Messing with the Mambas quite dangerous, so tell Ronnie Brewer’s daddy to watch his mouth! D-Bricks and G-Small come to you with a close out version of the Voice of the Nation and break down game 4 of the Lakers (soon to be over) first round series vs. the Jazz.

The Voice of the Nation once again lands an EXCLUSIVE interview with Lakers radio play-by-play announcer Spero Dedes. Spero talks Game 4 with the fellas, and offers his version of how Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol got down in Game 3!

Where will the Jazz be vacationing this year, and Jordan NEVER had a playoffs like this, or did he?

V.O.T.N. #43 coming to you on this LAST work day for the Utah Jazz. It’s been a great career Hot Rod…

Lakers World Order STAND UP!

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
Flo’z – V.O.T.N. Theme Song
Nas – Come Get Me
Notorious B.I.G. – I Gotta Story To Tell
Eddie Kendricks – Day By Day

Additional Audio
Jazz vs. Lakers Game Audio (4/25/09)

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  • phantom

    The link points to podcast 42, not 43.

  • Jamie G

    Go Lakers!! lets get this over with and move on to the next team

  • Manu

    and also the backup rapidshare link is not working!

  • mvpsug

    wutusp VOTN lakers world order stand up!

    i wanna talk a bit about the article on kobe taking a pay cut to keep aariza and LO around. i mean does this guy get any better? i mean thats the mark of a tru champion. he will take less money tokeep the pieces around him to compete for more rings.he is the greatest player in the game, and deserves the highest salary, but the fact that his priorities are with the team seperate him form the rest of the league. not many people will do this. kurt warner did it to keep anquan boldin around. im proud of kobe for realizing wahts important. im pretty sure next year, bron bron is going to try to get as much money as possible. he ownt be saying “hey take some of my money and give it to mo williams.” bron is trying to rack up a fortune, and thats fine. kobe will ball.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Sorry for the mishap, guys. I’ll be more careful next time. :)

    L.W.O. Staaaaand Up!!! Ehhhh, I’ll just leave G-Small to say right, don’t sound right when I do it. :(

  • Vibe

    Whats up guys…..great podcast as always.

    I officially have problem with Andrew Bynum. Yes i understand he is just coming off a big injury. But damn is this the guy that is really going to make a difference? i mean its like he cares about his offensive game more than his defensive game.

    Whats your guys take on that.

  • Matt from Dallas

    Good podcast guys, but G i find it hard to beleive that MJ has never had a bad game like Kobe had in game 3.
    Game 2 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Semi Finals Jordan had only 15 points as the Bulls lose to the Knicks, i couldnt find the box score so idk what his percentage was but im guessing it wasnt good.

    heres the link

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #69484 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m breaking the rules and responding to this before the show….

    1989 is Pre-Champion Jordan.

    Pre-Champion Kobe had bad shooting nights too, but I’m not counting those. I’m not counting his 97, 98 or 99 seasons.

    I’m saying Jordan after his transfiguration never had a game like Kobe’s game 3 in the playoffs.

  • Justin M.

    It annoys me when Kobe and the Lakers have a bad game and it becomes the end of the world. When people say Kobe can’t score 60 on any night it makes me laugh. If Kobe comes out every night shooting he will drop 50 plus a game but it wont translate into a 60 win season. Funny how it was Lamar taking all the heat last year and now its Bynums turn to hear all of the criticism and were not even in the 2nd round yet. Come on!

  • Matt from Dallas

    Haha ok Gsmall if you wanna get fancy wit it heres one for yahh. 1997 game 4 Mike goes 9-35 from the field with 25% shooting and the Bulls lose 80-87 to the Heat. Black Jesus only had 1 ast in that game as well compared to Kobes 6 in his horrible game 3. If you want to get more specific let me know homie I bet i can prove yuh wrong. Anyway keep up the good work guys :)

    heres the link

  • RoRo

    Hey guys, there is a video with ron artest being interviewed by craig sager saying that brandon roy is better than lebron and kobe. that brandon roy is best two guard in the nba. Do you think this will motivate Kobe?

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