It shall forever be known as the ‘Mothers Day Massacre’, as the Lakers somehow lost to the Rockets without Yao Ming.

D-Bricks and G-Small analyze how the Lakers are all of a sudden in a 2-2 best of 3 series with the rickety Rockets.

What’s the deal with Drew and the bench mob? Even Phil lost his cool after that horrible (expletive) defeat.

L.W.O. Radio is still here for all of the frustrated Lakers fans. It was all good just a week ago, but it’s still all good right here on The Notorious V.O.T.N.

Bobby Byrd – I’m Not To Blame
Clipse – Nightmares
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon

Lakers vs. Rockets Press Conference Audio – 5/10/09

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  • xfellerx


  • Taylor

    D-Bricks, I don’t know why you all are given up on Bynum so quick. Kareem knows what he’s talkin bout. For the last 2 seasons A.B. has always been slow at the start of year and then explodes and shows us why he is making all that cash. I can’t wait for him to prove all the Bynum haters wrong.

  • wallfishy

    If you look at the playoffs for the Lakers this year, they have won 2 games then lost the third.

    Utah WWLWW Houston LWWL

    At the next podcast we will see if it holds up, but what do you guys think about this? If it continues we’ll win the Championship. We aren’t just losing these games. We are playing horrible in the Loses.


  • ME

    you guys are annoying in this podcast
    relax, it’s not the end of the world
    it sounds like the lakers are down 3-0 by the way you guys are panicking

    the lakers aren’t the only team who are tied at 2-2 now, so is boston and orlando, does that make them not capable of winning a championship?

    go on and read the article by adande and until then relax, lakers got the next 2 games.

  • Def Row

    D-Bricks is louder than G-Small. The music and the bits are way louder than the talking in general. It would be cool if over time the audio levels were mixed a little better.

    Nice podcast again btw.

  • dj breakdown

    Win or lose you guys are always doing your thing…They will definitely come back but it is disappointing to see their lack of effort all throughout

  • bassti

    This is so weird. I was just listining to the podcast a day after the huge W against Houston, where they absolutly destroyed the Rockets. And it’s so weird because what you said exactly happend. They played like they wan’t it, they gave everything for the team and almost every player is back on track. It really felt like they needed this. I don’t know why this team always has to be down to reach the sky the next games, but if it helps I don’t care.

    I hope it helps for some more games and we don’t need this in the playoffs again.

    Keep doin’ what you donin’
    Greetings from Germany

  • kjeezyrad

    brooks has to be stopped point blank!!! bring on mbenga

  • Justin M.

    Guys, I just finished watching the game and I have to say I haven’t been so disgusted in a long time. I mean why is it that scrub to average level bigs look like tim duncan and KG against the Lakers. Last year it was Powe and Perkins and now its Scola and Landre. I think Kwame could of played better D then Gasol did tonight and Bynum looks like he needs Zoloft or something. The worst part about this loss is that I have to wait until Sunday to get some closure but if the Lakers decide to to wait until the 5 min mark in the first to score more than a point it will all be over for the Lake Show. Man, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight guys. I usually end my comments by saying GO Lakers but after the game tonight I need a few hours before I can cheer for this team again.

  • Margo

    The only reason I am WRITING my comment today is because I have to much to say, so I am going to paste it hear and feel free to comment on whatever u may find is worthy. I trust u!

    I’m speaking LAKERNESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could begin this FIRE TIRADE with all type of things that went wrong in this game and taking accountability for my teams’ inability to buy a basket in the first quarter, but for once I am going to just fly off the handle about some of the things the players on the floor COULD NOT CONTROL: THE REFS, PHILS SUBSTITUTIONS, & PAU GASOL SIMPLY RUNNING OUT OF GAS!

    Let’s get the thing about the refs out of the way first, when the Lakers started this game, it was bad from the tip when Drew miss timed his jump. Scola was playing outside of himself, and yet this game did not have the same DRUBBING feeling of game 4. But after the first half Chuck Hayes had 3 fouls, and lakers had 12! All I ever ask from refs is to stay consistent in a game, if it’s over the back on one end it’s the same on the other. I watched Gasol get a rebound and Landry come over the top and mug him. Now Pau should have kept the ball, but it’s still over the back. Lamar Odom go up for a rebound get pushed in the back No Call, come down on next play and Bynum get’s called for a push off, it’s just painful when it’s playoff games! People are really mistaken if they truly believe that adjusting to the way the refs call the games does not affect or should not affect if a player is aggressive or not! If Kobe continues to go to the hole, and get NO calls, he adjusts that part of his game, which could be costly. Yet I hear analyst scream out Kobe is not aggressive enough, or the big men are passive, but anything aggressive generally ends with cheap foul calls. Have the refs bought into the analyst crap that the ROCKETS DO NOT FOUL when people come into the lane? selah

    Now Phil Jackson’s substitutions are becoming suspect to me. We already know the greatness that is Phil Jackson, but playing Fisher so long in the first quarter IN THIS SERIES, is not the answer. Just like Farmar played sparingly during the Utah series, Fisher should be doing the same in this series. Yet when Jordan does come in, hit a 3, plays descent D on Brooks, he takes him out and put in Vujacic (who can’t buy a bucket)! I just don’t understand! It’s the pg play that TRULY hurts our team, so why not stop it from the beginning?

    Pau Gasol, WOW! Not here to talk bad about Pau Gasol, because he has truly been the one CONSISTENT proponent on our team, and with that said, I think he is running out of GAS! It’s times when he seem to be able to turn it on for like 5 minute stretches and then next game he is laboring up and down the floor. Tonight was a great example. Scola was letting him have it specifically, and he could do nothing! He didn’t have those blocks like game 5, but when he did assert himself, nothing but field goals. If Kobe Bryant has to hit u upside the head, in a timeout, things are not looking good!

    In conclusion, the analyst have ALL decided they will NOT pick the LAKERS anymore past this series! From Mark Jackson to Stephen A Smith, who also added through twitter that Kobe Bryant HAS ABSOLUTELY NO HELP! From Gasol to Odom, no one is stepping up to help him put this team away! How do the analyst go from LeBron is MVP because he has less to work with, to Kobe team is too young, and though talented just has NO HEART, to the Lakers will not go back to the Finals? The Celtics have been fighting for their lives in the playoffs, back last season and this season, and they are NoT getting the slack we are getting. When we lost Bynum for a minute, their was no COMPASSION for us, kg is out, and the Celtics are the veterans that find a way to win, albeit in Game 7’s? You know what I guess the best way to look at this is when Kobe Bryant is hugging that trophy in June, with tears streaming down his face, I don’t want to hear a word from these same analysts! It’s a spirited game, and I can understand that, but the Lakers are not the first to team to go to a game 7 in these playoffs, so get off of our backs, all that matters in the end is that we win that game, and keep it moving. And don’t be so quick to jump on the Nuggets bandwagon because they have not played any team up to par with them yet, so I look forward to a great WCF’s!

  • Margo

    Oh side note: I hate that Kobe Bryant has started since game 4 looking at his teammates the same way he looked at them when it was Smush Parker and Kwame Brown, that is becoming evident. The look he gave while sitting waiting to come in the game when Landry dunked was priceless while saying No Pau, and how he looked at Sasha at the end of the 1st half. SMHID(shaking my head in disgust)
    O and I am not bashing Fisher in any way, it’s just proven that we must play matchups and this is not the one for Fisher, so concede that in game 7 Jackson!

  • Justin M.

    ha, I just got back from the local bar and im drunk out of my mind and im still mad about the loss, Im gonna go to sleep, past is past and we can only dwell on it so much.

  • Matt from Dallas

    Another great podcast guys as always, I just got done watching game 6 and I’m shocked that the Lakers are going to face thier first game 7 at Staples in 9 years . But before you guys start talking all negative about this team and thier championship chances lets just ease our minds and realize that teams have had to play game 7s and still won an NBA Championship. It seems like every one has forgotten that last year Boston had TWO 7 game series and still managed to kick our butts in the finals. The Lakers are always in the spotlight so that magnifies every flaw and causes fans to overreact. So please, don’t get caught up in the panic that is the Faker Nation. Lakers are gonna play hard on Sunday and put an end to this awful series.

    Peacee, Matt from Dallas

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