David and Greg break down that terrible loss in Salt Lake. Pau was getting dominated by Boozer, Kobe couldn’t buy a shot, and everybody but Lamar had bad games. They also discuss, what the Lakers need to do to get rid of the Jazz in 5, and how the Jazz fans are cowards.

The guys also respond to your voicemails and comments, discuss some of the other series that are goin’ on in around the NBA, and get you ready for Game 4 on Saturday.

Win or Lose, the Voice of the Nation will be here for Laker fans all across the globe!

T-Pain Feat. Jamie Foxx – Blame it
Kayne West – Heartless
Kid Cudi – Day And Night
Mario Ruiz – Kobe Superstar
All American Rejects – Gives You Hell

Andrew Bynum Postgame
Lakers Play by Play – Spero and Mychal

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  • lala

    don’t give up on the lakers just yet, its not a series until they win the next game. Bynum needs to figure a way to stay out of foul trouble because honestly i would put Boozer on Bynum instead of Gasol. Kobe will shoot better and other people should step up. Its just one game people and the only lost by two points.

  • lala

    do we get complacent because we are talented team?

  • desecrator09

    [Comment ID #69017 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ya we do and that is one of the reasons why we will NOT win a title this year. A championship team would of grabbed Utah by the throat and tore it out when they get a 13 point lead IN THE PLAYOFFS. And dont give me this sh*t about Utah was desperate and they play well at home and crap. A REAL championship caliber team who was on a mission for redemption wouldnt give a rat’s @ss about where they are playing.
    Yesterday was a perfect example of our mental “softness.” We got punched in the mouth and i saw players hanging their heads and just taking it. Also when Drew fouled out, we all saw him joking around and acting like a fool. Thats NOT the attitude to have. Even in the post-game interviews, everybody just shrugged off and said “oh we just couldnt hang on in the end”,”we got lazy”, we got to do better on the boards.”NO SH*T YOU DO!! Stop talking about it so much and go out and F*CKING DO IT!!
    Again im saying we wont win this series because we will just because of our superior talent. That wont work in the later rounds. Charles Barkley said it best, that we are basically winning with our talent in all three of these games and not because we are on a mission for a title. I also agree with him that if we dont win it this year, we wont ever win it. You guys know that we will probably be losing some players in the offseason due to free agency.
    I know i sound like im being too negative but im just saying what i see from us right now. Its all mental with us right now and sadly mentality is something you cant just change with the flip of a switch…

  • Taylor

    Hey guys, great podcast. I think this is the only time I will be rooting for Boston to keep winning because as much as I hate the Celts, they are the only team that looks like they will be able to beat the Cavs or at least wear them out by playing a 7 game series. Just wondering if you are pulling for Boston too.
    Des Moines, Iowa

  • drew

    The song “Blame It” is actually a Jamie Foxx song featuring T-Pain, not the other way around like you guys have it. Just thought Mr. Foxx would appreciate getting credit for his music.

  • http://lakersnation noah

    hey the reason y the lakers lost its three things becuse kobe struggled and bynum foulde out.and every time the lakers go to utah there r no fouls called but this time it will be difernt

  • Matt from Dallas

    Hey whats up guys! Another great podcast. But did yall catch the post game interviews after game 4 and hear the Mamba admit that he has been too passive recently, he even seemed to have some remorse for depriving the team of his offense. His new outlook was very interesting and something I wouldn’t expect to hear from Kobe. If Triple Ocho keeps being aggressive and the bench plays decent I don’t see anyone stopping the Lakers.
    anyway keep up the good work, your main mannn Matt from Dallas.

  • mvpsug

    ooooohhhhh weee!!! d bricks, g small, i believe we have solid proof that mr. kobe bean bryant can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. that is enough for me to not doubt him at all. that man is amazing, so amazing. i had no other word but amazing for his performance during game 4. i know he wont keep playing like that, but he only did it as a statement. a statement to everyone that he CAN do it. but he knows that to win he has to combine that play with facilitating, and no one will be able to do it better that number 24.

    i dont need him to get mvp, i saw it last night. i saw g.o.a.t last night.

    i cant wait so see him hold up the finals mvp this year. i cant wait.

    good job homies keep it up over here at VOTN and TLN!!!