight
    tom. @ utah
    wed. vs. lac

  • nayrb_883

    *** lal is 2-2 against NOH

  • kb24

    I want san antonio to end up in third spot to play phoenix Lakers vs Denver and Dallas vs hornets this would be the easiest route to the finals for the lakers

  • rg

    ye we want SAN vs PHX in the first round and then like Hou or NO vs Dallas i think that would be the best
    that way we get Denver then either houston or utah

  • erickson

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    lolll you sound like the people after the game who talked about the game on abc 7 i cant remember their names lol michael cooper n that asian guy.

  • Billy Kupchak

    we have to beat the queens

  • west213


  • Phant0M




  • Laaffiliation024

    [Comment ID #32673 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I believe his name is Rob Fukuzaki

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Went to the game and it was amazing!!!! Everyone was pumped up and great plays for the Lakers…. Go Lakers, #1 in the West!!!!!!

  • RDLAKB24

    great win.. beat sac town.. and we are the hottest team in the NBA going into the playoffs

  • Lakers2410

    Why is “Amber’s Predition” or whatever it’s called not here anymore TLN? She was on a roll with correct predictions!

  • Lakers2410

    Yeah, but the Lakers have more wins in the West, so that means even if the Lakers have the same record as the Hornets, we’d still have sole possession of the #1 seed! Also the Rockets are losing @ Nuggets’ homecourt at halftime, 61-44! The Nuggets and Kings are so good to us giving us an excellent chance at the #1 seed, huh!

  • gugy


    great win, lets stay positive and not C O C K Y!
    We still have a monumental hill to climb to get to the parade.

    Also, I think Kobe clinched the MVP after the two last games.

    Go Lakers!

  • Brett

    Aah Hell ya! houston lost, with a win we take 1st and all those puss voters will have to give kobe the mvp. WE’RE GONNA THRASH DENVER IN THE 1ST ROUND! AAAH FUH YA SHI !

  • Lakers2410

    Our last game is at Staples Center against the Kings, the Nuggets (49-32) have their last game with the Clippers, the Mavs (50-31) are at their homeourt with the Hornets, the Rockets lost tonight (54-26). Nuggets have won 2 games against the Mavs, which means that they own the tiebreaker, we also own the tiebreaker with the Hornets so I really hope that they win @ Mavs’ homecourt on Wednesday, ESPN. Here’s my prediction for the West’s 1st round match-ups:





    I don’t want to say who I think will win these 1st round match-ups because I’m not sure about them except for the Lakers’ match-up. I mean, you never know with the Nuggets, including that the Hornets barely have any playoff experience, the Spurs could possibly be overwhelmed by the Suns, and the Jazz might just win possibly 1 road game at the Rocket’s homecourt and win all of their games at their homecourt. But overall, things are finally right in Lakerland! WAHOO! GO LAKERS! GO KOBE! And…hope you’re better by the mid 1st round Bynumite!

  • lalball81

    I hope we don’t face NO in the playoffs. They match up well with us.


    Houston LOST t Denver. We are number one and we can remain there if we beat the Queens

  • lakerz

    [Comment ID #32684 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wasent it because the dude was busy or something? that jonny guy replaced him.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    If The Lakers,Hornets, and Rockets finish with identical records, this still gives the #1 seed to the Lakers, even Though The Rockets own the head to head tie-breaker between them… Reason: The Rockets would finish second to the Hornets in their own Southwest Division, based on The Hornets(10-5) division record versus The Rockets(8-8) division record…This would match the two division winners which would be the Hornets and Lakers, and since the Lakers hold the tie-breaker between them, The Lakers would be seeded #1… The Rockets record, finishing second to the Hornets, would not apply to the Lakers… Only if the Hornets were to lOSE a game and finish SECOND to the Rockets, and The Rockets win all of their games and finish as the Southwest Division Conference Champions, would their tie-breaker apply against The Lakers.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Check out more Laker haters at… Check out the the article: (Bryant, Lakers Rout Spurs, Move to No.1 Spot in the West) written by John Nadal from who states; Should the Lakers tie for the conference lead with Houston and New Orleans, the Rockets would be first, the Hornets second and the Lakers third based on how the three teams fared against each other… And these guys call themselves experts…? Man, how can The Rockets finish 1st, when they don’t even win their division, and how could the Hornets finish in front of the Lakers when The Lakers already own the tie-breaker between them… UNFREAKIN BELIEVABLE!

  • domz

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    You are correct Brother..We would still get the Top 1 seed even if we had same record with New Orleans and Rockets..Coz NOH owns the rockets..

    The game against SAC is BIG..SO we better prepare for that and have another blow out win..

    Come on Lakers!!! WE can do it!!!

  • KONG!

    Great win but i’ve noticed that the bench was lacking in the later 4th quarter. They need to be more consistent and stop rushing and forcing plays.

    Luke, please just dont play for the rest of the games… ur taking up a valuable roster spot.

  • kevin


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #32698 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It is called being Dumb and not informed. It is not Hate.

  • Shril

    Here is the situation now WITH THE ROCKETS..

    If lakers loose against SAC, NO wins out the rest of their schedule and so does houston.. NO will be #1, Lakers will be #2, and Houston will be #3. Lakers and Houston have identical records, but NO owns houston so they will be Number 3. However for some reason if lakers end up facing houston in the playoffs then Houston will have home court adv, because they hold the tie-breaker (freakin first game of the season).

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    When someone is authorized to inform the general public, regarding relevant news, they are trained and required to do their homework, before spewing spontaneous-undesired comments, such as you do, absure, when you spew your spontaneous, hateful, undesired, PUNKEN, comments all over this site…. Do everyone a favor and get LOST!

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    On another note… Thanks domz, for your support, and I’m with you 100%… GO LAKERS!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #32704 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Just because you put up crazy thoughts on this site doesn’t make it hate. It makes you dumb and therefore you have something in common with Barry. You obviously take every disagreement as hate. You must have a very weak mind.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Like I said before, you don’t know what you’re talkin bout and YOU never make any sense… WHO’S BARRY?…. Hold on, don’t’ answer that, It’s definitely time to lose you, FOOL.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Good point Shril, but you forgot about The Spurs, they are still in the mix, with a better divisional record than the Rockets also.

  • wallfishy

    This was a great game.

    I don’t know why reports covering the NBA can’t get their numbers straight? I heard and read on numerous occasions today that with a win over the Spurs that the Lakers will have the number 2 seed or even the 1, but people have seamed to forget about the Rockets. They lost tonight, which was good, but if for some weird reason the Lakers lose to the Kings and the Rockets win their last two along with the Hornets. Then we would have the 3rd seed. Going into today the Lakers need some help getting the number 1 seed and the Nuggets gave it to them. Now its in their hands and that eases my mind


  • wallfishy

    I know I just posted, but I didn’t read above me until after I did. In the case of a three way tie, the tie breaks would be:

    (1) Better winning percentage in all games among the tied teams.
    which the Rockets own because of the 2-1 series against the Lakers
    (2) Better winning percentage against teams in own division (only if all tied teams are in the same division).
    Doesn’t count. Lakers aren’t in the Hornets and Rockets Division
    (3) Better winning percentage against teams in own conference.
    Lakers own this and the rest don’t really matter
    If it came down to a three way tie it would be Houston, LA, NO. But i don’t see the Rockets beating Utah at home or the Lakers losing to the Queens


  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Wallfishy, just a reminder… In case of a tie, Houston cannot finish infront of New Orleans, because they (Houston) has a weaker divisional record than New Orleans… And in case of a tie, New Orleans cannot finish infront of L.A., Because L.A. owns the tie-breaker over New Orleans… Therefore, I will let you do the math.

  • Smush Walton

    We got off to a slow start against the Spurs, but finally got rolling in the second half. As Kobe said at halftime, we missed too many layups. Our weakest spot is Vlad & Luke. Vlad was for the most part worthless and Luke was maybe one notch better, with his airballs and out of control “post moves”. Hopefully we can improve this spot in the off season. And coaches, please keep drumming in into Lamar’s head NO OUTSIDE SHOTS!!! If we are counting on outside shots from Lamar to win we are going to come up short.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #32704 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Calling someone a hater for making a mistake in an article is not a hater it is dumb. And it is dumb of you not to know the definition of a hater. Your just another person who thinks anything negative spoken about the lakers even if it is an innocent error makes them a hater. That is very pathetic.


    I so proud of this Laker team after everything they’ve been through before the season.


  • wallfishy

    Juan. If just the Hornets and Rockets tie, then yes Hornets win the tie breaker. In the case of a three way tie though. The division record has no purpose, because the Lakers are not in the same division of the two other teams. So first you look at head to head against the teams with the tie:
    Lakers 3-4
    Hornets 4-4
    Rockets 4-3
    because the Lakers only played the Rockets 3 times and failed to win the series, then IF a 3-way tie occurs then it would be Houston, NO, LA and it wouldn’t have to go to any other tie breakers.


  • Jonny

    i love how the only teams we are guarenteed to NOT play are the Hornets and the the Jazz

    personally I’d hope for Dallas, cause they know they can’t beat us. . the other teams don’t know hahaha

  • laker4evr

    nice game!we’re the NO. 1 team in the WEST!Hey guys!did you know that the Golden State Warriors are Cliffhangin’ right now?that means,they are not going to the playoffs!that means,we will not meet them.Second,am sure they will change their line-up for next season and for that dont you think it’s about time for MITCH to really get some effort in acquiring the services of “AIR-FRANCE” MICKAEL PIETRUS and maybe even getting MONTA ELLIS?WHAT DO YOU THINK,guys?

    MITCH,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease try to consider that move.With PIETRUS on our team,we are damn good sure He’ll be very happy playing alongside his French pal Ronny Turiaf.So, GET HIM ,MITCH!


    Laker4ever,I shed a tear with that comment,thank you(he doesn’t fit GS cause he actually plays defense).


    ….and can we afford to Mickael P. and JO?

  • Billy Kupchak

    we need monta

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Wallfishy, You have the Rockets#1, The Hornets#2, and The Lakers#3. The point you’re missing is that with all three teams finishing with IDENTICAL records, The Lakers are a Division Champion and so are The Hornets, with The Lakers owning the Hornets and seeding above them(The Hornets)… The Rockets would be a second place team … Think about it, how can a second place team to begin with, be seeded #1 in the Conference, ahead of their own “Division Champion Hornets” … This would not make sense, right? … The Rockets would have to be seeded BEHIND The Hornets, right? … The Lakers, because they own the Hornets, must be seeded ahead of The Hornets, right? … The head to head advantage that the Rockets own over the Lakers, would apply, if they(The Rockets) finished as The Division Champion and The Hornets second, which they are not in a 3-way tie. This head to head advantage that The Rockets own over The Lakers, would apply should they meet in the playoffs, also.

  • wallfishy

    Okay. I was taking into consideration that the this three way tie would determine the southwest division winner. So much talk about the conference had me forgetting that the division is important for something other than a top four seed. As of this moment though, the Rockets are out.

    ps it took the caps, or maybe that very delicious burger from burger king, to make it sink in.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Thats exactly right wallfishy, … And now the head to head advantage that The Rockets HAD over The Lakers, will Never apply, even should they meet in the playoffs, because The Lakers have CLINCHED a better over-all record than The Rockets.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #32674 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we have to great rid of copycats! :D