The Difference between 2-2 and 3-1 is astronomical, and D-Fish… I mean the Lakers found a way some how some way to get it done!

David Brickley will give you highlights, postgame audio, and analysis on the game. G-Small also gives his take on the Game 4 victory.

Its hard to say, but the next victory and our Lakers are the NBA ’09 Champions. 104 games in, its been a long road, but its right there!

Relive the big Game 4, come on inside!

Rob Dubgan – Clubbed To Death
Maino ft. T-Pain – All The Above

Fisher Postgame Audio
Phil Jackson Postgame Audio
Kobe Bryant Postgame Audio

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  • Cheryle

    Hi Nuggsie. :) Thx for uploading this. Will listen to it soon. Go Lakers!

  • shucks~howdy

    The strange thing about Game 4 was that I was lounging around during halftime, down 12, and thought, “The Lakers, if they win this game, will win by 8.” So when Derek hit the tying 3, I thought, “They’re somehow going to win by 8.” About 15 minutes after the game, listening to the recap and finally calming down, I realized that the score was +8.

  • Laker_girl


    the jello’s a jigglin!!!!!! :D

  • yoYizzle

    Yo this is sweet. Still pist about that dude dan posting that article bout kobe. Anyways he can hate all he wantts. Foo.

  • VicRattleheadIsALakersFan

    Yo! first-time poster but been listening to VOTN since Episode #23! Are you guys going to do a compilation of the best moments of the VOTN 08-09 season i.e. best of Spiro Dedes and John Ireland interview, D-Bricks’ rap of Juvenile song “Ha”, G-Smalls’ Kwame Brown Name-drops, Artest’s Craziness etc.? Hope there’s is! And bring back the classic BIG Lakers Moment at the end of the next podcast! miss those! Will there be a specific location/time at the parade where VOTN fans can meet you guys?!! 2009 NBA Champions!!

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #75773 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you so much for being a long-time listener.

    David and I are in the process now of discussing how we are going to wrap up the season.

    You have some EXCELENT ideas that we plan to implement.

    We will go out with a *Mike Breens voice* BANG!!!!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    And when the Lakers win, let’s win with class: no riots, fires, car turning, fights, broken windows, etc.

    That sh*t is so 80’s and so Boston.

  • DZ

    next Lakers podacst : 2009 NBA Champions Edition!
    Queen : We Are The Champions
    Kanye West : Champion
    Notorious BIG : Mo Money, Mo Problems
    Nas : Hero
    Kanye West : Goodlife
    Busta Rhymes : We Made It
    Mariah Carey : Hero
    Audio Bytes!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    1 mo gain n its done!