David Brickley, and Kevin Figgers come to you after a triple over-time thriller at Staples against the Phoenix Suns, for another LIVE post-game edition of the Voice of the Nation.


  • Lakers beat Suns in Triple OT
  • Was Andrew Bynum’s two game suspension warranted?
  • Shootgate: What does Chris Bosh have to say about Kobe shooting after the Miami game?
  • Should Lamar Odom be the Sixth Man of the Year?
  • Ron Artest reacts to Kendrick Perkins’ “Laker Hater” Comments
  • Around the NBA
  • Khloe and Lamar’s UN-BREAKABLE is currently UN-AVAILABLE!
  • Shaq interviews Shaq: Takes Jab at Kobe, and…
  • Phil Jackson says there will be no 4-peat?
  • and Much MUCH More

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  • TNT
  • 790 The Ticket
  • LA Times Blog

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  • Jordan

    Why dont you douchebag “Laker Fans” use FSN West. Only fags watch TNT when FSN is available. Cant pass up STU and Joel!

    • Joe

      Not everyone lives in the Los Angeles area, I have league pass on my iPod Touch but it is blacked out when games are nationally televised. Trust me, if I had an option I would pick FSN West.

      However, TNT did a good job. Commentary was upbeat and exciting.

  • http://sportstatistics.blogspot.com/ Leffty

    The Lakers can’t afford any more absences from Bynum… his defense has been too important in the 13-1 stretch:


  • lakersallthewayy

    i have a couple quick questions..what does phil mean, when he’s saying there will be no 4 peat..was he joking and what does shaq say about kobe? someone please answer.. because i dont have time to watch the podcast and i really wanna knowww…?

    • LakerMarc

      no one ever heard of a 4peat ..it doesn’t exist..as for shaq…didnt catch that but I did hear the interview on lakers.com and he says that 4peats dont exist thus he wont consider anything beyond the 3peat.

  • sciocco

    On the Perkins comment: I haven’t heard anyone say this, but I don’t believe he called Kobe soft. If you read the comment, he saying that Kobe is trying to bring out Pau’s toughness, but it isn’t working. I don’t think anyone in his right mind would call Kobe soft.