The Voice of the Nation dives into the upcoming series with Houston, but not before David and G wrap-up the series with the Jazz. They discuss the Lakers current strengths and weaknesses, Ron Artest says Brandon Roy is the best player he’s played against; does he have short term memory? Will it make the Black Mamba strike even harder?

If Odom got suspended for taking a step, shouldn’t Rondo get suspended for throwing a player into the scorers table? They also answer your voicemails and your questions; discuss Kobe’s legacy, and much much more.

The Road to the Gold is getting shorter, we are heading towards the light! 12 wins a way! Just remember the Voice of the Nation will be with you every step of the way!

KC Sunshine band – Get Down Tonight
Flo’z – Road To The Ring (
Cake – Sheep Go To heaven
Beck – Sexx Laws

Trevor Ariza Postgame (AM570)
Ron Artest Practice Interview (NBA.COM)
Ron Artest interview with Kobe Bryant (Fox Sports Net)

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  • dj breakdown

    Man its been a while! Im lovin that intro by Floz by the way. I can’t wait til Kobe lights up moRon again. Great podcast as always!

  • Taylor

    Hey, great podcast again! It looks like Luke Walton is going to be back for this series and I was wondering if anybody really wants him back. This may sound harsh, but I was kind of happy when he got hurt so I could see more of the other players. Just wondering if you think he deserves minutes in a much more competitive series.

  • Jonathan AkA The Indomitable One

    Hey fellas great podcast once again you guys are on a 44 game podcast win streak !!. Anyway remember when ron artest said roy is the only one to score 40 on him…well sorry ron ron KOBE ALREADY DID THAT TO YOU 1-4-07 Kobe goes 42pts 10reb 9st he shot 60% as well. Over career match up kobe vs artest kobe averages 27.6pts 5.7ast 6.1 ast and kobe has won 15/20 times they met. Well i guess ron’s excuse is like the song says “blame it on the alcohol” Lakers in 5 lets go. YO fellas i am your boy if you need stats GET ME A JOB LOL

  • roro

    hey great podcast! I’m going to love to see the match up between kobe vs shane battier and ron artest because it will make kobe do his homework. He seems to play better when he has a challenge ahead of him and we all know that kobe likes the challenge. I also think that if ron artest makes it a one on one battle with kobe in the offensive side as well the rockets are in trouble. They are in trouble because then yao doesn’t get the ball in the post that often. I am glad Luke is going to play because he is a person who doesn’t need to score points to be effective; and i want all my players healthy because they bring something to the table. If the Lakers play smart and hard this will be series win for the Lakers.

  • Jonathan AkA The Indomitable One

    opps 27.6pts 5.7Reb 6.1 ast vs Ron artest kobe leads 15-5 typo from last comment sorry lol


    D amn thank you David for getting KOBE’s back on your guys conversation about the KOBE/mj pore shooting night. I’m beginning to think that smalls is a mj fan and not a KOBE fan.


    Matt from dallas my man, by the way I envy you for living in dallas. That comes 2nd on the best places to live. Fort Worth dallas that is. But anyways way to show smalls up on the last podcast.

  • Matt from Dallas

    [Comment ID #69713 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yahh I don’t like it when people make ridiculous comparisons between Mj and Kobe i was just tryin to help G realize his errors. Gsmall is my dude tho I really do enjoy him on the Podcast hes funny.

    And yah Dallas is a cool place to live I don’t like the Cowboys too much though haha

  • Matt from Dallas

    Great podcast! You guys are as smooth as Lamar after he lights up a fatty in his Mercedes. But I was wondering what you guys think of the possbile Mavericks or Nuggets matchup for the Lakers in the Conference Finals. Personally I want to see the Mavericks but I don’t think they have what it takes to beat Denver. However, it’s your opinions I want to hear. So who do you guys think the REAL Big D is? Dallas? or Denver?

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #69711 Will Be Quoted Here]

    When you rock a custom made Beans shirt to 3 consecutive out of state All Star games come holla at me about being a “Kobe fan”

    And when they interview YOU at the 2009 All Star game, you make sure you say Kobe too…

    skip to 1:24



    [Comment ID #69724 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Oh yeah defiantly it is a pleasure to have smalls on here, it was just good for you to back our man KB up and prove him wrong. Also I agree with you on how people make comparisons to KOBE and mj, it is ridiculous what they say. And yeah dallas is a great place to live but I’m not a fan of there teams lol. What part of dallas do you live in???????

  • Justin M.

    Another great podcast guys. I can’t wait for the Houston series which shouldn’t go more than 5 games, Lakers taking it of course. The Cavs are going to play another average team, the Hawks, who I think have the worst road team in the playoffs, and won’t have a challenge until the semi finals, the Celtics without KG wont be that big of a hill to climb by the way, but the Lakers are going to have to take out the top teams in the west and already took out the Jazz who are a better team than the Pistons, Hawks and just as good as a Celtics team without KG and Powe, in my opinion. This is what makes it clear to me that the Lakers are head and shoulders above every other team in the playoffs including the Cavs who could not of asked for an easier road to the Finals. Keep up the work and go Lakers!!