The Voice of the Nation Podcast with Andrew Rafner (varsityoptimism) and David Brickley (DBricks) will guide you through the capillaries and ventricles of the Lakers Nation.

Andrew and D mourn the big big loss to the C’s and are joined by HZM, Shane Bien, LD2k and the Nugget for the first TLN Roundtable!

Voxtrot – Soft & Warm
Secret Shine – Suck Me Down
Mates of State – My Only Offer
Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes
The Essex Green – Penny & Jack

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  • hZm

    Jim was too busy maintaining the site. Haha

  • Jonny

    you guys kept mentioning 17million for lo. . its 14.5. . still atrocious for your forth option. . but its not as bad as you guys made it sound

  • Jonny

    i loved all the garnett impressions. . and the walton impression haha

    definetly love working with you guys, and am looking forward to another great season!

  • joseph

    eat sh!T fakers…talking smack about the lakers would win in 4 then 5 and now 6… bunch of losers man! same goes to all those ESPN prognosticators 9 of 10 predicted a fakers championship hahaha man! these are the same guys that gave kobe the lifetime archivement award mvp.. man you just suck!

    like i always said underestimate these celtics are your biggest mistake and that is exactly how you get beaten fool!

    the beauty of this i can do it all year baby! eat sh!t fakers!!! boston massacre all the way…

    plus your faker team are run by overated players phil, kobe, odom, pau gasoft, sasha, rad, luke, mihm, newble, and crynum!

    the only player i do respect is fisher…

    denied once again baby!

  • hZm

    [Comment ID #41074 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Proper grammar and spelling really is a gift.

  • joseph

    your no jordan where is kobeeee!!!! hahaha

  • Hattoriisan

    Celtics fans aren’t REAL fans. Just like Joseph here….

  • Nabil

    Thanks for the entertaining podcast. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!

  • Jonny

    [Comment ID #41076 Will Be Quoted Here]

    at least he hasn’t found hahaha

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Enjoy your PUNKEN time “joseph”, and all of the ridiculous insults, and booyahs, that you “Mr. COMEMIERDA” are throwing out there, towards The Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. … One thing is for sure, just like the 80’s when Boston went up against the true, top franchise of all time, theirs and your Hoopla, will be very, very short-lived. … Write it down, soon to read em & weep, cuz it will be here, sooner than you can imagine… 1 championship…BIG DEAL! … History WILL repeat itself, and you will go into hibernation for another 21 years, together with your 2008 Beanery Time Refs, who won’t be around to enjoy the remnants of your giggly little tea party… Karma always collects!… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • Freshh