Heavy respect from 4-time world champion head coach, Greg Popvich…

kobe23MySA.com: Popovich watched the Lakers victory over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, including Kobe Bryant’s 18-point fourth quarter that followed a trash-talking contest with Rockets defensive ace Ron Artest.

His players, he said, knew better than to antagonize Bryant.

“We don’t want any Artest stuff,” he said before tipoff. “Don’t even look him in the eye.

“My guys are pretty smart. They just go play. They don’t get involved in that (bleep)-chat.”

Popovich spoke about Bryant’s fourth-quarter performance in Houston in reverential tones.

“I had the sense the whole game he was just biding his time,” Popovich said. “He was checking out what needed to be done, as he does so well — picking his spots and keeping everybody involved, and when the time came and it was real close, he just buried some shots that were incredible.

“He just took over and ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.’


The Spurs coach compared Bryant favorably to Bulls great Michael Jordan.

“A lot of guys can play their whole career and they can’t pick their spots and know what’s going on out on the court,” he said. “He’s a special player. He’s like Michael in that sense. He understands everything that’s going on and what’s needed to go win, and he has the ability to do it in so many different ways, whether it’s defense, or a board, or an assist or a shot or a drive.

“That’s why he is who he is.”

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  • ScorpyDoo

    Bow to Popovich! he’s right… absolutely and time would prove it!



  • e-bucher

    links don’t work

  • ScorpyDoo
  • Alex

    Kobe is NOT Michael Jordan.

    No one will ever be as great as MJ.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    seriously i’m tired of people like u making Kobe-Mj comments
    i bet you never saw Mj play that much…
    Kobe is a better player than MJ..his outside shot is better, he is more skilled, and Kobe has so many moves it’s ridiculous…

    I love MJ but it’s time to stop this crap..Mj is Legendary- no doubt
    But Kobe- the man is incredible- we see it all the time so we get use to it..

  • kb24bestever

    Kobe and Jordan are unique u cant compare nobody else to them there just the greatest of all times, there games its so similar and they both understand the game of basketball.
    so for yall d-wade fans and lebron fans sorry am not saying there not good because their amazing but u can never compare them to kobe or michael period.

  • kobe8

    “dont even look him in the eye”. lol. did you guys see that bulls*it Race2MVP on nba.com? Kobe is ranked 3rd even though the Lakers have the best record in the league. Shows what Rob Peterson knows about basketball.

  • mbenga

    POP is the man…after jackson…he’s definitely one of the best coaches out there….look at their record…but look at how many dnp’s timmy got in the 4th quarter of games….that’s a coach looking out for his star player…and that’s what you want a coach to do

  • purplegoldvein

    This is off topic but does anyone else in here think john hollinger is the biggest laker hater on espn? check out the daily dime, he tries to argue that Lebron and D-Wade are the only two legitimate mvp candidates. im not big on awards, but i didnt see him writing articles like that when kobe was by himself taking the lakers to the playoffs in a much tougher western conference. D-Wade is one of my favorite players by far, and i love what hes doing, but the fact that kobe has helped the lakers maintain the best record in the league with bynum out speaks volumes for what hes done this year.i still feel that the way the season pans out kobe will recieve his second straight mvp, considering the whole body of work. one thing that gets overlooked too is the lakers heavy road schedule in the back end of the season. Even still with the extra road games as of late, the lakers are still holding the best record in the league.

    petition john hollinger for being a biased, laker hating biaotch.

    also on the kobe vs. mj thing, im as die hard as it gets when it comes to kobe and the lakers. but MJ was something else, ridiculous. plus i think something that always goes unnoticed is jordans hands and how big they were, and it allowed him to do some ridiculous pump and ball fakes that kobe cant do. but i didnt watch enough jordan(besides youtube highlights and vague memories vs the lakers) to give a valid opinion, but ive seen plenty of kobe and i dont know how much more amazing any player can be.

  • razz

    KB is not and I repeat, is not MJ. But if he runs off a three peat then let the comparisons begin.


    I saw MJ’s career and now kobes and MJ was a just a great player and better. No knock against kobe cuz he is tremendous, being mentioned in MJs level is a great accomplishment. Even Phil on the Cannons said MJ is better, but both are great and unique in their own ways. He said jordan had a better inside game, a bit stronger, more consistent on D and said he just had an IQ of no other kind. He said Kobe still has time. Like someone mentioned until kobe runs off another three titles lets start the comparison. Theres a reason why a wide majority of the nation says MJ is the best ever. probably cuz it is true. both are great though.

  • mbenga

    he’s already got a three-peat….but you’ll say it was with shaq….and so he’s going to start another this year….

  • http://www.modenadude.com/ThaDogg Imadogg

    “My guys are pretty smart. They just go play. They don’t get involved in that (bleep)-chat.”

    bleep-chat? Haha. Chit doesn’t mean poop.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have both said for years that Michael is the Greatest. They might know a thing or two about greatness. The debate will continue until Kobe has 6 rings. If Kobe gets 6, then you can definately put Kobe over MJ. Until then, the debate continues…

  • skim.

    People who say that Kobe and MJ are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLAYERS are ignorant as f uck. There’s a lot of their game that is so similar. Yeah Jordan was a better passer and Kobe’s J is a little sweeter but other than that LOOK AT FILM PLEASE AND TELL ME THAT THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLAYERS. ignorant as fuck

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    Dear Pop can you take Kobe’s Jock out of your pie-hole please?? Thank you!!

  • sep08

    Kobe and MJ are both great and cant be compared fairly since they played in different eras. In my opinion Kobe is better than MJ on the offensive end (better shooter and more creative), but Jordan was a smarter basketball player. I’m a die hard Kobe fan but I also watched Jordan during his prime years and there are things about him that don’t show on the stat-sheet. Their games are very similar and both have that deadly touch and confidence at the end of games. Jordan overall though is a better player, but Kobe is very close and had 4 years left to close the gap.

  • lakerpurpleandgold

    Jordan was the ultimate killer. Every possession he would square up to the basket or post hard and always, always look to attack. He didn’t rely on his jump-shot as much as Kobe does now, but nobody can and ever will be able to fly and finish like MJ, and Kobe knows that. With that being said, you guys don’t think Kobe models every asset of his game around MJ’s? You guys don’t think Kobe understand Jordan’s omnipotence? He studies his tapes. He takes two dribbles HARD to the left. He says, “…the game of basketball” JUST LIKE JORDAN. His jump-shot, his demeanor, his body tone is so Jordanesque unlike anybody we’ve every seen since. SO as the ongoing debate continues, Kobe wants to Kobe, but Kobe aspires of being Jordan.

  • lakerpurpleandgold

    Cliffnotes: If you’re a basketball player, no question the GOAT is Jordan. On the same token, if you’re around basketball you understand that Kobe is the CLOSEST thing to Jordan.

    LeBron = more Magic. WHY? Because he wants to make the flashy pass, before the shot.
    Kobe = Jordanesque. WHY? Because he wants to take the shot.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Wow, reading some of these comments that uses Rings to compare MJ to KB, you guys are idiots- the number of rings have nothing to do with individual talents…

    if any of you watched Mj- can you tell me how many double teams and triple teams he got? how many teams played zone just because of him? stop trying yet?- MJ faced mostly 1-on-1 defense and with his skills he would always flourish…No doubt MJ is good- but today a good outside shot is need to be successful against good teams (ask LBJ)

    i still have the picture of last season in the finals when Boston played a 4-5 man zone on KB the whole time, one defender after another..and yet if we had won game 4 who knows what might have happened…

    so before you make an MJ-KB comparison, pls think about what you are saying and then think about the counter argument to it- and then ask yourself- am i making sense????????

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Here’s my 2 cents on this
    Kobe has great skills, a NICE jumpers and a killerS instinct
    MJ had better defensive skills, better leaper, better hangtime, and higher IQ b-ball
    IF I have to pick one before the other at the playground… MJ
    For MVP … KOBE, lets go LAKERS!!!

  • arizaallstar


  • DubG

    [Comment ID #64434 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your tire of people making comments about that and here you are being an idiot and making comments yourself. get off both of theyre nuts.

  • FarmarAllStar

    It’s hard to compare the first of his kind. But if you had to compare them Kobe is better. But you can’t touch Jordan. Jordan is a legend because he was the first to play that style of basketball. Now everyone aspires to play like Jordan. Kobe learned and added a few more things to his game. The student will always pass the teacher if the teacher stops teaching.