Laker Nation, join us in welcoming your newest Los Angeles Laker… the True Warrior: Ron Artest.

That’s right Ron-Ron will be in the Purple and Gold come next season, so D-Bricks and G-Small had to give you exclusive analysis of this huge deal.

They talk with Senior writer, Eric Pincus, who goes in-depth on the newest member of your Los Angeles Lakers!

Come on in, and lets talk about the big trade!

Notorious BIG – Going Back To Cali.
Keri Hilson ft. Kayne West and Neyo – Knock You Down

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Ron Artest Highlight

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  • imfasterthanur

    If anyone wants to see what Ron Artest looks like in a Laker Jersey.

    Check out the following link:

    It’s not the greatest photoshop job, but hell, I’m a Psychology major ;)

  • eddiethemonster

    nice look of a champ next year baby can’t wait

  • 3 wyshes

    Hey fellas great surprise podcast. I was kinda down earlier today when i figure trevor was not gonna come back but this has picked me right up. Ron Ron has been trying to get to us for a while and im glad he finally made the correct move. This is how i feel about taking less money with the Lakers. This is LA and u play for the biggest fanchise in the game in Hollywood. It should be easy to hustle up a few extra million $$$ in LA i mean come on. I mean he is gonna get more money in H-town but he has just lost his name as far as the national radar goes. Just look at Ronnie Turiaf. I wonder would he make the same choice if it was laid out to him again.

  • Sean All Ivy

    Great podcast guys. I have always loved Artest and this news just made my summer. I’ll def miss Trevor. I knew he was a baller ever since he big time dunked on Nash 2 Xmas’s ago but he got greedy and his Agent F’d him and overplayed his hand. Now we’ll see how good he is without Kobe and Pau demmanding attenion.

  • http://LL.COM race


  • LakeShow4Life

    That Odom joke was not funny lol

  • VicRattleheadIsALakersFan

    man this is going to be crazy!!! i can’t wait for the season to start!! Too bad Ariza had to go…I was really surprised that he wasnt going to come back and Artest would be a Laker!!!

  • Vibe

    Wow. Nice to hear from you guys. Missed you lol. But seriously how f***ed up his TA’s agent?

    Welcome ron ron!

  • berks24

    I repeat KObE is the real MVP he makes his teammate better..turiaf gets good offer and now ariza and who is shannon before lakers…even gasol…and ariza is gonna be gone like turiaf in GS, even kwame has his name big with kobe than with jordan…and now artest needs to redeemed his get more money after a year!with a ship on LA.

  • pb2000

    WOW. That joke about L.O. going to Cleveland really had me going! Not cool bro, really really not cool. lol.

  • Nikko

    I was apprehensive when Clev/ Magic series, because I thought to myself L.O. would fit nicely with CLEV. i better be wron, cause I’ already having an awful 4th after the news about Ariza. Artest?? really? dude is a train wreck, bad for the team, how many teams has he been with? I loose count.. I cannot love the Lakers as much I did last season.
    I detest Artest




  • josh

    the lakers should sign nate and david lee
    let go of mbenga
    trade sasha and luke…
    wat a line up

    starting 5


  • Fatty

    How bad does Ron Artest want a Lakers Championship? More than the hardest working player in the NBA, Kobe?

    This is the Muppet commercial, I would like to see.

    The setting: Ron Artest showing up at Kobe’s place at four in the morning. Ron is ringing the doorbell over and over again, as Kobe now opens the door half-asleep.

    Picture Ron as the obnoxious, pesky kid.

    “Cmon Kobe, let’s go work out!”

    “Its 4 AM Ron!”

    “Yeah, I know, sorry I’m late, but we got a Championship to win, and you know what they say, “The early bird gets the Title! Right Kobe, right Kobe!”

    In the background, we hear Lebron yell out. “Who’s at the door Kobe?! Its the middle of the night!”

    “Its nobody Lebron. go back to bed!”

    “Hey Kobe, if Lebron wants to work out, he can come too. That would be fun. We’d be the Three Amigo’s. That sounds really nice Kobe. Uh Kobe?! Uh Kobe?!”

    “That’s okay Ron, he don’t usually wake up till ten. And today, he’s meeting Shaq at Dunkin Donuts”

    “Hey Kobe, Kobe, what you say after we lift weights we go down to El Segundo and play some one on one, followed by some 3 on 3 at UCLA. Ooh! Ooh! Kobe, I got a better idea. Let’s form a team and go to Las Vegas and play some in the NBA Summer League”

    “Ron, Ron….” (Kobe shaking his head in disapproval)

    “Kobe, Kobe, get this, We call ourselves, ‘The Brothers from LA’. That way, everyone knows we family now.”

    “Ron, Ron…..I’m not even dressed!…….

    “That’s okay Kobe, you can change in the car. We can’t waste time, because every second counts when you are trying to win a Championship. Right Kobe?! Right Kobe?!

    “And Kobe, I got a real good idea, real good one. How about, I move in with you all? Then we can talk basketball ALL the time”

    Kobe rolls his eyes wondering, what am I in for?

  • What Will Be

    Welcome to the Lakers Artest, I say his new nickname on this squad should be:


  • Larry

    Calling Mitch the best GM is a bit of a stretch. He’s done well, but let’s not forget Gasol was a gift and Artest has more to do with Yao’s injury than Mitch. Right now I think Buford is the best GM in the league, it kills me but it’s true.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #78628 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL. I could totally picture that. Send that Nike. Piss Lebron off even more. LOL

  • ko_believer


    talks about kobe, team chemistry, and his new jersey #!

    we should start a poll with his laker #! im wit #42!!

  • ko_believer