The Notorious V.O.T.N. kicks in the door with another Podcast!

The Voice Of The Nation delivers another EXCLUSIVE interview, as Eric Pincus from appears as a special guest in this 37th Podcast, and talks Lakers and the NBA with D-Bricks and G-Small.

Do we have enough cool to catch the Cavaliers? Is Lebron’s MVP a lock? Will Jordan return from the wilderness and take the bench mob to the Promised Land?

As major networks continue to swagger jack, you always ‘Get It’ here first on The Voice Of The Nation Podcast!

Mr. X – Any Ole Sunday
Kid N’ Play – Gettin’ Funky
Lauryn Hill – Lost One’s
Outkast – Rosa Parks
Missy Elliot – Take Away
Missy Elliot – Get Away

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  • bassti

    The D&G-Gang on the air again. Great podcast guys.
    I got a tough qustion for you: Who would you like to see as first-round Lakers opponent? There are plenty of opportunities. I don’t really play the Mavs in the First round, because we would kick the Mavs out and I would be hated for kicking Dirk out here in Germany ;). And they proven against the Suns this Weekend that you can’t have a bad day against the Mavs. They gonna cut your heart out if youre down on the ground. And with the current “performance” of the bench mob I’m a little afriad of the Mavs…
    Maybe the Rockets? Good team but not good enough for the Lakers. To all other possible other opponents we had some bad losts. So who would you think be a good victim in the first round.

    Keep it up guys

  • Rok from Slovenia

    AWESOME new episode! Keep them coming! Greetings from Slvoenia!

  • Saber

    Great show guys. I’m really looking forward to the next podcast. David, show the world that white guys can rap too :P

    Bynum will possibly return Sunday against the Grizzlies. What do you guys think ? Should Drew start against the team he got injured last time ? I know all those superstitious things are nonsense, but…

  • BielskoBiala

    Thanks for mentioning Polish Laker fans! A lot of us here!
    Great episode.
    Cleveland sucks!

  • 3 wyshes

    Another great show guys. He D-Bricks. Im not sure where u can find this but u should hear a song Snoop Dogg made last year about the Lakers its real smooth and it just crafty how he mention the guys on the team in his rhymes if u can find it it may help you as a bluprint with some ideas for your’s other than that just have fun and dont think about it too much just put the pen to the pad and spit them bars.

  • Kam Pashai

    [Comment ID #67139 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I have the track if you want it, Bricks.

  • Margo

    Here is a start 4 u D.Bricks: G Smalls u got the win huh, u sit and grin huh, man i thought u was my friend huh!Well I’m bout to go IN huh, and spit these bars HUH, CAUSE WE THE H.T.I.C, HUH(head team in charge)!Reppin’ LakersNation huh, 4get Cleveland one game lead, we the BEST IN THE ASSOCIATION HUH! Just a lil something to help!

    With Jordan F. playing as bad as he is..I’m glad Foxxxyy came out and said something, so Kobe wouldn’t have to look like a bad guy. Another reason to give Shan Brown some minutes, cause we may need him in the playoffs! I TOLD U GUYS(BLESS GOD) THAT BYNUM WOULD RETURN SOONER THAN EXPECTED, & THAT IT WOULD DEPEND ON PHIL AS TO WHEN HE PLAYED! Lamar will stabilize the bench! Great interview with E Pincus, and I agree with him about people (writers) going with LeBron, and it would take for us to win out, for him to get a edge. But what gets me is how did Steve Nash can win 2 in a row, with NO real debate, and Lebron has NOT actually TAKEN it away from him, where the race for MVP should not be closer. Where I’m from you the champion until you (lose) it! So Boston u got 2mos to enjoy ur ride, and then its OVER! LAKERNATION LET’S GET IT!

  • Jonathan Aka The Indomitable One

    Hey guys I have a great idea for your podcast. I see how you have a lot of guest speakers on the show. If the Lakers win the championship wouldn’t it be great if you guys can get kobe Bryant or someone on the lakers on the podcast. That would be incredible if you guys could pull that off. BTW what do you guys think of Manu going down for the spurs. Its unfortunate for the spurs but i think the lakers if they play there game no series in the west should go no more than 6 games.

  • Josh

    What up fellas? At first I was a hater of the show but i got to admit, you guys are winning me over and plus how can you hate an NBA podcast that is 100% lakers. Alright I got a good/tough question for you both….Other than the lakers players (kobe, LO, Trevor, Powell, Shannon, Sasha for a game or two) what other players in the league wear Kobe’s Kobe Zoom IX?? I read somewhere that J.R. Smith does but I never noticed him wearing them. I think it would be interesting to find out who rocks Kobe’s shoes around the league cuz I dont know too many low top kicks that are out there, or look as sick as kobes.

  • Taylor

    Hey guys, great podcast. You must bust your butts to do this. If Farmar continues to play awful through the playoffs, would you like to see him resigned or let go and have Mitch pick up a point guard in the draft? We all know how well Mitch picks em.

  • Margo

    [Comment ID #67165 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I would hope they would get a veteran myself! A.I. will probably be available, and i would give him the midlevel..even though I know he may want more. But I would look at the free agent pool first.

  • dj breakdown

    This site and this podcast is my new addiction on the net. I just wanna give a shout out to D & G for doin great work and the entire staff for updating the site constantly. It just helps me get through the day. Keep up the good work!

  • Matt from Dallas

    wats up guys great work as always, i wanted to know what you guys think of Spike Lee’s new documentary “Kobe Doin Work” and if you plan on watching it.

  • grim from san bernardino

    i have a question for you…i know we all love joel but what do u think if spero called the games on tv also. my buddy and i were talking about how much we miss how chick would do play by play on tv & radio. obviously spero is no chick but better than paul sunderland and i like that style of calling the game