Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the NBA Finals! We are in this final stage of this road to the gold. The final chapter to see if the team of destiny is going to get the Larry O’Brein

Brickley and Smalls, give there final thoughts on the Denver Nugget series, play your voicemails, and give you an extensive preview of what you should look out for in this matchup against the Orlando Magic.

12 down, 4 more to go… 4 more wins and Kobe Bryant will finally get one without Shaq, and Phil will have a ring for every finger.

The time is now, come inside and let’s get ready for the NBA FINALS!

M83 – We Own The Sky
Flo’z – Official TLN Playoff Intro
Bar Kays – To Hot To Stop
Asher Roth – I Love College
Drake – Best I Ever Had

Mike Breen – Play by Play
Kobe Bryant – Postgame Comments

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  • Margo

    What up guys? Things I did not get to say on the voicemail (which coincidently) the reason I gave it a rest this The Lakers must remember the game they played in Denver to close out the series. The offense will not always be on, but no one can take away your hustle on defense, so just stay committed. There is NO ONE on that Magic team that will be able to play any of our guys one on one. It’s just the truth. If Lee get’s out of hand on Fisher (cause I would put Fish on him defensively) then quickly sub in Shannon Brown. Dwight Howard is “happy to be here”, but this Laker squad is FOCUSED on winning! NBA CHAMPIONS 2008-2009 LOS ANGELES LAKERS

  • 3 wyshes

    Good podcast as usual. I think we had a lil technical difficulties in there and G small got cut off a bit. Come on Margo girl hang in there with us I know its been a long season but lets ride out 4 more W’s.

    Can someone tell me why it seems kurt Rambis is interviewing with any team that will give him an appliction over the past 2 Summers LOL. Hello! we are in the middle of a title run MCfly. Interviews and all that other stuff can wait till after you get this ring and im sure it will help your chances knowing you are coming from the defending champs Also be a lil more patient and you may come up on a vacant Head Coaching gig right on the Lakers bench after PJ passes Red up and wants to walk away im sure that is not far away if we get the ring this year.

  • Margo

    3 wyshes you know I’m not going anywhere. I had been leaving so MANY VOICEMAILS, that they were not able to play them all…lol. Honestly i want these guys to wait until we get this thing as well, and IF PHIL DOES DECIDE TO HANG IT UP, THEN I WOULD BE HAPPY WITH ANY OF OUR assistant coaches becoming head coach cause they know the system. I don’t want Kobe to have to learn another system at this stage of the game.

  • Kid Kaos 310

    One request to my boys on the Pod Cast. Let’s start to promote a chant for Pau when he’s at the free throw line. We all chant MVP for Kobe; how about we chant “Spaniard” when Pau get to that charity line. I know it seems cheesy and kind of a rip on the movie Gladiator, but it’s so appropriate. So some love and support for our SPANIARD!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Great show as usual crew. Keep it up as we continue on “The Road to the Ring” !!

  • Matt from Dallas

    Hey guys another great Podcast, I couldnt find out if Ariza has set a record for his 3pt % in the playoffs but this is how he compares to some of the all time great 3pt shooters.

    2008-09 Trevor Ariza: 60 3PA, %50

    **1996-97 Allan Houston: 52 3PA, %50**
    2000-01 Ray Allen: 119 3PA, %48
    2002-03 Dirk Nowitzki: 61 3PA, %48
    2002-03 Steve Nash: 76 3PA, %49
    1995-96 Chuck Person: 47 3PA, %53
    1999-00 Steve Smith: 53 3PA, %49