Round 2 and it’s the same old song, as the Los Angeles Lakers get the early edge on the Utah Jazz.

G-Small and D-Bricks recap Game 1, as the Lakers are only 11 victories away from another NBA Championship!

In this episode, the fellas discuss…

  • Recap of Game 1
  • Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant call out the bench
  • Should Andrew Bynum sit?
  • They play your voicemails
  • Magic Johnson slips up?
  • Thoughts on Phil Jackson‘s future

Jay-Z – Heart of the city

Additional Audio
NBA Post Game Audio – NBA TV
Lama Odom Post Game Audio – ABC
Magic Johnson & Lebron James – ABC

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  • joel b

    the torch wont be passed until lebrick has a ring… until then, he’s still a glorified dominique wilkins.

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    When Magic was talking about the torch has been passed to LBJ, he was talking about the “you’re the best player in the NBA” torch. Not the “you’re the best Champion in the NBA” torch.
    You don’t have to have a ring to be considered “the best player in the NBA”. Magic was saying that LBJ is NOW the best player in the NBA so the torch has been officially passed on to him by Bryant.
    Even if Kobe and the Lakers go ahead and shock the world by beating the Cavs this year, LBJ will still be considered the best player in the NBA. Kobe will be considered the greater Champion for the time being.

    • lol

      name one player that was considered the “greatest” that HASN’T won a ring.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    The Vibe that can’t be denied. Great show as usual guys. This is ya boy Lifelong chiming in. I agree with DBrix Kobe hasn’t passed anything yet. I refuse to crown Lebron king of anything till he wins something. Peace and Hair Grease.

  • Matt from Dallas

    Maybe Magic has bought into the hype with LeBron, but it is also possible he has alternative motives. He could be saying all this to maybe get alittle fire started under Kobe, probably not the case but its just a thought.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Didn’t Magic pick Nuggets over Lakers last year in WCF? I believe he did and look at the outcome.
      My point is let people say what they say because their words are mere words, they are not actions that dictate what they say.

  • maccassedy

    Kobe Bryant was injured, his right elbow ringing with pain, the Lakers calling it a strain.

    But when it counted the most, Bryant worked through his pain, drilling two big three-pointers in the second overtime, the second one giving the Lakers a 109-103 lead that spelled the end for the Kings.

    Bryant was injured as the thrid quarter ended. He had problems lifting his right arm.

  • maccassedy

    kobe aint passed nothing yet…kobe hurt for a whole season now lbj the best to the media..but last year the media was saying kobe was the theyve just gave kobe the best clutch player in the nba..kobe bryant is still the best basketball player in the world

  • trippleocho

    Like I said before I DO NOT care what the media says. Let’s ask the PLAYERS who play these guys every day who the best in the league is, not just crowning LeBridgette because they don’t like Kobe.

  • 242LakerFan

    The only thing Kobe is passing is gas, after eating yet another defender’s lunch!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Thx for the shout guys I think now that ppl kno u do read the comments u will see more ppl commenting neway Jerry West spoke on the Dan Patrick show about passing the torch is a bogus statement bc He(Jerry West) nvr passed the torch you play the game until you can’t play anymore. It’s comical to me that Kobe is banged up and ge doesn’t get the benifit of the doubt he’s just considered old whereas LeBron has a sore funny bone and ESPN makes it’s a doomsday clock ordeal. But whatever I’ll say this in closing Kobe chked Magic about that passing the torch garbage and if you notice Magic says Michale to Shaq Shaq to Kobe and now you?! He says the word passes the torch about Michale Shaq and Kobe but doesn’t really say the word “Passes” about Kobe to LBJ psychology is crazy but further more when did MJ say here you go SHAQ it’s your leauge now where was TIM DUNCAN??? LMAO G small said it best Magic is our crazy drunk uncle just saying things we have to treat him that way. He wants to press the Laker organization as if he’s unbiased but he winds up sounding foolish.

    Great precise Podcast guys I’m excited for your soon to be 100th podcast it’s right around the corner…you guys r gr8t.