It appears James Posey is unhappy with the C’s offer and is still listening to other teams. Things should heat up Wed. and the Lakers have what Posey wants potentially!

O.C. Register: Posey reportedly feels the Celtics’ offer falls short of the $5.8 million mid-level exception as well as his desire for a 4-to 5-year deal. Funny, that’s amount the Lakers have available at the moment. Deadline for signing free agents begins Wednesday. Stay tuned.

  • e-bucher

    welcome to lalaland

  • MILO

    Que se vaya a la verga el Poser! Unless hes going to start then i would not give him the 5.8mill either!!!

  • lakersdynasty09

    I hope we get him..he is just what we need!

  • True Lakers Fan

    yessss c’s suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked


    Posey WILL be a Laker Tomorrow.

  • Michael24

    he will be a laker i know it

    sign him and trade vlad

  • lakrfan4life


  • xtro

  • vintij

    Posey is a dirty player. We dont need him, he will dillute the good chemistry and influence the young players in a negative way. He will NOT be a laker, not ever.

  • LD2k

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    Really? I disagree… that is why he was a major factor off the bench for two separate teams in winning championships? Posey did NOTHING dirty in the finals against the Lakers except absolutely bury them with clutch three after clutch three… his defense on Kobe was tremendous (as was the whole unit of course) and Posey’s toughness is exactly what the Lakers are in dire need of.

  • Geloman

    I think we should go after Maggette. If only to keep him away from the Spurs and Celtics. Mags is strong, young and a great shooter and scorer. He can also work on his defense. Overall he adds a consistent scoring option for us. A better fit at SF than Odom. He can easily spread the floor for us. He’s also a good friend of Kobe and they share the same agent.

  • Lakers4Realz

    Ld2k..i agree with you posey killed us..

    BUT does ANYBODY here not think I do.

    Ok so the Celtics beat us WITH what do WE do…get posey from celtics?!?!

    Not following the far as I am concerned he wore the Celtics mucuous green crap jersey…i dont want him here..sorry.

    Pride is pride..

    You will hear celtics fans going “oh you needed a former player of ours to win your championship…”


    i see it that way..i am a die hard laker me that..

    And i realize that Rick Fox also played for the Celts at one point..however Rick is the ultimate laker…up until now..

    i dont want or need posey..sasha needs to be signed and he will improve yet again this offseason..

    posey can go suck a big one..


  • LD2k

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    I just posted a new NATION DISCUSSION about Mags here:

    I agree with you, but it may mean – by the Spurs/Celts offers – that we have to give up both Sasha & Turiaf to get him.


    Posey and Pietrus or Posey and Livingston,reasonable?

  • T-Dub

    Posey had a good series…thats it! He hasn’t done anything his entire career besides being a career backup and get traded from team to team. Maggette is a much better player!

  • T-Dub

    Everyone keeps screaming defense, defense! Thats not our problem! If you can recall we went through the western conference without a defensive problem. In the finals, we held Boston’s scoring down in games 2-5. Our problem was Boston’s defense, not ours. We couldn’t score! Besides Kobe, there is NO ONE ELSE who can create their own shot to break down the defense. Posey is no different! Aspot up 3-pt shooter…(Sasha, Vlad). Maggette is the answer. He can get his own shot, break down the defense to open it up for Kobe and the others!

  • Daryl Imhoff

    If San Antonio is after Maggette his defense can’t be all that bad. He certainly can break down defences and create room for the three point bombs. Vlad would benefit from Maggette. However, he wants more than the MLE and will wait to see if any team will offer $10 Million or so.
    So it is still very early in free agency season and all that can be done now is to wait to see where Elton Brand ends uo. If its with the Clippers, and it looks that way now, then the Warriors could be after Maggette. I would like to get Maggette. It would hurt to lose Sasha and Ronny, but its the Lakers decision to make. Lets remember we were two games away from a Championship without Bynum on the floor. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it, just adjust it and keep it well oiled.

  • LakersFirst

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    How wrong you are. The way you handle a defensive team is not by throwing more scoring at them. You handle them with matching their defensive intensity. Why do you think the Spurs and Pistons have been good for so many years. It’s because they are good defensive teams. Offense comes goes and goes (shooting is streaky) but defense is something that players can bring every night because it has do with the players WANTING to play defense night in and night out.


    I have admit(thoughI was the one who brought Maggette’s name 3 months ago and people thought I was crazy…I AM)havin’ Maggette would be a BIG improvement,I just feel sacrifices have to be made ’cause in the Finals….LAKERS GOT EXPOSED!If we are to be the frontrunners for that “‘CHIP in ’09” changes IN PERSONEL must happen,STARTING TOMORROW!

    Posey,Pietrus,Maggette,Livingston and I’ll stop right here with this kid because he’s a dark horse that KNOWBODY ON THIS SITE is checking because of his graphic injury but has rehabbed beyond what the doctor’s had expected,UNBELIEVABLE!
    Give him a shot and he has the size we NEED AT PG,DF/JF too small and Boston just knocked them around like PING-PONG BALLS,period.

    This will tell us Laker fans where we’re headed as far as WANTING TO WIN IT ALL,NOW!

  • gugy

    For sure we need changes.

    I hope Mitch is bring couple players to improve the roster and I am praying if there is a way to dump Vlad, Luke and Mihn, that would benefit this team big time.

    I am sure PJ and Micth will do something to bring more toughness and experience to the Lakers.

  • gugy

    For sure we need changes.

    I hope Mitch is bring couple players to improve the roster and I am praying if there is a way to dump Vlad, Luke and Mihn, that would benefit this team big time.

    I am sure PJ and Micth will do something to bring more toughness and experience to the Lakers.

  • ricky

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    pride is pride, but when your team was that close to winning to championship, i dont think it really matters who you get in order to get there again and try to win it all, even if the player you get is the one who beat you before. rick fox was a celtic but so was brian shaw as well. but look at them, they bleed purple and gold because this was where they won their very own championships.

    i dont care what people say, i still think that posey would totally help this team. i also have high hopes of bringing back old players particularly kwame and mo evans. also q. ross formerly of the clippers would be a good pick up cause hes a good perimeter defender and can defend the quicker guards.

  • thevoiceofreason

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    Lets not forget the shut down he put on Lebron.


    Anybody think Luke or Vlad for JJ Redick or Mbenga and Vlad for JJRedick sound reasonable?ESPN TRADE should help me out.,if The Lakers think that keepin’ this team together is goin’ to WIN-IT-ALL with the same roster without ANY personel changes,WE ALL AT LAKERNATION SHOULD BE GM’s!!!

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst….the reason Bostons Defense was so good is because they didn’t respect anyone other than Kobe offensively therefor they were able to clog the paint. We actually played very good defense agianst Boston other than game 2, 1st half and game, game 4, 2nd half, and when they didn’t show up in game 6. The Lakers didn’t need more defense against the Celtics because they shot horribly for the series also. We needed offense!


    [Comment ID #43926 Will Be Quoted Here]yeah….ariza is just as good as posey…if not better!!!! we dont need posey!!!!ariza will start off the season playing and developing his game…and promised to work really hard during the summer on ball handling and shooting….so no, we dont need posey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kPoAbUe


  • kPoAbUe

    He knos Celtics wont win nd Lakers will so he wants to come here.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #43966 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-Dub: The Lakers averaged 108.6 pts per game this season (4th best in the NBA) and shot 47.6% from the field (3rd Best in the NBA). Offense is NOT THEIR PROBLEM.

    Now let’s look at the defensive stats. The Lakers allowed 101.3 pts per game (19th in the league). Who’s #1, #2 and #3 you ask?? In order, it is the Detroit Pistons (keeping their opponents to 90.1 ppg), the Boston Suckadics (keeping their opponents to 90.3 ppg) and the S.A. Spurs (keeping their opponents to 90.6 ppg).

    Now let’s look at the opponents FG%. The Lakers allowed their opponents to shoot 44.5% from the field, not bad as they are ranked #6 in league, and unforutnately who was #1, the Boston Suckadics who held their opponents 41.9% from the field. Coincidentally enough, Detroit was #3 in opponent fg% and San Antonio was #5.

    Face reality, the Lakers problem is not scoring. The Lakers issue is defense. They are not one of the elite defensive teams in the NBA. Furthermore, you even pinpointed their defensive problem in your reply. The Lakers played good defense in the first half of this game and the second of half of that game. Games are 48 minutes long. Playing defensive for a half doesn’t get it done. Defense needs to be played for the ENTIRE game. This is why the lakers are not an elite defensive team and is why the Lakers defensive help.

  • Ko8e_f@n

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    exactly. ariza should just buff up a little bit. he’s longer and i’d take a slasher over a spot-up shooter any day.

  • lakersftw

    Sasha for Redick
    Drop Fluke and Vlad somehow
    Sign Maggette

  • yellowpurplefever

    Yes Posey is a dirty player, but if hes is in Purple/Gold then we welcome him with open arms. If hes in Greedy Green then hes damn diry. I wish he’d sign with us on Weds. Mitch, can you send an email to ALL GMs about Fluke and V-lady, just say it “2 for 1″ or “50% off” lastly, offer Laker’s girls if you have to, PLS!!

  • Mamba2410

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    Remember when Wade was talking about Posey being a key to their team in 2006 when they won the championship and that he was a very key guy in the locker room, so he’s probably a good guy otherwise the Celtics would’ve had some bad chemistry like the Pacers did with Artest, well, probably not as bad, but still! Posey is at best probably a pretty great guy to have around in the locker room, but I’m just assuming, but he’s a good shooter and defender, plus he has amazing hustle, so even if we got someone like a basketcase like the old Artest, we’d be able to handle him anyways, so it wouldn’t matter if Posey was a bad guy or not!

  • sclakerfan

    Remember that Posey being a “dirty player” is only bad for the team that he’s playing AGAINST. I don’t see how it is a bad thing for the team he’s on. Every team needs a Marty McSorley type player, especially a “soft” team like the Lakers. So if he plays dirty, then that’s one more reason to go get him. If not for Robert Horry’s body check of Steve Nash that got Amare and Diaw suspended, would the Spurs have beaten the Suns last year? Isn’t Bruce Bowen a dirty player?

  • lakerschamps08

    i dont want posey. T-DUB has a point boston always had 5 people on kobe at all times cuz the rest of the players were waitin for to set them up for a shot or dunk…..but defense wasnt all that good or THAT bad just we not rebound.. and come on was radman supposed to stop PP???I DONT THINK SO..but yes get maggette..if u cant get maggette than give posey a 3 year deal…. if he wants 4 or 5 years thats too much for him but idk.. I WANT MAGGETTE!!!!!!!

  • Parich

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    He didn’t start in Boston either. Lots of bench players make that much.

  • Parich

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    You have to play dirty, but only dirty enough to stay under the rules, in order to be a good player.

  • Parich

    [Comment ID #43985 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You clowns sound like you have been doing CRACK + VIAGRA. Defense not a problem for Lakers? Wrong. It is a problem. All the critics and analysts and talk shows are saying that defense is a major problem along with not having the “GO-TO Guy” that supports Kobe. You’re right about that the Lakers don’t have another go-to guy. But wrong about defense. It is their problem.

    You are also wrong about them not having defensive problems before facing Boston. Wrong. They were man-handled on the boards by Utah. REmember… that grabbing defensive rebounds = not giving 2nd chances = great defensive positioning. As for the other 2 series against San Antonio and Denver, their defense didn’t look bad because those 2 teams weren’t able to “figure” the Lakers out. They had no answer. I remember one of the Loose Cannons saying that the other teams other than Boston could have stepped up and choked the Lakers, but the other said that others teams didn’t have the weapons /tools to do it. The Celtics pretty much played “5 on 1 against Kobe” kind of defense. The Spurs made a crucial mistake by playing single coverage against Kobe without fouling.

    You see, it isn’t that the Laker didn’t struggle defensively, it only looks like they didn’t cuz the other teams before Boston had no answer for the Laker offense.

  • Parich

    Sorry, to add to the previous message, I meant to say that before facing Boston, the Lakers’ offense outshined their own defense. Their offense was so good and unopposed that it overshadowed their bad defensive play. When Boston made them choke offensively, the Lakers had nothing else to cover their bad defense.

  • T-Dub

    Parich…stop listening to the analyst and watch with your own eyes. Are we forgetting that Bynum will clean up alot of those rebounding and defense in the paint issues? PJ’s defensive strategy was the problem more than the personel…he was out coached! The ONLY team the Lakers couldn’t beat this year, and I’ve said it for months, were the Celtics. And it wasn’t because we didn’t play good defense…we couldn’t score! You bring up the Spurs, Jazz, and others. But I recall us going right through them! The team you build to beat right now are the Celtics for the next 3 years…and if we had another consistant offensive player to break down that defense, we would have beat them the way we are constructed. The Celtics DID NOT do anything special on offense. WE needed more offense, not defense.

  • MILO

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    yea but thats the problem with alot of gm’s these days! they give all these players who dont deliver (Walton,Vlady,and not to mention former Laker Kwame Brown) alot of money.I hope that Sasha can saty with the team for a reasonable deal.Posey has shown his true colors, he doesn’t care about winning! Why would you wana leave Boston???I think this guy is just out to get paid he doesn’t care about the team he ends up with all he wants is money! these kind of players worrie me!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #44031 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Obviously you’ve never heard of the saying “Defense Wins Championships”. The Lakers problem is not scoring (read my earlier reply to your post as it provides facts about the Lakers offense). The Lakers have plenty of scoring. When you have a team that is 4th in the league in scoring and third in FG%, the problem isn’t offense.

    Yes, the Lakers had trouble scoring against the Suckadics, but that’s because Boston is a good defensive team. You want to win a championship, you have to play DEFENSE, throughout the entire game.

    And I agree with you, Bynum will help clog the lane when he returns, but the Lakers perimeter defense and pick and roll defense is f’n terrible. DEFENSE IS WHAT THE LAKERS LACK!!


    1. Vlad for JJ Redick and Keyon Dooling.

    2.Ask LO to trim some ‘LOOT’ off that 13 mil. contract that he doesn’t deserve,keep 7 mil. and that gives us a shot at some quality players.

    3.GetPosey(or Pietrus,Maggette)

    4.No.1 makes sense only if Sasha walks.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #44044 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i would go to the extreme of actually askin Kobe to re-negotiate his contract and taking less money maybe 17mill per season or something! hey Lebron and Wade are no where near as great as Kobe but they are the face of their franchises and only making like 13mill a piece! KG gets paid way too much at 23mill i know hes the one that made that championship possible for them, but hes not worth the 23!!!


    Good point,Milo.

  • lakersftw

    theres too much rumors about maggette, pietrus, and posey..
    screw getting them..i bet the lakers wont
    lakers are a good team as they are..they can just make some few tweaks such as get kurt thomas, give up ronny, trade vlad for reddick somehow, give up vujacic, voila!

    C: Bynum, Thomas
    PF: Gasol, Odom
    SF: Ariza, Walton
    SG: Kobe, Reddick
    PG: Fisher, Farmar