We know you’re going through the dog days of summer, so L.W.O. Radio keeps it rolling with Voice of the Nation #60!

G-Small analyzes the Lakers free agent situation, and how the future of the roster may end up.

Did Benedict Ariza get played or did he play Lakers fans? And how can people use a Memorial Service to criticize the Lakers?

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Phantom Planet – California
Westside Connection – The Gangsta, The Killa and The Dope Dealer
Maxwell – Cold
Michael Jackson – Gone Too Soon

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Ron Artest Press Conference
Trevor Ariza Interview – 7/6/09 AM 570

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  • lakers

    lets not bash ariza for anything. it doesnt matter if he signed with the rockets. The Lakers picked artest over ariza and he knows it.
    He did a great job helping the Lakers win a championship.
    wish him the best in the future

  • Sean All Ivy

    G-Small, I agree with everything you said about Ariza. I loved him while he was here but F him now that he’s gone. And all his talk about not knowing what the situation was it BS. He should have done like Andrew did and come out in the media to put his agent in place. If he was really as loyal as he proclaimed to be he would have sacked up and taken the MLE with the Lakers. I have lost a lot of respect for him.

  • http://www.egatniv.com shucks~howdy

    I think G was a little harsh on Ariza. This is his first major contract negotiation period and there was a lot more pressure on him with the deadline than on Bynum. All Ariza could do was what his agent said, and things changed much quicker than he expected. Now he’s got that “I feel sick” feeling you get when you make a bad investment. It’s too soon to start disliking him. You don’t need to dislike him until we meet him in the regular season. In a way, I am kind of glad that he left because I had a feeling that with other teams jockeying for position with trades and with the Lakers not being so amazing that they seemed unstoppable in the playoffs, I was afraid we’d put sentimentality and nostalgia ahead of rebuilding. I do wish Ariza, Radmanovich, Mihm, Turiaf, all the best for their careers because I’ve learned to love them as players on the Lakers. Ariza or his agent, more likely, made a bad decision. Now they have to deal with it. No need for vitriol.

  • cjm

    michael jackson introduced “white folks” to black entertainers?! come on now, that’s just bs. entertainment was the first industry to open up to black Americans, and that was back in then 1930’s. if mj was really all that, why make up nonsense?

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #79212 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Through the MTV generation he did.

    Magic was making a point about Jacko bringing television entertainment to an entire new level, and more specifically making it VISIBLE for a young Black man to be rich and entertaining.

    The difference, cjm, is that in the 1930’s, this “open industry” of entertainment you speak of for Black people consisted of them wearing Black face and being demeaned in some form or another.

    They were cast as maids and butlers, etc. I think it’s safe to say the open industry of entertainment of Black people in the 80’s > 30’s….

    The 80’s is when YOUNG BLACK MEN like Magic, Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Run DMC and the rest started to become culturally accepted.

    The 80’s, led by Michael Jackson, brought a DEFINITE change to the entertainment industry that benefited EVERYONE in that industry, including young Black male athletes likes Magic Johnson.

  • cjm

    you need to do your homework G, and not be so worked up about things. yes, in the 30’s a majority of black entertainers were not treated all that well. but every year things got better — and the true greats like Louis Armstrong, were very well known even then (which is the real point here).

    if you want to give props to a true groundbreaking entertainer, then Bill Cosby is the man. he starred in a major tv series in the 1960’s and had probably the most popular tv series ever, by the 1980’s.

    subtract Quincy Jones from MJ and all you are left with is a glove.

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #79221 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t mind me, this is what I do.

    Can we just agree that you can’t credit 1 person completely for doing anything for Black people.

    It’s like wanting to give Dr. King credit for all of the civil rights accomplishments, when there many people at different times you could point to.

    The point is Magic was criticized for giving Jackson credit, when it is completely true that Michael opened up doors for EVERYBODY.

    I mean, there would be no freaking JUSTIN TIMEBERLAKE without Michael Jackson! But there would be no Michael Jackson with any James Brown, no James Brown if there was no Jackie Wilson, etc etc.

    But just because predecessors exist doesn’t mean we can’t give credit to our modern icons, which Michael Jackson is.

    Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Russell, <—they are not the ONLY contributors….

  • cjm

    good deal :)

  • lainok

    g…c’mon man, you’re killin me sometimes. stop bringing up things as straight facts if you don’t know what you are talking about. First off, that comment about kobe’s charity is backed by the chinese government, so it is somehow more legit than other charities? though I see is charitable work as great, you need to know that china is one of the greatest violators of human rights in the modern era. that they are doing charitable social work at all is a miracle, but it is certainly not a seal of approval.

    second, just because magic and kobe were at MJ’s service, it isn’t a testament to the greatness of the lakers. as you said in the begining of that segment, it was because the two of them had a relationship with michael, but then you turned it into this whole, “kobe and magic are the recognized kings of the basketball world.” they were his friends, and they are famous. that is that. and they were not the only people that spoke at the service that we non singers. brooke sheilds, rev. al sharpton, the children of the late DR. King all spoke, just to name a few. again, kobe and magic talking had nothing to do with showing the greatness of the lakers. they both knew him, they are both famous, and they both played for the lakers, so they went up together.

    as for the ariza thing, we are all entitled to be as convicted to our feelings as we want. apparently you are mad.

    I love your show. I listen every podcast. I value your opinion on the lakers, and basketball. but if you start bringing it into stuff that you don’t know fully what you are talking about, and spread it as gospel just because the lakers are somehow tied to it, then you just sound ignorant.

  • roscoe

    Dog, it’s a business. If you work for Ford and are getting 70k/year a plant supervisor, and then Ford brings in someone that does your exact job, tells you are going to get decreased hours and you have an offer to make $100k at Toyota would your loyalty stop you from switching?

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #79253 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanks for listening and giving the encouraging words!

    We express our OPINIONS each and every Podcast. I don’t ever profess that it’s “gospel” as much as it is just my opinion…..

    When I state my OPINION about Kobe > Lebron then no problem, right?

    Kwame helped the Lakers, Sasha is the “MISSchine”, all of these have been my OPINIONS I’ve spreaded since day one.

    I simply gave you my opinion on the Michael Jackson situation, which you disagreed with.

    I’m sure it won’t be the last time….

    P.S. And I know what you mean when you say I sound “ignorant” ;o)

  • lainok

    I wasn’t getting on you for your opinions. If you think sasha sucks, that’s fine. That’s what I listen for. your opinions on the laker players, and nba orginization as a whole. everyone has debatable opinions, that’s what makes sites like this so great. Now I may have over reacted a bit, and for that I apologize. but there is a big difference between calling out ariza for the way his trade went down, and saying that just because the chinese government is chillin with kobe, it’s all good. they are one of the largest limitors and violators of human rights since ww2, and so when you said that it, just stuck me the wrong way. but it’s all good. we’re here for lakers, not politics. I just needed to say that one peice.

  • taylor

    hey G, nice job. How about Adam Morrison in Summer League. Right now he is #1 scorer. he looks real good so far. I think hes gonna be great when he COMPLETELY recovers from his injury.

  • cjm

    i have a theory: ron artest was meant to replace odom, and the fo meant to keep trevor. but ariza let his azzklown of an agent talk him into making the biggest mistake of his career, and now we are where we are. oh well.

  • http://myspace.com/3wyshes 3 wyshes

    My guy G-small going in on Trevor lol classic. But he is gone and i thank him for his survices and wish he had more of an hold on what his agent did but he was foolish. Good show G.

  • Nabil

    Spot on G-small!!!! :)