Well he is an attractive free agent no doubt. It’s now official he will opt out of his contract today…

BostonGlobe: The Globe’s Marc J. Spears writes today that, in a move that shouldn’t come as a surprise, James Posey will opt out of the second and final year of his contract with the Celtics.

ESPN’s Chad Ford ranks the best available free agents and has Posey at No. 7 among this year’s crop of unrestricted free agents. Ford writes: “Posey helped himself with a strong performance against the Lakers in the Finals. He’s another player who should get a three- to four-year midlevel deal somewhere.”

  • lakerschamps08

    soo do we go and try ad get hi we dont have money

  • L.A.alltheway

    LMAO how reliable is that link after you see KWAME BROWN rated #10 among BEST free agents? hahahaha


    NO EX-SMELL-TICS!!!Pietrus is right across the street.DAMN!Can someone please get a article on this dude,ASAP!

  • S-quire

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    Haha, DCLaker has been on Pietrus’ jock for a WHILE but I must say that he may well be on the right track, Pietrus has been described as an athletic defender with three-point ability. Probably at the right price too.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Since Artest has decided to remain a Sac Queen, then i say pick up Posey

  • ricky

    alright if ron artest does not opt out or decided to sign with another team, then im sold on trying to sign mickael pietrus instead. DCLAKER has been huffing and puffing about this guy for as long as the offseason began and i think he is on the right track. he has good size, length, an athletic defender and can shoot the 3 pointer. reminds me kinda of trevor ariza, but has more range and shooting consistency. i say we change our focus to this guy and i give my full support in getting him in purple and gold. cheaper definitely, and probably another good friend of ronny turiaf’s since they are both come from a french speaking carribean island.

    i also would thing re-signing kwame wouldn’t be all that bad of an idea. don’t get me wrong, i know he is NO BUENO, but he would give us another big body off the bench to help deepen the front court due to chris mihm’s still lingering injury (please return to form like you were 2 years ago, pre-injury) and we can give him the veteran’s minimum. someone will sign him for a price, and we can do that since he’s been here already and as a backup to andrew bynum (return to us pre-injury) play only defense and rebound, i think would be good help for us since there are not many bigs out there to choose from.

    so what i would do is hope artest is willing to opt out and take money, as unlikely as it seems, and sign with us or try and pursue pietrus, and get a veteran big man, kwame would be okay as a backup i dont mind. just more size inside to help the bench.

  • Freshh

    get him.

  • SliqRiq

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    Agree with you 100%, plus Kwame’s strength inside will definitely help out are so called weak/soft front line.
    As I’ve said before we all know Kwame has horrible hands on offense but he has great hands on defense especially on the pick & roll and passing into post I remember him always getting steals and disrupting big men in the post. People will always remember him for the bad he did here but he did give us some good things as well.

    Sign him for the Vet minimum.

  • SILO

    sign posey, trade vlade. Posey can do everything vlade does plus great D at the 3 spot.
    That is if we cant get Artest.
    I would start posey ova ariza, unless ariza some how develops a great J. Putting LO on the bench would be great for the team. plus, phil wants a shooter at the 3 and LO cant shoot.




    S-quire,now u have jumped on and….respect your elders.

  • lakers-r-pimpilicous

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    agre with that, but lakers should consider pietrus first, then james posey

  • SILO

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    well i dont know much about pietrus but i would say this
    consider what each player can bring, then would come cheapest and can he produce more than what ur paying him. just make sure the value in return is greater than the value given

  • Forget Artest

    Forget Artest lets get james

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com/HeadlineStories.asp?lc=NBA&c=1&TEAM_ID=&PLAYER_ID=&hd=20080630#STORY_9810 lakers-r-pimpilicous


    Maggette Opts Out Of Clipper Deal
    Posted: 6/30/2008 7:29:00 PM
    Source: LA Times

    Corey Maggette is officially a free agent.

    Maggette, the longest-tenured Clipper, filed paperwork today to opt out of the final season of his contract and immediately becomes one of the most attractive free agents in this off-season’s market.

    The only problem is, there may not be too many buyers.

    Only the Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers have abundant cap space this summer, with the Clippers now joining that list. Other teams would be able to offer Maggette, who was owed $7 million had he remained with the Clippers, the lesser mid-level exception.

    The Clippers have maintained they hope to re-sign Maggette; however, a sign-and-trade deal with him could also be in the team’s plans.

  • Geloman

    Like anything we feel will matter. Pietrus,Posey, Maggette all doen’t matter if Mitch feels our team is good to go with Bynum and Ariza back at full health.

    I wouldn’t disagree with him either.

  • asdfasdfasdf

    i go with any decision mitch makes

  • lakersno834

    Mitch gonna give Mid level Exemption to Sasha and Ronny, so There will not be any room for James Posey.


    Celtics gave posey only 3.2 mil. Lets give him like 5 mil

    resign sasha and ronny
    sign posey

    we’re done for the summer

  • xtro

    GetPosey.com. The new Robert Horry.