Podcast: Voice of the Nation – Episode #48

Well its do or die time for the Los Angeles Lakers. They had a chance to close it out in Houston but now we go back to L.A. for Game 7.

David Brickley will be your host for this edition of the Voice of the Nation. Amateur dunker from team flight brothers Air Bama, joins D-Bricks to talk about the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest that will be held in L.A. on Saturday.

D-Bricks breaks down Game 6, and gets you ready for Game 7. He also reads your e-mails, and plays your voicemails.

Our backs are against the wall, and this is what the playoffs are about. Win or go home. Will the Lakers be a part of one of the biggest upsets in NBA history, or take care of these desperate Rockets who are playing with house money.

Buckle up, V.O.T.N. is getting you ready for Sunday.

Music -
Grand Master Flash – The Message
Flo’z – V.O.T.N. Playoff Intro
T-Pain, Jamie Foxx – Blame It
Green Day – I Walk Alone

Audio -
Phil Jackson Postgame
Andrew Bynum Postgame
Kobe Bryant Postgame
Pau Gasol Postgame
Spero Dedes Play by Play

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Jaime is the co-owner and Operating Director for LakerNation.com from Alhambra, CA. He's help create the official websites for Kevin Durant and Goodwin Sports. Currently, he's the Online Producer for FOX Sports Radio and AM570 KLAC.
  • Metalhead91

    Hey guys, awesome podcast like always. Love how you guys always keep it real like I like to. I’m pretty confident the Lake Show will take care of game 7 on Sunday and am also pretty confident they will take care of Denver too but what worries me is the Cavs. We’ll have to win a road game there and im noticing that the team doesnt seem to play nearly the same on either end of the court during the PLAYOFFS on the road. I know we were the best road team in the league during the REGULAR season but the post-season is just a different animal especially for a young team like these Lakers. Do you guys think we have the poise to get it done or not. PEACE!!

  • lainok

    Hey, I’ve been listening to every podcast this season, but I haven’t left any comments yet. I think with the most epic game of the season on the horizon, maybe I should kick in my two cents. First off, great job D-Brick holdin it down solo. We look foward to hearing both of you guys after a victory on Sunday. Just like everyone else, I have been amazingly frustrated with this team. Having the talent that they have, and just not showing up with it. I kept thinking about how the three ring dynasty would have shut houston down, or how they would have made the push against the cavs at the end of the season to get homecourt thru out. But last night I put in my five disc lakers championships dvds in. I watched back the summeries of the three championship years, and the last quarters of the game 7 OT win in Sacramento, and the epic comeback against Portland. I realized we look back on those three seasons now like they were some mythical gods, but watching those games again reminded me how frustrating it was to be in those positions at the time. Not beating the kings for the best record, them taking us to seven, and kobe and fox not being able to get the tip in to fall that forced and OT. This is NBA basketball. Every team has the ability to win, and every team has at some point completely melted down. This is not the first great lakers team or nba team for that matter to be pushed to this position. I’m not saying hands down the lakers have this game on lock, but there is no need to panic. They got their two most embarrassing losses out of the way, and they should take care of business on Sunday.

  • alex

    d-bricks sounds sick



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  • Taylor

    Hell of a podcast, D-bricks. I just finished watching “Kobe Doin Work” and I realized Kobe must listen to this podcast, b/c he was talkin about swagger jackin :) Also I saw that the cheerleaders were cheering sitting down, and that kinda bugged me because just like a lot of the fans, they really werent getting in to it. I hope in the next couple rounds, the fans can get a little LOUD…..

  • Justin M.

    Great podcast D-Bricks, way to hold down the fort. I just want to ask you guys something. Do you know that feeling you get in your stomach when something that’s yours gets stolen from you like a cell phone or a car. Well that’s how I felt after the 2004 finals when the Pistons beat the Lakers because I knew going into the season that the Lakers were going to win and the trophy was theirs and the Pistons just came and snatched it from out under all of our noses. I didn’t have that feeling after the Lakers lost in the Finals last year because to be honest, I didn’t expect them to make it out of the 2nd round when that season started. When the Lakers just lost game 6 to the Rockets on Thursday I started to get that feeling in my stomach again because right from the first game of the season I knew it was the Lakers year again and I’m just scared that their trophy is going to get stolen once more. For me a cell phone and car can always be replaced but I can’t call my insurance for another chance at a title because that’s never guaranteed. Go Lakers!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Haha, after that performance G Small I wouldn’t want to show up for the podcast either.


    David nice job on doing this one solo. I believe a few podcasts back you said, and correct me if I’m, that you want to be an announcer like JOEL, STU, and even CHICK. Well every game I watch I always pay attention to the commentating because they give us some interesting quotes and great analogies and I think they make the game a lot more funner to watch. So with all that said, I’m only 18 yeas old and I have a lot more seasons of LAKERS BASKETBALL to watch, so I hope to see you some day calling our LAKERS. Your the man DAVID BRICKLEY. I wish you the best on making that goal happen and it’s always a pleasure to listen to you talk about my team, THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS. Just like KOBE on espn today but in this case it’s David: Doin’ Work.


  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks David Brickley

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    My appreciation for that comment is unexplainable. Thanks so much for your support!





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    No problem David just giving credit where it deserves it.

  • Ashley09

    Great podcast again but I really wanted to hear what G Small had to say about that game 6.
    Anyway, tonight after the Lakers defeated the Rockets the TNT guys were saying the Lakers don’t deserve to win the championship this year because they have all this talent and continue to play “bipolar” like Kobe said during the postgame. What do you guys think about that statement?