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ESPN SportsNation is holding a poll that currently has over 39,000 votes. The Question: Who is the best basketball player in the world right now?

The players to choose from are Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose, or other.

Kobe Bryant leads the vote around the nation, and around the globe.

Here are the results as of Tuesday evening:

Kobe Bryant 32%
Dirk Nowitzki 28%
LeBron James 17%
Derrick Rose 16%
Other 7%

After Lebron James failing to play up to his capabilities in the NBA Finals its seems as NBA fans across the world believe that LeBron was “crowned” to early, staying with the 5-time champion Kobe Bryant.

  • TouchingMyself

    NO SH!T! 

  • Luisolea21

    It’s Obvious only thing made Lebron look good was Miami …

  • RockitD

    Kobe 5; LeGone 0

  • Mclthe man


  • Bink

    Duh; Laker fans have known that from day one!!!

  • YoungKobe

    Im shock its not higher. I guess some ppl voted for Dirk because he won, but who are they kidding, Dirk is not even in the same sentence as Kobe.

  • Toshemashima

    Where is wade in this conersation??
    They pick rose over wade and durant???

    • Tiktoktim

      Thats why it says other … Lol

  • laffsatu

    maybe  5 years ago

  • Bap2313

    Damn right Kobe’s the best. 

  • Cvcltt

    The “Black Mamba”

  • Wayneshardwood

    Dirk a close 2nd?? Just how mant times DID Rick Carlise vote?

  • Christopher Moore

    Like If Yuu Think Kobe Da Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sessions212

    Still on top but is the All Star game picture really necessary. Come on… All Star game.

  • Gantolin7

    Best player means Best overall player. Kobe is on the all defensive and offensive firts teams! Plus he does’nt desert his team in the Finals. Dirk can’t D up anyone, and Lebronze is a joke..Sorry guys Kobe is the best by a landslide!

    • laffsatu

      every body lights up kobe,he is a liability on defense…whens the last time he shut somebody down…years.he does PAD HIS STATS…HE`S STILL MORE HATED THAN LEBRON..

      • Anonymous

        Everyone laffsatu.

        • TouchingMyself

          Hahaha!  I’m one of them!

        • laffsatu

          just your sweet mom, now go wash kobes balls real good…..asshole

          • Anonymous

            You know, if I ran a nexus search on this site for “Kobe” “balls” and “asshole” your name would come up more often than anything else. You keep bringing those words up together. There’s something Freudian going on there. I won’t even get into the possible hidden meanings behind your repeated references to my dead mother.

          • laffsatu

            your mom took the easy way.

          • Anonymous

            Ah, the beauty of the internet, where people can feel free to act like the the lowest form of life on the planet and not get the crap beat out of them like they do in their real lives.
            So let’s play this game, then, shall we?
            Did your mother actually have any live births, or was her putrid, festering sore of a uterus good for only one issue of non-viable, fatty tissue mass wrought of your father’s semi-flaccid, alcohol-sodden ministrations?
            You’re as thick as bull feces and about half as useful.
            The best part of you was found dribbling down your mother’s leg.
            Your gene pool is so shallow, I dropped a nickel in it and only one side got wet.
            The nearest you ever got to a brainstorm was a light mist.
            It’s okay, though, what you lack in intelligence you make up for in ignorance.
            If you had a twin, you’d both make up a half-wit.
            A life such as yours makes me doubt not the theory of evolution, but that it ever actually happened.
            Your turn, you mindless, unimaginative dullard.

          • laffsatu

            kind of simple….kind of slow…..perfect kobe fan…..fathers day is coming soon,or is he gone too?

          • Anonymous

            So the answer is “No, she didn’t.”

      • Guessed

        Once again…. DUMBASS!

      • NoDefense

        seems your doin most of the hatin……………..

      • Oh No It Didn’t

        Once again another delusional comment from the ass clown! There should be a survey here on TLN that asks “Who is the biggest asshole here?” I guarantee laffsatu would win by 99.999999%

        • Anonymous

          You’re assuming, of course, that he wouldn’t vote for himself.

          • Oh No It Didn’t

             He probably would vote for Kobe

      • Anonymous

        NOBODY is hated more than lebron,kid.

  • Ericsimonayn9

    If we are discussing and comparing who is the best active player in regards to all time accomplishments, skills, abilities and shit even personality. Kobe shits A TRUCKLOAD

  • Anonymous

    Photo caption: Hands up anyone who already knew this!

  • CoolPoppa1

    Kobe is indeed the best the game has to offer.  And just wait to see how he plays next season with his hunger renewed!  He’s gonna be awesome!!

    • LeQuit

      And with a rejuvenated body.  Why doesn’t he get surgery anyway?  Those fingers cost the Lakers numerous turnovers and missed shots!

  • AaronTare

    the need to substitute LeBron from Wade.

  • Timmytann9

     surprsing dirk is so close to Kobe and “better” than Wade, Durant, Lebron. etc, Dirk is top10 currently for sure. but when we’re talking about whos the better basketball player. those other players beat him. great player no doubt though.

  • lakerblood

    i think that kobe is the second greatest player of all time

  • Mrpnewton

    Kobe is the Best player in the Word as we speak. No question.

  • online sports betting

    No Argument here. Lebron is no where near him.

  • Kobe is number one

    KOBE is the best and always will be. Can’t wait to see the Black Mamba do his thing! When you ask Lebron for a dollar he only gives you three quarters! That joke cracks me up! 

  • KB24 Kobe still da best

    kobe better skill wise period, his game is better than lebrons. he never checked out in clutch moments for his team (like lebron) he is the smartest player the NBA has ever seen, although he is the second best nba player of all time. Another reason Kobe is better because he stayed with his team when they werent worth anything. Lebron left his team to go with a stacked team to LOSE the NBA finals smh. Heres a stat for lebron fans, lebron has 20 30 point games in his playoff career, Kobe has 80. enough said Kobe is the best player in the world today

  • Duckjm17

    I agree that kobe is still the best in the game,but I think a couple other players should have gotten enough votes to be listed individually.Yea,lebron is a great player but theres always been way too much hype about him and,in my opinion,hes not even the best player on his team.Im sure many disagree with me on that but If I owned a team I would rather have d.wade on it than lebron.

  • the greatest

    i kb is the best

  • Baller24

    Kobe Bryant is definately the greatest in the NBA currently.