A tough pill to swallow, rather than go up 2-0 and have a 95% chance of winning this series, the Lakers keep it Hollywood and let the drama unfold as this Western Conference Final matchup with the Nuggets is now tied at one a piece.

David and Greg come to you and recap Game 2 with highlights and analysis. Jerry West is saying Lebron is now the best, Vince McMahon wants to fight the Nugget’s owner in a steal cage match, and Kenny the Jet Smith is saying the Lakers will probably win the Championship, but won’t deserve it?

As always they read your comments, and play your voicemails.

This Voice of the Nation marks the 50th show right here on TLN and AM570. Props to all of you that had made this podcast continue to grow. Oh and the listeners deserve almost all the credit!

Press Play!

Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
Flo’z – V.O.T.N. Official Playoff Intro
Flo’z – Not Now, Not Ever
WWE – Raw Is War Theme
David Bowe – Under Pressure
Weezer – Beverly Hills

Spero Dedes – Play by Play
Vince McMahon on ESPNEWS
Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith on the Lakers

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  • Vibe

    Is it me or Derek fisher has lost his damn mind? I am cool with him missing wide open shots cuz i know he can make those. But jacking up shot all over the court that just unacceptable.

    But i must say you guys are the best about anything lakers. Win or Lose you guys dont disappoint us the fans and Y’all are not biased….you cant get that any where else but here so keep it up.

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    ^agreed! you guys read my mind and said everything from the perspective I have. totally 100% agree!

    1. as mad as I am at the refs, i think they should be consistent. whether its the laker games, clipper games, boston games, watever it may be, i think each ref should be consistent with their calls. there should not be 1 ref who calls everything and another ref that calls things once in awhile. its just a bad thing for this league! and most importantly if your gonna give ticky tack fouls for one team, then do the same for other. and if your gonna say we wont let calls determine the end of the game, then DO IT!
    2. i wont doubt the nuggets as a team. they are way way better w/o A.I., so i believe this is a tough series. and maybe that whole idea of theres no such thing momentum in these playoffs is true. however, if the lakers want to win the championship, then they have to believe that each series is just goin to get harder and harder. if you want believe the media that it will be the lakers vs. cavs in a week or so, then man up and play.
    3. in regards to kobe callin out sasha in his documentary and saying he doesnt have big cahones, maybe sasha should stick to other things. possibly gettin in the skin of melo or jr smith or whoever he may defend. he should be that pesky bug thats hard to kill and he should be smarter with his shot selections.
    4. i wont get down on the lakers and hate on them for losing, but to me, they are the record breakers this year. broke clevelands home record, broke bostons winning streak and won on their floor, and im not sure what else. but to me its time to break the nuggets home record.
    5. kenny smith and charles barkley may be right, but in a way i think that that was a bit of a sucker punch to the face. they love us and hate us and ride the wagon and just usually ride whatever team is on a high. but they may be right. if we win, lakers are gonna have to prove they derserve it and won it. they shouldnt complain and automatically assume its there turn. other teams want it to be their turn this year, so i think in order for charles and kenny to change their mind on the lakers, the lakers need to come out tomorrow.


  • Justin M.

    Great podcast guys and still going strong after 50 greats ones, Its been a great pleasure listing to the voice of the nation from podcast 1. I’ve been a member here pretty much right when the Lakers nation(getgarnett) opened up and I have to say that these podcasts have been one of the best assets to the site. Go Lakers!

  • http://yahoo dr phil

    as you all i pray the lakers weather the storm,yet i fear the worse not cause the lack of talent but of will,denver speaks it and is showing it ,the lakers are ignoreing it and trying to convince themselves that they still have it. the games so far have been a show and tell and the lakers haven’t shown much,sadily they look like a confuse wounded animal fighting for its life,and denver looks like the new beast that needs to be fed,i hope this doesn’t end up to be our last stand.

  • LakerFaninAtl

    I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet, but who cares wtf Kenny Smith thinks. Go Lakers!

  • http://doif.ru Cederash

    Кстати, по радио программа была об этом. Не помню, правда на какой волне…

  • mvpsug

    alright voice of the nation, im back!! ive been gone for a few episodes but im here for after game 3 to tell the world whats up!!!

    14 point swing in the 4th quarter on the road!!! kobe bryant is STILL the best closer and player in the game, back off lebron. trevor is clutch with his final possession inbound steal AGAIN!!! not to mention two three pointers to give us the lead in the 4th after coming out form the locker room!

    after the game, i put my trevor arize jersey up on the rafters of my wall.

    and thank you lakers for finally going into pau!!!

    i usto love the machine, but sasha should be deported!!

    lakers world order stand up!!! lets go six more wins baby!!!

  • David

    floz sucks!let kobe or shaq rap

  • Taylor

    Hey fellas. When Trevor Ariza got injured the announcer said he reaggrivated his hip injury and I was wondering if you knew anything about that. Also, it looks like Kobe has been having a good time in Colorado, but not as good of time as he had a couple years ago. :)