Like a heart ripping Kobe Bryant game game winning shot, Voice of the Nation returns just in time to give Lakers fans what they need!

G-Small & D-Bricks deliver another exclusive interview, as Kevin Ding from the Orange County Register stops by to talk Lakers basketball.

Pau is getting his Bill Russell on, but will it keep Drew from going to Dallas? Kobe’s majestic shot against the Bucks proves how much Phil Jackson thinks he’s like Mike, and who exactly is the #1 Lakers fan?

Find out all of that and more on Voice of the Nation #66, the number one spot for exclusive Lakers talk!

Tom Brock – There’s Nothing In This World…
G-Small – The Hotness
Cartel – Say Anything Else
James Brown – My Thang

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  • Alekz


  • Chris Manning

    Awesome stuff. Make sure to follow Ding on twitter as he has awesome updates; unlike most of the other media that follow the Lakers. Thanks for coming on and great insight.

  • bynumite24

    Awesome podcast. I love the fact you guys included the spero call! so sick.

  • Taylor

    Just found out a trade that will solve the PG problem. Adam Morrison, Farmar, and 3 mil for Jose Calderon. Saves toronto lots of cash and gets a promising pg. Calderon would be a perfect fit for the Lakers.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Isnt the reason Raps are getting rid of him cause he’s disappeared since January of 2008. Basically, the same bug that bit Sasha, bit Jose. Id say we stick with what we have til we have another “Kwame for Pau” situation come up.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Plus the dude is leaving games and missing games cause of injuries. Hip Flexors, Aggravated Hips etc…

    • Taylor

      he’ll have phil to rebuild his confidence and be familiar w/ Pau b/c they played together in spain. The Lakers r not going to resign Adam or Jordan after this year, might as well get something for em. Also Calderon is terrible on defense but now he would have 2 shot blockers behind him to help him out.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Wow, not to hate on Ariza but the dude’s points did go up but its taking him alot of shots to get it. The dude’s 3P% is lower than it was last year, showing that he does need open looks to get them. His stats are 56-172 (3P), .326 (3P%), 117-281 (2P), .416 (2P%)
    Ron Ron’s stats are better. Although he takes less shots, but you can tell that if they both took the same amount of shots, Ron Ron would be shooting better (I’m not being bias, I’m telling it like it is.)
    42-115 (3P), .365 )3P%), 77-166 (2P), .464 (2P%)
    Im glad to see Ron Ron doing well, but seeing Trevor slap the Lakers in the face and leave to Rockets for the same money, I say he deserves it, although I like the guy, I have a mini grudge against him for what he done, although Lakers benefitted from it, I’m just ticked at what he did. Glad Ron Ron is doing well.

  • Taylor

    I just saw the Rockets are shopping T-Mac and it got me thinking if the Lakers traded a couple scrubs for him, he’d look real nice comin off the bench. A lot better than Vujacic.

  • Justin M.

    Great podcast as always. I hate to say this but I think its time to start treating Kobe like KG, not to the extreme where he gets 25-30 min a game, but rest him for at least a week or two. The guy is playing with a fractured finger and is on the court almost the whole game, every game. Yes i know he’s Kobe, but he’s also human and we all have our limits. Pau on the other hands needs to tough it out. Really, would Lebron, Wade, Kobe, or Dirk miss a quarter of the season because of a hamstring pull? I doubt it. Can’t wait for the next podcast!!