The Voice of the Nation Podcast with Andrew Rafner (varsityoptimism) and David Brickley (DBricks) will guide you through the capillaries and ventricles of the Lakers Nation.

D and Andrew meet up yet again and discuss Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum’s progress, the rise of the Machine and a little USA Basketball.

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Bargain of the Century
Page France – Windy
Saves the Day – See You
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn & Ginger Brooks Takahashi – Oh September!
The Byrds – You Ain’t Going Nowhere
The Bartlebees – Miracles are Hard to Find

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  • dawg09

    who’s the other guy who talks rape all the time?
    what a dumbass, thats why that incident never dies
    dumbasses keeps bringing this stuff up

  • vida8

    hey u guys are doing a great Job….keep it up…

  • DBricks

    (Dawg09)Prob talkin about me, I dont know if you listened to 3 secs of the podcast or the whole thing. But i was making the analogy of how Yao Ming labeled Ron Artest soley on the incident of him jumping in the stands. Much like the ignorant “Kobe Hater” walks around saying Kobe raped a girl. Those “casual sports fans” are annoying due to the fact that they heard a few words on a radio station or tabloid and automatically think thats what happened. LABELING a person soley on a bogus accusation, is wrong and labeling someone for one mistake is wrong as well!

    But those of us that educate ourselves know that Kobe did not do that…he commited adultry. But what Yao did is act like that “ignorant casual sports fan”, the minute he saw RON ARTEST to Houston, he thought “Isnt that the guy that punches fans”. Which for Yao is unexcusable if hes a fan and educated player in this league. I would DEF re-listen to the podcast, cuz you def took a simple analogy the wrong way.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #48199 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dbricks dawg is just overreating and didn’t get all the facts in your podcast. It won’t be the first time he has done that where he spews out comments that are totally false. He owes you an apology and probably should be labeled a dumbass himself. Go easy on him. He can’t help himself.

  • ab4sure

    *overreacting… he might be overeating too.. that i don’t know.

  • DBricks

    Haha…good lookin out AB4sure, i appreciate the backup!

  • LD2k

    The podcast is also up on

  • varsityoptimism

    Kobe did do it lol