The Los Angeles Lakers have been in this situation four times in the last 2 seasons. A Playoff series is once again tied, 2-2, and they now go back to Staples for a critical Game 5.

In this episode, D-Bricks and G-Small discuss…

  • Phoenix Suns make it a 3 game series
  • Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson audio on the Lakers defense
  • Does G-Small call Kobe Bryant’s 38, 11, and 7 boards quiet, and ineffective… again?
  • Phoenix Suns bench explodes for 54 points
  • Jordan Farmar, and Shannon Brown no shows on the road
  • Free throws discrepancy; do the refs have it in for the Lakers?
  • Angry Lakers Fans leave their thoughts in the voicemail inbox.
  • D-Bricks tells you why the Lakers are a lock to win Game 5
  • And much MUCH more…

Eminem – We Made You
Jay- Z – A Star Is Born
Drake – Over

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  • David Brickley

    I refer to Channing Frye as Charlie Frye (former Browns quarterback, current Raiders back-up) A lot during this episode lol. Not sure why?

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Excellent excellent podcast minus the Charlie frye stuff hehe but roflmao with that Amani rant i kno im passonate about our Lakers but damn…he needs to cool out. Neway I agree 100% in regards to the conspiracy stuff and I dnt want to believe or turn it into that. yes LA can get beat BUT D-Bricks I wrote a long piece awhile back in 2004 on the ’04 championship loss, now I’ll make it brief and I only bring it up bc u went there in this podcast…YES LA loss bc 1. they loss Karl Malone, 2. Kobe and Shaq reached their boiling point, 3. The bench production as well as the rest of the team production was absent. BUT that finals is the only that doesn’t sit right with me and in my opinion the NBA’s golden child was tainted with a rape charge and no one would want to watch a rapist hoist up the trophy. A premadona, holliwood, rich, a team that feels they are owed something, Detroit on the other hand played the catalyst as the “blue collar” average Joe fan of the NBA and provided the NBA the ability to showcae it’s work ethic and non sliverspoon players. I will say it again I don’t want to sound like that conspircy theory guy and say Stern is lookin in with a million TV screens BUT it’s not the amount of free throws given it’s WHEN they’re given. It’s not fouling out the superstar but putting in their psyche the type of game and fouls that will and will not be called. NBA refs r the only guys in major professional sports that are not accessible for questioning, they’re protected for a reason, and to this day I have the entire pistons lakers finals recorded on VHS n it is the ONLY finals that doesn’t sit well with me….and that’s my rant. But in closing gr8t podcast loved all the topics u discussed its gr8t listenihg to u n G-Small hopefully LA handles business @ home.

  • Ron Artesticles & Lamar Scrotum

    Guys, Do you think the Lakers can win a championship with the way they handle the zone. I believe the Celtics played zone in ’08, and we all know what happened. If we play the Celtics and they play zone I don’t know if we can win. Also, if Phil would leave, who would you prefer as a replacement.

    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah, 107.5 a game on 49% just ain’t gonna cut it. How many times, and from how many people, do you have to hear “the zone is not the problem” before you realise that THE ZONE IS NOT THE PROBLEM?

      • Ron Artesticles & Lamar Scrotum

        Ya your right 242, foreget that question. But answer the question about who would you like as Phil’s replacement, IF he were to retire or leave.

        • 242LakerFan

          I would love to see Byron Scott or Michael Cooper get a shot at the sideline job. Byron is a proven commodity and Coop did a great job with the Sparks. Both are Laker greats with Championship pedigree and the fans love them (not that that’s a qualification, just a bonus).

  • Taylor

    Amani rant was hilarious ‘YOU CANT TELL ME THE NBA ISNT FIXED!! Also, change the site name back to because we want to get Garnett and the Celtics in the Finals. If Amani’s right & the NBA is fixed, Stern better make it a green vs purple Finals. No one wants the Magic

    • 242LakerFan

      Armani’s gonna pop a blood vessel if he doesn’t slow down. I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories and such, because that would have to involve waaaay too many people to be kept under cover, but there is a serious discrepancy in the way calls and non-calls go from game/location to another. There have been at least a dozen times they could have called a defensive 3 second violation on this Suns zone and they have what, one? Meanwhile the Lakers got whistled for two or three playing man. That’s just not likely.

  • 242LakerFan

    Hey, guys, I’m glad you brought up a subject I’ve been steing on ince the last game. I counted five shots in the first half alone that were hit with a toe on the 3 point line. It wasn’t just Fish either. Artest hit one, Shannon did too, I think. It was really annoying! How do you not know you’re that close and just make sure!? That’s five points lost. who knows where the game goes if we’re +4 at half instead of -1?

    • 242LakerFan

      “stewing on since last the game” My keyboard is freaking out.

  • RC

    Best way for the Lakers to win against the zone is the get the ball up the court before the defense has a chance to set up the zone. That means no lolly gagging around tonight.

    No flat footed defense tonight!

    Plenty of coffee for Lamar!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    I agree on Bynum. Its time for him to go. I like the dude and thought he had the potential to be a great player but I can’t defend him anymore. He’s unreliable and undependable. You can count on him to be hurt when we need him most.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    D Bricks ur my dude ur my boy u kno I got love 4 u n G small BUT…Now r u really gonna tell me PHX really worked and hustled for those shots at the free throw line r u really gonna tell me those 4pt plays on gasol Bryant n fisher were TRULY obvious and 1 or 4pt plays was the suns really THAT agressive and the Lakers that tenative for the suns to stay within striking distance @ the charity strip? IS Jarod F**k’n Dudley That gr8t of a defender that Kobe has to wrk for a call or a shot, I’ve nvr seen an alpha dog of the leauge have to wrk so hard for so little. Dnt get me wrong Kobe does get away with push offs and other things but he does not get the star treatment he EARNED that others get I.E. Melo Bron Wade et al. I mean come the F’ on! I’m glad and excited we won but this game did not dispel my worries when watching a Laker game. Bogus calls just plain and simple bogus calls. It’s not how many it’s when and How they are called. And that’s my rant later nation.

    • 242LakerFan

      “I’ve nvr seen an alpha dog of the leauge have to wrk so hard for so little.”
      My brother I have been saying this for years now!
      I am so with you on this whole “rant”. It’s amazing how easy it can be to play basketball at a high level when you have three extra defenders on the court.

  • lakersforlife77

    You were wrong on your guarantee that the Lakers would shoot more free throws than the Suns David. It’s a bad guarantee to make seeing as the Lakers get the least amount of love from the refs at home (and on the road) than any other playoff team in the league.

    In 8 home playoff games this year, the Lakers are a combined +10 in FTA’s. In 7 road playoff games this postseason, the Lakers are a combined -103 in FTA’s. Let me say that again, -103 in FTA’s on the road!!!!!!!!!!!! In the 3 home games in this Suns series, the Lakers are a combined -8 in FTA’s, and in all 5 games, the Lakers are a combined -49 in FTA’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s an average of 9.8 more attempts per game for the Suns.

    Not only are the Suns getting the most out of the charity stripe, they are also being allowed to get away with illegal screens and Nash has been able to travel all he wants.

    Also, I find it ironic that the Lakers have been called for defensive 3 multiple times, and yet the team that is packing the paint and having a picnic in there on D is not being called for it.

    The reffing in this Suns series alone has been atrocious. And that’s why I’m very worried heading into Game 6 in Phoenix.

    If the refs set the tone early and our bigs get into foul trouble it will be an uphill battle all game that will be difficult for the Lakers to overcome.

    And it wouldn’t necessarily be bad that the refs were calling it tight, if they were CONSISTENT with their calls!!!!!!! They have not been calling the game the same on both sides of the floor. Kobe, Gasol, and Odom have been getting HACKED all series and have been getting no calls.