The Series is tied 1-1, and we find ourselves in an old fashioned dog fight. The rock from Little Rock is suspended for Game 3, however, the Lakers in Game 2 showed that they are ready to take control of this series.

The tears from Ron Artest are still being mopped up at Staples Center, as David and G tell you why Artest was overreacting. Oh and Ron Ron is saying that the Rockets suck?

Senior Writer from, Eric Pincus brings his Lakers expertise on the show and discusses all the drama in Game 2 and what to look forward to as the rest of this series plays out.

Every Monday and Friday we take care of Laker fans, so sit back relax and marinate in 100% Lakers talk, let the other sport guys talk about Manny Ramirez, we’ll stick to the Purple and Gold.

Olivia Newton John – Let’s Get Physical
Flo’z – V.O.T.N. Playoff Intro
Bar Kays – Too Hot To Stop
Common – I Have A Dream
Jay-Z – Lost Ones
Day 26 – Shawty Whats Up
Flo’z – TLN theme

Derrick Fisher Game 2 Postgame
Kobe Bryant Game 2 Postgame
Ron Artest Game 2 Postgame
Spero Dedes’ Play by Play (Game 2)
Ron Artest (

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  • Raposo

    Hey guys!! Great job on this show i rly enjoyed!! (that comment on Artest crazy story was Hilarious (i hope that guy got ejected).
    Thinking about game 2 and it’s blow out as usual i was thinking….. i think i hae to take this one on the Zen Master…. he should know by know that our bench mob isn’t on great shape and always cool of the momentum…but wth waas taht line up in the 2 quarter…… i never seen that line up before, actually i think anyone did… it can work good on paper but we all saw how it work on the game. Let me know your opinions on that.
    I’ve been listening this podcast for a while now and it’s been great but i have a suggestion. It’s playoff time probably lakers are going to win the championship and kobe the finals MVP so why won’t you go crazy and do something special like a video podcast sometimes! i think that would be great.

    sorry for the long text, keep up the good work and cheers from your #1 Portuguese fan.


  • Besta

    Portugal é o caralho! Cala a boca seu português recalcado. Vai dar opinião na casa do caralho…

  • David Brickley

    I forgot to pay tribute to Chick as we always do and put the podcast in the refrigerator.

    Ahhh I feel like an idiot.

    CHICK “The Golden Throat”, the best to ever call a game!, it wont happen again!


  • Justin M.

    Hey guys, I see your points on the Lakers PA announcer and I agree with everything you said. I never had a problem with him but what triggered my comment on him I guess I was just kind of angry watching the Lakers game after the Celtics because the the Celtics crowd was cheering for every little thing and their pa was chanting Defense even when the were up by double digits and the Lakers game felt like I was watching a basketball game being played in the library. You guys do a great job and I always enjoy getting an intelligent response to a comment. Ima call the score for game 3. 103-94 Lakers!

  • Saber

    Hi guys, what’s up ?

    For me last night’s game was one of the best games if not the best so far in the playoffs. That’s because:

    – We played with the needed energy thoughout the game.
    – We played good D. Kobe with 3 blocks ( 2 on Yao ) and 2 steals. He brought energy on the defensive end when his shot wasn’t falling. Not to mention the other guys…
    – We actually kept a lead.
    – Jordan Farmar showed up, which was huge. He just silenced all the doubters. Luke contributed too.
    – Kobe was Kobe. He was an assassin. Kobe laid waste on the best defensive duo that ever faced him – Battier and Artest all night long. He’s been averaging 35 ppg in the second round. Talk about a great scorer…

    Of course there’s room for improvement, but I think it was a good game overall



  • Taylor

    Hey guys, great podcast once again. Do you guys think the Cavs can go undefeated through out the playoffs? In the regular season, they went undefeated at home until we stopped them and I was wondering if the same thing could happen in the Finals.