The Lakers got back Ron Artest, but a hamstring puts Pau Gasol on the injured list. Last time Pau was day-to-day he was out for 11 games. But that’s not really a problem when Lamar has a darn near triple double in his absence, as the Lakers beat the Rockets on Tuesday night to improve to 28-6 on the season.

This was suppose to be the season where Kobe was going to average 25 per game, and be more of a facilitator. No, sir! He currently is the NBA’s leading scorer, and with his three historic buzzer beaters in a month, one can argue that this is the best year of his career. No one can argue that any player is playing better 34 games in then the Black Mamba.

Also, the question of who is the number #1 Laker fan has got to an absolute extreme as listeners are throwing punches in the voicemail inbox. The listener crowned as the #1 Lakers fan will have to fight long and hard for the title!

The Lakers are rollin’, just like the fellas, the world renowned Voice of the Nation is ready for you to enjoy, so go and get it!

Kayne West – American Boy
Margo – Voicemail Rap for G-Small

Additional Audio
Spero Dedes Play Call Against Bucks
Vlade Divac audio courtesy NBC

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  • Dave

    I have listened to most of your podcasts, but the increasing “morning zoo antics” are getting in the way of my pure Laker basketball enjoyment. I referring to the sound effects, random music clips, and excessive greetings “whuzzup / stand-up / laker nation.” All of the above are totally cool AND show your passion, but it seems like the show is adding more and more goofy gags and less and less basketball reporting.

    An excellent example of what I’m talking about is ESPN’s NBA Today, which comes out three times a week. It’s polished, professional, and focused. Check it out.

    I only post the above comments to be constructive. I want your podcast to be the best, but its got some definite room for improvement.

    • grim from san berdoo

      the bit when the man/girl from carolina rapping was hard to listen to.

    • 242LakerFan

      Apparently Dave has only recently started listening closely to the VOTN podcasts, since the things he’s beefing about have been a part of the show since I started getting them around #24 or so.
      I hate to break it to Dave, but his bastion of podcast sensibility, ESPN’s NBA Today, just started adding more production to its podcast as of 1/6. The host said he knew people were getting tired of it being nothing but him just droning on. He obviously didn’t get enough feedback from the likes of Davey-boy.
      Dave, if you want a dull, monotonous podcast, I’m sure Ben Stein has something out there you’ll just love. I guess when ShanWOW throws down a vicious windmill jam, Dave is the guy in the crowd still in his seat giving him the golf-clap, with the nitro pills close by in case he gets overwhelmed.
      If y’all can’t take a little action and excitement when talking about the Lakers, the greatest show in sports, then just have a Coke and a smile and shut the **** up, and don’t listen to my boys, G-Small and D-Brick, ’cause they bring it!

    • H1/N1

      WTF is an “excessive greeting”?

  • Taylor

    Man, yer talkin bout the top Lakers fan. Ive been listening to yer podcast for 2 years now. Ive been postin comments after every podcast. Hell, I follow both you guys on twitter. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I stay up and watch every single game on Nba league pass and all of the games usually end at 1 am. I’m 17 and ive been a fan since shaq and kobe in the 2000s. Every time the Lakers come to Minnesota, I am there.Margo and LakerMeister all have it easy livin in LA. I work to be a Laker Fan. Ive saw Kobe get 81, all his buzzer beaters this year. Also when my family was vacationing in Mexico, On christmas i stayed inside watching the Lakers knock around the Celtics when i could have been partyin. I have this website as my homepage cause their is always new news. I bought season tickets to Des Moines’ D-league team so I could see Shannon Brown last year. I was hatin on Kwame Brown every time he got the ball a couple years ago. I didnt know much about Lakers history so I read Magic Johnsons, Shaqs, Phil Jackson, and Derek Fishers Biographies. Lots of my friends are Celtic fans and I have to know my stats so i can tell em the lake show is so much better. You know i must be the #1 fan b/c ive been writin this for a good 4-5 minutes.

  • 242LakerFan

    Hey G-Small, D-Brick, I’m your #1 fan (& Laker fan) here in The Bahamas. I have a self-designed Lakers 4 Life tat on my arm. That’s commitment.
    I gotta say, though, as far as The Nation goes, Margo is my choice for #1. She may have been through a dry spell, but she brings it with every call. This guy you anointed in her absence is all right, but he ain’t no Margo.
    LWO: Stand UP!!

  • Justin M.

    Great podcast as always. I hate to say this but I think its time to start treating Kobe like KG, not to the extreme where he gets 25-30 min a game, but rest him for at least a week or two. The guy is playing with a fractured finger and is on the court almost the whole game, every game. Yes i know he’s Kobe, but he’s also human and we all have our limits. Pau on the other hands needs to tough it out. Really, would Lebron, Wade, Kobe, or Dirk miss a quarter of the season because of a hamstring pull? I doubt it. Can’t wait for the next podcast!!