It’s a Monday, by the end of the week we start the 2009 NBA Playoffs. 16 wins to an NBA Championship!

David and Greg discuss the 8th straight time we have lost in Portland, the easy win against Memphis, Shannon Brown’s increased minutes, Bynum not missing a beat after a 32 game absence, George Karl is talking trash, and who are the Lakers facing in the first round?

The time is near, the time we have been waiting for since Game 6 of the NBA Finals. The real Redeem team is days away from starting that journey to get what is ours, and the Voice of the Nation gets you ready!

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  • K20

    Sikk pod cast as usual guys keep it up!

  • Taylor

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you had a favorite game or play of this season? Mine personally was when Andrew had his 42 point game. I picked that over Kobe’s 61 because I think it’s a glimpse of what we will see from him in the next couple of years.

  • Matt from Dallas

    Did I hear D Bricks call Luke Walton the best passer on the team? I respect your opinion David and love listening to you and G Small share your thoughts, but whats with the disrespect to Dr. 24. I’m sorry but I don’t buy that Luukkke Walton is a better passer than Kobe Jelly Bean Triple Ocho BRYant!

    Now if you were caught up in the moment I understand and would like to present this as an opportunity for you to set the record straight. Because CLEARLY many Laker fans like myself are distraught over your choice of words.

    Keep up the good work and peace out, Yuh Boi Matt from Dallas

  • MozKrew

    Kobe doesn’t get the calls that Lebron and Wade do. I don’t get it. Why do refs allow him to be played different?

  • Nabil

    Nice podcast as usual. Here’s a question- do you guys think MBenga should be on the roster for the playoffs, and take Morrison out? When Bynum came back, Mbenga went out. I think when it comes to a 12th man, I like MBenga. He can actually bring something to the table, whereas Morrison just seems lost and/or timid out there.

  • BE

    The comments on G. Carl were hilarious. lol

    Time to chase the ring!

  • Margo

    G man u hurting my feelings. You 4getting where i’m from…naw but d bricks glad you got ur girl on lock SOUTH CAROLINA! I’m so happy that Phil saw the light and began to give Shannon Brown some minutes. I like him simply because he makes it “harder” for the bigger guards to penetrate. He puts up resistance,and Jordan poses NO threat to them. Sasha is on HIS defense right now, with the 2 steals against memphis. Kobe looks to be coasting, but what I like the best is Pau being able to just “relax” and do his thing! I TOLD YA’LL THAT BYNUM WOULD BE BACK SOONER THAN THE EXPERTS THINK!NOW LET’S GO GET THIS OBRIEN TROPHY!

  • BE

    Also, the whole Luke Walton portion of the podcast made no sense. Walton isn’t THAT bad. I actually like Luke. And I don’t agree you can just throw anybody in his spot and get the same results.

  • 3 wyshes

    Whats up fellas. Another great podcast in the books. I wanted to speak out on something i noticed the past 2 or 3 VOTN shows. G-Smalls has blessed us with not mentioning KB54’s name. I want to thank him for lol. Also the mention of a Live podcast at the Parade would be amazing being that i have booked my trip from June 10th-22nd. I am locked and loaded and ready to make one of my biggest Laker dreams come true.

  • Jonathan AKA Indomitable One

    Another podcast of greatness guys keep them coming. I guess its time for end of the season awards except mvp because that one is officially over. Do you think kobe will be all nba first team this year. What about all 1st team defense?
    these matter a little bit but i would rather get the finals mvp. Oh yea i have a great idea!! If the lakers win the championship it would be really cool if you guys could get Kobe or some other lakers to chime in on the podcast. THAT WOULD BE HUGE.

  • Justin M.

    Great podcast as always and thanks for answering my question. Keep up the good work, Thnx.

  • Nick from California

    Hey guys, love the podcast, Lakers 09 champs 4 sure.I look forward to listening to it every Monday and Friday, and its great to have a place for just Laker talk.

    Anyways, I got into a debate w/one of my friends about whether or not the Lakers would’ve won the title in 06 if they beat the Suns. I think if Tim Thomas misses that shot, and the Lakers win the series, I think we would’ve won the title. I mean there’s no way we lose to the clippers, and I think we find a way to beat Dallas, I mean Kobe scored 65 on them earlier in the year so I think we win that. Then there’s no way Kobe lets us lose to Shaq and the Heat. Anyways just wondering what your thoughts on this topic were.

  • Nabil

    We’ll never know. Surely there are Kings fans who wonder, “What if Horry missed that shot?” But the bottom line is, those shots fell. That’s the way it went down, so give credit to Horry and also Tim Thomas. They both hit huge shots.

    On another note, man look at the situation with the 6-8 seed in the west! If we beat Utah, we play them. But if not, and NO/Dallas each win there games, then its a 3 way tie!!! And at that point, its a crazy mind puzzle to figure out who is seeded where. Because team A and B tied there season series. Team A won its season series against team C. Team B and C put poured the contents of container 1 back into container 2 until container 2 was full, and then they all finished each other off with a reach around. Jeez. Can someone from Cal Tech please explain this to me?

  • djbreakdown

    I think I’m officially addicted to this site…I’m checking this all the time and I’m lovin it! Great work.

    I love the independent spirit that this podcast has and I hope you guys never lose that edge. With all this playoff anticipation though, D-Bricks I hope you don’t think that we forgot about the song HA? =)I can lay some scratches down on the track if you need some help bro! Catch you guys Friday!

  • Kid Kaos 310

    D-Bricks, George Karl is standing up for his team, that’s all, it’s called wishful thinking. It’s been numerous decades since Denver clinched a top 4seed in the playoffs, let alone the 2nd seed. Everybody know that the Lakers are the team to beat, even though Boston won the championship last season.
    Moreover, is it just me or does this team slightly resembles the San Antonio championship team with David Robinson and Tim Duncan (only we have the Marksman/Mamba)?
    As far as Luke Walton and D-Brick’s comment, he’s an offensive liability who believes he can score in traffic. He brings smart passing to the table sometimes and that’s just about it.

  • AnnaG

    Geesh, why are people so down on Luke Walton?! The guy is one of the hardest working guys on the team! Thanks for defending him, man!

  • mvpsug

    d bricks, g small, i really want you guys to talk about this whole cleveland dancing on boston thing. i think seeing as those our the two teams we want to see and they are gonna see each other, this is a very interesting topic.

    heres what i think about cleveland dancing on boston-

    first and foremost, i hate boston.

    with that being said, lebron, dance away. dance your heart out. slow dance with mo williams for all i care, i love it. cavs have still not won anything. they are fantastic, but theyre not the champs yet. i love that this young team is dancing, its a mental distraction that kobe can take advantage of.

    not only that, but if i remember correctly, when boston beat cleveland and us last year, they danced away. KG screamed stupid stuff, waved towels, cursed blah blah blah. boston was very disrespectful last year, and now that they are down, and cleveland murked them, they are crying.

    but, boston is still a good team. and ultimately, i want them in the finals. we need revenge. so i hope this is also a tool that they can use to get past the cavs. cause they need it. and we need it.

    so thats why the cavs can dance their hearts out, it only helps us get what we want, which is a party on figueroa.

    i hope you guys talk about this on the next episode!!!

    by the way, ever since i moved out of so cal, you guys have held me down for my laker info. i dont get 570 am up in the bay and have to get the podcast, its a lifesaver!!! thanks!!! keep it up!!

  • T0NG4N

    D-Brick needs to ease of on the microphone…you can hear him breathing a mile away….

  • wallfishy

    I love listening to the podcasts, but your points stats are off. The all time leaders list is for regular season only. So, unfortunately Kobe won’t be able to pass AI until next season, unless he puts up 180 tonight. which would be awesome.

    Rusty Chico, Ca

  • spankdatcelticazz


  • Amanda

    Hey guys,
    Great stuff as always! I think you guys should do a shorter podcast after each playoff game. Love hearing insight from you both!
    Also, can we all agree that Shannon Brown’s attitude is exactly what this team needs! His recent play has got to be humbling for Jordan to watch. F.y.i- Shannon’s son is named Chris! He mentioned it in an interview with

    Keep it up!!
    Amanda, Australia

  • Sara Chen

    Guys, great podcast again!!! I love the whole Luke Walton debate. I basically agree with everything David said. Luke played great this season. He made most of the open shots, and his fade-away in the paint is great. And he brings outstanding court vision for the Lakers, and the guys played lot better because of him.

    As for D, he certainly has his weakness, but like Kobe said, what he did on the offensive end makes the teammates want to help him in the other end. He is never the black hole for the Lakers on defensive end.

    What do you want more from him?

    Love from China

  • Jayson

    wheres the link to SOY SAUCE?