Thought this was pretty funny… “What they did in Memphis is beyond comprehension,” said Popovich. “There should be a trade committee that can scratch all trades that make no sense. I just wish I had been on a trade committe that oversees NBA trades. I’d like to elect myself to that committee. I would have voted no to the L.A. trade.”

  • MILO

    Thats because popob!tch is scared that the Lakers are going to kill them next time they face each other fu-ck you hating ass muthafuker

  • maccassedy


  • lakers4life


  • The Nugget

    Coming from the guy whose organization tanked games to grab Duncan. Please!

  • miguel


  • lakerzzz

    Dang what a freakin hater, keep sippin on that haterade PopaB!tch

  • kb24 4life

    we are better than anyone, thats why he is angry…

  • myriam

    Don’t have any idea why he said that. Guess, the man is scared.

  • DBricks

    ya Haterrrr

  • Sopi

    freaking salty ballz

  • lakerfan81

    ahhh poor cry baby.

  • droWzY

    yeah right. with that statement, he’s basically saying that if he was able to grab gasol.. he would give up his best players? the guy is clearly upset at the fact that we gave up no bodies for a somebody. duncan is about to be washed up soon and tony parker is so love struck by his woman that he’s probably gonna suck too when he comes back.what a freakin liar… i KNOW for a fact if popavich had $11 mill in expiring contracts he would of done the same thing…


    NOW I’D LIKE TO EXCERCISE MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH, F&*^$ POPAVICH!!! I’m starting to believe Phil Jackson when he said there’s a witch hunt against Kobe but I’ll extend that now to Mitch now or just the whole organization. When I said Pau was going to cause problems for teams I meant just that,NOT JEALOUSY. Pop needs to know HE WILL NOT GET 2 IN A ROW. He wished he could be on a committee to vetoe that trade,well the reality is YOUR NOT DUMBA@#!STOPHATIN’ IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • True Lakers Fan

    Dont hate apperciate heyyyy haha fuk pop

  • foxxy

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  • Billy Kupchak

    pop needs to go back suckin’ on my nads, something he is getting better at by the day

  • n8

    wow, … is pop-a-zit in the second grade. This is reality pop. The Lakers aquired Pao fair and square. Get over it. The Spurs are not representing the West this year in the playoffs. The best 1 through 5 in the league is, the Lakers. That’s reality pop-a-zit.

  • ab4sure

    I can’t blame the coach for being pissed. They were still favorites before the one-sided trade, but Memphis gave the Lakers a great boost.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Pop is just pissed because the Gasol trade made the Lakers that much more tough. Now Duncan will have to play defense because he’ll be guarding Gasol, which will leave Big Bynum guarded by a weaker Oberto or Elson.


    AB4SURE,I respect Popavich as a successful coach,coaching one best teams EVER IN NBA HISTORY but when you make the extra comments about the ‘way’ Mitch got Pau and to say you wish you was on the committee,F!@# DAT,DON’T DISRESPECT MY TEAM. They say Kobe is selfish and childish,WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU CALL THIS,ever heard of the phrase ‘twice a baby’,then you get my drift. Pops been surrounding Timmy with talent and I mean stacking talent over top of talent since D.Robinson. In the pursuit of Championships you need as much talent then chemistry to help you make that a reality,RIGHT OR WRONG. IN FULL EFFECT!!!



  • lakerz

    wow im suprised someone said something.

    the celtics trade was as one sided as this trade and the whole NBA including pop stood shut.
    well who cares what pop says, the trade already went down, and i predict a lakers victory over spurs in the WCF

  • Rasarx

    Hey Pop, you’re a hypocrit. You took a deep sigh of relief when the Lakers gave away Shaq that same year that the Lakers eliminated you, AGAIN, and you didn’t ask to be on the committee that oversaw the systematic dismantling of your biggest nemesis. But let’s not go there.

    I would have liked to be on that committee when you got Finley for NOTHING. No players. Nada. Dallas waived him and you picked him up, looked around, made sure nobody was looking, and you have been enjoying that dude’s threes since then. You’re a hypocrit.

    Or is it because your nightmares back now that the Lakers have risen from the ashes (I wish that bird wasn’t called Phoenix)…

  • lakersfan17

    He’s just hating because hes afraid.

  • yash

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    haha tats pretty funny. I would do ta same thing too. They got duncan , ginobili, tonny paker. WTF are we supposed to say bout tat. That aint fair. They call themselves the big 3. Wats his problem when we got the Crazy 5. Fkin hata.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Also, aren’t the Spurs the team who basically threw a season away (Robinson was injured that year) in order to finish with the worst record so they could land the #1 pick in the draft, I.E. TIM DUNCAN.

  • Rasarx

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    Good point. Pop is not only a hypocrit, he’s now twice the hypocrit.

    I bet he’s still seething about Phil Jackson’s slight when he said the Spur’s championship during the strike-shortened season should be “astrisked”. I guess this was his best effort to get back at PJ.