Andrew Bynum is BACK! David and Greg break down his performance against the Nuggets. A Laker is injured and will not make the trip to Portland, and Sunday Laker fans will be rooting for the Celtics?

The boyz get you set for Fridays big matchup against the Blazers at the Rose Garden, they read your comments, play your voicemails, and D-Bricks is calling out Joel Myers? Nooo?

Also isn’t today the big day where David reveals his remix that he had to do to fulfill his bet with G? I think so!

Three more games to go, and we start the road to the Larry O’Brien, and that journey begins with the Voice of the Nation!

Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
Flo’z – Official TLN Theme Song
Keri Hilson Feat. Lil Wayne – Turnin’ Me On
The American Rejects – Gives You Hell
D-Bricks – Ha???
The Fray – You Found Me
Christopher Cross – Sailing
Eminem – Crack A Bottle
Mission Impossible Theme

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  • patrick

    last hour of work on a friday and i get to listen to votn?!?! thanks for getting it up! go lakers.

  • K20

    great podcast keep it up!!!!

  • Justin M.

    Great podcast as always. I was wondering if next season you guys can do some kind of a halftime/ post game report thing during games( not every game of course). That would be really nice because the jack and the box thing is kinda getting on my nerves and it would be cool to hear your thoughts during halftime and at the end of a game. You know not much just like 5-8 min each segment. But anyways, as long as you guys keep up with what you are doing now I’m happy. Go Lakers!

  • Mitch4Pres

    great job guys. by the way nate robinson sometimes rocks the kobe shoes. check it:

  • Taylor

    Hey guys. Come playoff time, do you see Shannon Brown coming off the bench with the 2nd unit, if he continues to play well and bring tons of energy every night?

  • alex

    nba players wearing kobe IV’s outside of the lakers:

    rashad mccants
    nate robinson
    jr smith
    ronny turiaf
    nick young
    dahntay jones
    mike taylor
    juan carlos navarro (euro)
    jannero pargo (euro)

  • Margo

    L.W.O. stand up! We got the big boy back A.B., and we got Pau in his natural position grabbing 19 rebounds, crazy! You know I went into my local Waffle House, w/ some laker gear on, and it got popping in there. HATER, HATER, HATERS EVERYWHERE…LOL.But I loved it, because the TIME HAS COME, and the BBALL WORLD WILL SEE, WHAT THE TRUE NATURE OF THINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE…Championships in LA! All this team needed is the right pieces of the puzzle WHO KNOW THERE ROLES, and Shannon, Josh, & Trevor oh and Mbenga know their roles…we must get Jordan to understand his. LET’S GO GET THIS SHIP!

  • Sean All Ivy

    Can you guys please tell me how Luke Walton gets any playing time? He is liability on D and he gets rejected everytime he tries to shoot in the key. I used to be a big fan of Walton and defend him when he was getting hated on but I can’t do it anymore. The more I watch him this season the more I believe that the only reason he is a pass-first guy is because he can’t create anything off of the dribble and he has lost his outside shooting ability. And yet somehow when he is playing it seems the offense goes through him like 80% of the time. He rarely produces! I just don’t get it. Drop some knowledge on me please.

  • soysauce24

    This was another fixed game by the refs. i think STERN is too damn old and blind to see that the refs are cheatin or He just doesn’t like the Lakers. There have been so many games that kobe had been rigged by the refs but i found a video to show you guys

  • soysauce24

    im talking about the blazers game of course

  • Vibe

    Long time listener great job as always…I havent seen anyone wear kobes IV expect nate but I have seen many player wear hyper dunks…From players like dirk to raja bell …every one is rockin them…i am a bit surprise by the success it has gotten to be honest but i am say they are comfortable.

  • djbreakdown

    I didn’t get a chance to listen to this until Sunday morning and it made the burn of the Blazers loss sting a little less. Great Job again fellas! Nice and informative as always BUT… I gotta say that Public Service Announcement was hilarious! Keep it up!