lisaLakers Examiner: There’s nothing like Christmas morning. You wake up, trying to play it cool as you walk toward the tree, all the while hoping to find everything your little heart desires.

If you’ve ever been to a Laker game (or have access to Google Images), you probably wouldn’t mind seeing one of the 22 Laker Girls under the tree, waiting calmly for you to unwrap her.

Now I know each person has his or her own preference, but I’ve decided to put forth some of the strongest candidates, with a little personal info about each.

Annika – a UCLA grad, so probably not the choice for you Trojans out there. She’s a crossword fan and loves to cook, making those Sunday mornings all the more enjoyable. Her only knock is a minor in German, not exactly the sexiest language out there.

Sarah – a music buff, she loves Elvis and Guitar Hero. Think of the late nights listening to the King and trying to score…in the video game…of course…

Tara – an animal lover, she volunteers at a variety of local Animal Shelters. She’s also a criminal justice student at Cal State Long Beach, so if some scumbag steals your car stereo, she’ll track him down.

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  • Jeffrey

    SARAH HANDS DOWN! The gorgeous petite blond we see dancing at Staples Center.

  • Jeffrey

    SARAH HANDS DOWN! She is the gorgeous petite blonde, go to a game and you’ll see for yourself.

  • Conner

    Annika, definitely, she’s the best looking one out there. But my opinions biased…