Playoffs? That’s right, the tournament is on Daniel San, as the Lakers look to Crane Kick the Jazz in their first playoff game.

D-Bricks and G-Small deliver again on Voice Of the Nation #41, and break down Game 1 of the Lakers first round slap boxing match with the Jazz.

Does Van Gundy have that Rihanna disease? Are the Lakers tough enough to mix it up with the Jazz? We’ll also be playing your voice mails and reading your comments!

L.W.O. Radio is back with playoff swag. The Notorious V.O.T.N. #41, playoff remix!

Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Flo’z – V.O.T.N. Theme Song
Marlena Shaw – California Soul
The Ides Of March – Vehicle

Additional Audio
Jazz vs. Lakers Game Audio (4/19/09)
ABC – Jazz vs. Lakers Broadcast Audio (4/19/09)
Jerry Sloan – Jazz Post Game Press Conference Audio (4/19/09)
Kobe Bryant – Jazz vs. Lakers Post Game Audio (4/19/09)
Trevor Ariza – Post Game Audio

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  • LakerPoetBR

    What up guys, always a pleasure to get into that purple
    and gold talk. Shannon Brown gonna make a difference in this
    playoff run, I always liked him, he is strong, has some
    basketball IQ, he can pass the ball nicely, I have no doubt
    this is going to be our year. Players like, Gasol and Odom also
    are making the difference, they make kobe’s work so much
    easier, but its like D Bricks said, anytime the mamba can
    drop 60 pts on your head.

    But I’m very intrigued on why he doesn’t play Adam Morrison,
    Trevor and Luke are that ahead of him?

    Keep it purple and gold
    votn to the fullest

  • fernando

    Man,Lakers are looking nasty.
    If they keep playing like they do,there is no chance they are losing.

    Alittle off-topic but man if Trevor keep playing like that in the playoffs i really dont think the Lakers will resign Odom.What yall think.?

  • bassti

    Wow. This feels so good to watch the Playoffs again.
    I have to come back on the D-Wade-Story. I think D-Wade has not deserved the MVP and isn’t as good as Kobe or LJ for the same reason: He dosen’t cary the team as Kobe and LJ do. I know that LJ puts on his one-man-show right before the game, but after the tip-off he’s there for his team. D-Wade isn’t. It’s not just about the number of assits, it’s the hole story, that tells you he isn’t there for his team.
    But I got another one for you: Do you think Phil is too harsh with his team? (Refering to the audio after game one) He said that the win was no pleasure. I mean he got so many guys, who played good and they just got a little sloppy at the begin of the 2nd half, but we’re in the playoffs and not batteling against the Wizzards…

    Keep it up guys

  • Taylor

    Hey guys, I have 2 questions. In game 1, Shannon Brown got exactly the same minutes as Fish, do you think this will continue to happen, to save Derek for the Finals? 2nd, how often will you be doing the podcast?

  • Margo

    Game 2 will really show me how hungry THIS team is! Shannon “the cannon” Brown just needs to stay steady, and under control!With Jordan having some “foot” problems, I think he is safe as 2nd off the bench! But to me when the second half started the came out flat, but the lineup with Brown, Odom, Bryant, Gasol, and Trevor, was UP and DOWN the floor, running the Jazz to death! I hope to see more of that lineup! Even when Okur come back, he can score, but you can’t let Deron W. score and rack up assists. Looking forward to seeing who will be game 2 unlikely heroes! Big up David and G. And G…u right R.Kelly jacked Aaron Hall’s swag, but by that time, he wasn’t doing anything with it anyway…lol! L.W.O. STAND UP!

  • Margo



  • Ashley09

    Hey guys, I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now and I am a big fan! Keep up the good work! But, I have one question. This week the Coach of the Year was announced and rewarded to the Cavs coach, Mike Brown. Behind him in votes were Rick Adelman, Stan Van Gundy, and Nate McMillan. My question is: what do you guys think about Phil Jackson not even being in the discussion? It seems like every year that the Lakers succeed Phil doesn’t even get acknowledged. He has 9 NBA championships and only 1 Coach of the Year award. Anyway, looking forward to the next podcast!

    – Ashley.

  • Sean All Ivy

    Did you guys see T-Mac’s comments about the Lakers and Kobe? Is T-Mac trying to become a laker next year? We might lose some people in the off season, hypothetically speaking do you think T-Mac would be a good fit in LA? He would have no pressure on him to be a star and he would def make it past the first round of the playoffs, hypothetically speaking of course.

  • mvpsug

    man, what a rough night.

    first of guys, i just wanna say that im not worried, because we were in this game till then end ddespite the mamba going 5-24. lamar and pau played well, which will bring me to my next point.

    i support big bad bynum off the bench. i think he adds more flare to the bench mob, seeing as though he plays a lot with them anyways. he can be that strong defensive presence off the bench that i feel we are lacking. our strongesst defenders are trevor and kobe, and bynum would be great with the bench mob. plus, lamar is playing great and he can make up for losing bynum in the starting lineup.

    lets go lwo, stand up this aint over. kobe WILL NOT play like that again, good thing he got it out in game 3 of the first round and nowhere else.

    alright thats it for now guys, looking forward to 42.