Pop one hated the trade of Pau Gasol, but now he believes Memphis made good on the deal too.

Commercial Appeal: “They gave up a great player but it helped them extend the franchise’s success into the future,” Popovich said. “It’s shown that they’ve done a good job. Whatever they were thinking a couple of iterations ahead at the time has paid off for them.”

  • gugy

    Pop is an idiot.
    He is just bitter because he knows soon the Spurs will get into rebuilding mode.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Finally he admits it! Haha gugy, how I long to see “Spurs” and “rebuilding” in the same sentence on ESPN.

  • xtro

    pop just wants to coach memphis.


    STILL CRYING ABOUT THAT SH!T POP? STFU ALREADY! Who the fcuk cares if you thought it was a good trade or not? It’s done and that’s that! Just worry about you own damned tired team!

    While you continue to cry, the Lakers will keep on winning Championships!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakeShowAllDay

    pussy celdicks are scared of ronron

  • sopi

    how come i ve never heard pop bitchhiiing at boston garnet steal???

  • Robert

    Actually, the Grizzlies didn’t do ‘that’ well until Zack Randolph (who the Clips dumped) showed up. Zack used to give the Lakers problems when he was with Portland (after the ‘Shaq’ era – we didn’t have anyone big to push him around anymore). Now we ‘better’ have Bynum pushing him back.
    Anyway, Pop is just “Laker-hating”. Steve Nash had similar comments. Oh well. The Griz’ got Marc Gasol, who is also a good player. Another thing – Pop gets chicken feed to build his Spurs with. That’s what he was probably upset about. He ‘lucked out’ with Tim Duncan (who is one of the ‘best ever’ at his position). and they did have a good team for a while. Now the Spurs are on the decline, and we don’t see anyone soon replacing Duncan after he retires. Oh well.

  • proemb

    Does anybody care what Popovich Noriega has to say about Laker trades? Shut the f%$* up already…

  • roscoe

    It’s sad that Lakers fan should be associated with the commenters above. Pop is arguably the best coach in the league and the Spurs are a class franchise. 1/2 of you didn’t even read what he said and if you did you didn’t understand it, because he’s basically retracting what he said before about the trade being lopsided.

    No one complained about the Garnett “steal” because it wasn’t a steal. Boston traded a young 20/10 stud in Jefferson for KG. Minnesota was smart to make that trade… At the time LA traded Kwame Brown (one of the biggest busts and terrible player for PAU GASOL) If I wasn’t a lakers fan I would have been pissed about that too at the time.