It was all good just a week ago… and it still is as the Lakers prepare to bring you the hoop version Apollo 13, live from Figueroa.

The Voice Of The Nation with D-Bricks and G-Small deliver another EXCLUSIVE interview, this time with Fox Sports Net reporter Michael Eaves!

He breaks down the Lakers/Rockets series, and how he knows Ron-Ron is not “acting” crazy. He also leaks details on an inside meeting between a Lakers player on the hot seat and Mitch Kupchak!

And just as the great A.C. Green represented the #45 with style, class, and abstinence, the Notorious V.O.T.N. promises with this 45th show to abstain from WACK sports talk and strictly give you what you want.


Suzy Molnar – Airline Opening
Linda Clifford – Never Gonna Stop
Flo’z – VOTN Intro (Playoff Edition: On The Road To The Ring)
Bob James & Earl Klugh – Sponge
Timbaland – Lobster And Scrimp
Ohio Players – Fopp

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  • xfellerx



    HAHA alright alright smalls I deffintly take back what I said about you not being a KB fan. What I was trying to say was that in #44 David had KB’s back 100% and you were explaining jordan as being untouchable as a shooter and never had a bad shooting night, when we all know that KOBE could knock it down more then jordan on any given night. Jordan had more opportunities to get to the rack because of no zone d in his time, so that was jordan’s forte, while for KOBE it is much harder to get there so he has made himself a lights out shooter. But don’t get me wrong KOBE could still get to the rack. So with all that said I take back what I said in #44. Also I saw your video and picks, and lol all I can say is touche.

  • Rok from Slovenia

    Denver defense is NOT soft/bad/leaky :) GREAT show guys!

  • Matt from Dallas

    Ok Dbricks and Gsmall you wanted to know who has had the most clutch shots, Robert Horry or Michael Jordan. Well oddly enough I found that they both had about 7 famous shots each, there are more but I didn’t count games they ended up losing despite their big shot.

    Michael Jordan

    April 24, 1985 vs. Milwaukee, 109-107
    Jordan nails the eventual game-winning jumper from the corner with 22 seconds left on the clock to force Game 4 in the first round of the 1985 Playoffs against Milwaukee.

    May 7, 1989 vs. Cleveland, 101-100
    They call it “The Shot.” It’s the reason Cleveland fans will never forgive Jordan, as this shot at the buzzer won Game 5 and the series for Chicago in the first round of the 1989 Playoffs.

    May 19, 1989 vs. New York, 113-111
    After Trent Tucker’s four-point play tied Game 6 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Semifinals at 111, Jordan stepped to the free throw line and iced the series with two freebies with four seconds left.

    May 27, 1989 vs. Detroit, 99-97
    With future teammate Dennis Rodman guarding him in Game 3 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Finals, Jordan wins the game for the Bulls with the pull-up jumper with three seconds left.

    May 17, 1993 vs. Cleveland, 103-101
    “The Shot — Part Two,” Jordan does it to the Cavs again, this time victimizing Gerald Wilkins with the jumper to win Game 4 of the 1993 Eastern Conference Semifinals in Cleveland.

    June 1, 1997 vs. Utah, 84-82
    Michael Jordan puts his cape on to perform the heroics again, when he drains the jumper as the buzzer goes off giving the Bulls a 84-82 victory and a 1-0 lead in the series.

    June 14, 1998 vs. Utah, 87-86
    This will probably go down as Michael’s most famous shot of all-time. His final shot as a Chicago Bull. Michael Jordan knocks down the game-clinching jumper with 5.2 seconds remaining in the game and the Bulls beat Utah 87-86 in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals for their sixth NBA title.

    Robert Horry

    May 22, 1995 Western Conference Finals Game 1
    Robert Horry hits a jumper with 6.5 seconds left to give Houston a 94–93 win.

    June 11, 1995 NBA Finals Game 3
    Houston up 1 point with 14 seconds left and the shot clock winding down, Hakeem Olajuwon kicks out the ball to Horry, who launches a three over Orlando’s Horace Grant, propelling the Rockets to a 106–103 victory.

    June 10, 2001 NBA Finals Game 3
    The Sixers were within one point with under a minute to play. Brian Shaw found Horry in the corner and he drilled the three with 47.1 seconds left to give the Lakers a four-point lead.

    April 28, 2002 Western Conference First Round Game 3 Los Angeles Lakers at Portland Trail Blazers
    Down by two with 10.2 seconds left, Kobe Bryant drives on Ruben Patterson (aka the Kobe Stopper) and kicked the ball to Horry, who hits a game-winning three.

    May 26, 2002 Western Conference Finals Game 4
    The Kings led 99–97 with two seconds left when center Vlade Divac knocked the ball out of the paint after a Shaquille O’Neal missed layup. The ball came to Horry, who launched a three-pointer as time expired to give the Lakers a 100–99 victory.

    June 19, 2005 NBA Finals Game 5 San Antonio Spurs at Detroit Pistons
    Horry hit a three-pointer with 5.9 seconds left in overtime to give the San Antonio Spurs a 96–95 victory and a 3–2 series lead heading into Game

    April 30, 2007 Western Conference First Round Game 4 San Antonio Spurs at Denver Nuggets
    The Spurs led by one with 30 seconds left when Horry hit a game-securing three-point shot.

    MJ and Big Shot Bob both had the same amount of big shots. Are they equally Clutch? Or are some of the shots more important than others? I’ll leave that for you guys to decide.


    HAHA no it’s not David smalls, I put LAKERNATION on everything, my playstation3 network account (PSN), my gamer tag on xbox360, just you name it. My name is Cody San Clemente, I live in one of the worst places to live, reno nevada, I’m 18 years old, so no not David. Don’t get me wrong I wish I was David at some points for I envy him for being able to do these podcast on the BEST WEB SIGHT ON THE WEB, and for living in LA. The best place to live. But to get to the point first I have to add once again thank you David for proving my point when you said that how KOBE is smalls boy and all and he bashed on him about his game 3 performance (about:54:40-:55:20). And HAHAHAHA at :52:20-:52:40 wow that was hilarious how smalls was talking about eating at sizzler and David asking how does sizzler have to do with your love with the LAKERS. Wow you guys are funny. It is always a pleasure to listen to you guys talk about my team, THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS. I’m a huge fan of this sight, been on it the day it opened as get garnette. I have everything you guys sell on here, to the KOBE/PAU 08, to the Vittiz, to the TLN shirt. I go on here everyday, it’s just a pleasure to be on this sight. Keep doing your thing guys. And to wrap this up smalls you are the man and I don’t mean to disrespect you in any way, even tho it was hard hearing the news that Andrew will not be on THE VOICE OF THE NATION PODCAST any more, you fill that spot very well. And tell raf. that a TLN shoutbox is due. Sorry for making this long but I had to get all this out.

  • G-Small

    Cody AKA LAKERNATION, can’t tell u how much you listening means. Thanks for keeping it real because that’s what we do on V.O.T.N!!! Please continue listening and calling me out where u feel it’s needed. At the end of the day we all want a ring for L.W.O.!!!


    [Comment ID #69859 Will Be Quoted Here]

    AMEN to that G. When it is all said in done a CHAMPIONSHIP is the only that that matters. Keep bringing us these great podacast!!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    Hey guys, even though LeBron had an amazing season and his team was the best in the league, do you think it was a little bit too early for him to win MVP in only his 6th season? I don’t think it is time for Kobe to hand down the position of best player yet. What do you guys think?

  • Justin M.

    Another great podcast guys, love coming home from those boring college classes and listening to the voice of the nation. Well I’ve noticed people talking about how the Lakers crowd doesn’t get as involved in the games like Jazz and Warriors fans. I think the reason behind that is that is the Lakers have the most unenthusiastic PA announcer in the league. In every other arena in the league the PA is pumping up the crowd with catchy phrases and enthusiastic chants which really get the crowd going. I think the Lakers PA needs to really step up. That’s my take on the Lakers crowd volume issue. Keep up the good work.

  • mvpsug

    man oh man. i dont evenm know where to begin. whats up voice of the nation! lwo stand up!

    lets start with game 2, because i have nothing to say about game 1. first off, im down with the win, and our fourth quarter play, but that 2nd quarter worried me. we cannot keep disappearing! speaking of which, where the hell is bynum?!?! barkley burned him tonight, i dont even want to get into it but im sure some of you saw.

    next, the fouls. fisher, what a rock. i think he wants to be a hockey player. that was mean!! i believ that was the toughest ive seen them play, in that third quarter. not just the fouls, but the aggressiveness. i was impressed. as for the foul, i dont like dirty plays, and fisher did one. it deserves ejection, cause you can tell it was intetnional, (and so beautiful by the way!) but not a suspension at all. especially since rondo didnt get ANYTHING for his fouls, which i believe were worse if nt just as bad.

    as for kobe and artest- all i can say is i cant wait for kobe to light him up now.

    thats it guys keep up the good work!!

  • mvpsug

    by the way, nobody is talking about ron artests forearm to kobes head right before the elbow. i mean he was shoving him form his head!!! heres a link that explains it all….

  • mvpsug

    kobe, please make me happy again. fix manny’s mistakes in LA. we need this man. we need a party on figueroa

  • mvpsug

    also guys, there is one more thing we ABSOLUTLEY need you to mention so it gets heard. after the events of last night, i think we need another ld2k video for this series. i know hes busy and he does it one per series, but were dying for another one. so herss my proposal:

    laker fans, lets all pitch in a little bit and pay chris to do another video. i know he would love to, but lets make it worth his while!!! please!!!