Do you believe in Magic? It will take a Houdini like effort for “Superman” and his boys to escape the 0-2 deficit they now face after the Lakers’ 101-96 victory in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

G-Small breaks down the thrilling Game 2 overtime triumph that left the Lakers only 2 steps away from their 15th NBA Championship!

Shaq has expanded his hate game to Twitter now? Even the Cap had to weigh in on that nonsense. The city of Los Angeles has already nabbed a major free agent for the 2011 season. Tune in to L.W.O. Radio to find out where the stars will be partying the year the Lakers go for their 3rd title in a row.

Voice of the Nation #55, hopefully only 2 episodes left!

Day Break – Everything Man
Kelis – Sugar, Honey, Ice Tea
Jimmy Van & Richard Hieronymus – I Weigh With Kilos

Rashard Lewis – Magic vs. Lakers (6/7/09 Post Game Press Conference)
Kobe Bryant – Magic vs. Lakers (6/7/09 Post Game Press Conference)
Phil Jackson – Magic vs. Lakers (6/7/09 Post Game Press Conference)
Stan Van Gundy -Magic vs. Lakers (6/7/09 Post Game Press Conference)

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  • shucks~howdy

    Great podcast! I always listen! I just want to tell you that I wasn’t worried throughout the game. Here’s why:

    The Lakers have not lost a game wearing their home whites for the entire season. That includes Christmas and Sunday home games. Somehow, I knew that even with .6 seconds on the clock, that something miraculous would happen to allow us to win.

    Another interesting fact: neither team has had a losing streak longer than 2 games. If that remains the same, there will definitely be a game 6.


    SHAQ IS A B****

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Man you all up in my head and thinking like i’m thinking on this show GSmall. Lamar’s defense was terrible all nite long as Lionel Ritchie would sing, also why are we doubling Howard? Huh? What? Makes no sense, they need to quit that while they can. I tellya you are on point this show as usual!

    Keep it tight GSmall!!

  • Dwight Howard

    This is a promise. No sweep. Put away all your brooms. It ain’t gonna happen. We’ll take game three. Go Disney World and go Magics!

  • Manu

    Hi guys,
    Keep it up! You’re doing great work!

    Watching the finals from 3 to 5 AM is sometimes hard, but how I’m enjoying it! Let’s hope we can close it out in Orlando, I really think we can win 2 out 3 there.

    I just want to note what a heck of job Pau is doing since Nuggets series. I think we can dismiss the “Gasoft” label once and for all. He has been playing the second fiddle to Kobe extremely well on offense and he deserves some merit. But the main praise comes from his defense, who’d have thought he was going to defend Howard as well as he has done until now?
    I just hope he can go on some more games, no more than 2 hopefully. Then continue getting tougher for next season re-peat!

    P.D.: I don’t want to jinx anybody, I’m already regretting my post ;-)

  • roro

    I think they double dwight howard because magic’s three point has not been going down so until they make there threes the lakers will still double team. I think i would double team on dwight with derek fisher because alston is playing horrible. Also Andrew was in foul trouble and i dont think gasol can play single coverage on dwight. One thing i like about the double team is we are discouraging Dwight Howard and when you discourage the best players sometimes you discourage the whole team.

  • 3 wyshes

    What up Laker Nation. Good show G-Small 2 more till parade time U DIG. Yea Shaq was first signed to Reebok back in the day. That school house rock track is classic there. I need to pack my bags up i will be staying in INGLEWOOD so you already know how its going down G-small.

  • Matt from Dallas

    Good Job with the solo act Gsmall, and you were right Penny was with Nike and Shaq was with Reebok back in the day of the Little Penny commercials. I liked your segment on Shaq and how he has always had a persona of hating on his opponents and even teammates. But it seems like the general consensus in the media is that Kobe drove Shaq out of L.A. This doesn’t make much sense to me considering that Shaq has always been the antagonist and loves to stir up trouble. Am i missing something? I’d love to hear yalls take on this.