It’s Friday, and its time for another Voice of the Nation. David and Greg inform you of all the Laker news in this jam packed show. They tell you the latest on Andrew Bynum, why Lamar was drinking coffee on the bench, and G reveals the song that D-Bricks has to SING on the air, because Bricks lost the NCAA tourney bracket challenge!

Also, big news about the Celtics, the guys inform you of a rumor to make them believe a Celtics-Lakers final is near impossible.

They read your comments, play your voice mails, give you a top Lakers moment…

Oh and a SPECIAL GUEST, calls into the VOTN Hotline. Let’s just say he is the loudest season ticket holder at Staples Center.


Soul Kid – More Bounce In California
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
Weezer – Beverly Hills
Juvenile – Ha!
Michael Jackson – Rock With You
Black Eyed Peas – Pump it

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  • Justin M.

    Great podcast as always, keep it up!

  • Jonathan AKA indomitable one

    Hey Fellas another great podcast. Keep up doing what your doing. You guys are proof that if you find something your passionate about you are doing work isnt work its fun. what do you guys think about this.Kobe bryant when he is hot is probaably the most dangerous offensive weapon in nba history with that being said I think kobe particuarly in this playoff run needs use his basketball IQ better. At times kobe basketball IQ looks great but at other times it looks horrible(2004 finals, 2008 finals). Bottom line kobe take less 3’s and get to the paint dwayne and lbj dont seem to have that problem.
    BTW The machine needs to take his jump shot back to the assembly line RECALLED
    OK fellas take care and God bless

  • Taylor

    Hey guys, your podcast makes Mondays something to look forward to. I heard a rumor that the Raptors want to swap Pau Gasol for Chris Bosh in the offseason. If Pau and Andrew don’t play well together, and as great as Pau has been playing, do you even consider that trade, as Bosh has a lower salary, so Lamar, Trevor, and Farmar can be re-signed? Also, Bosh is 4 years younger than Pau.

  • ya Boi Bird3y

    Yo wats poppin dbricks n gsmalls crzzy podcasts as usual im hollin all da way from toronto,ontario i gotta get ur feedback on this i just think that kobe bryant my main man is underrated because honestly in 05-06 kobe had his best year ever he scored 35ppg one of the best all time took his team to 7 games against the number 1 seed SUNS WITH KWAMEEE BROWN LOL N SMUSH PARKER. AND this year dwade scores 30ppg his team is 7th in the EAST WERE THIER ARE MANY SCRUB TEAMS n he deserves mvp i just cant believe how much hatters kobe has! KEEP DOIN UR THING GUYS PODCAST’S ROCK

  • bassti

    Great podcast guys. Thanks for quoting me. For small thing about Heineken: It’s from the Netherlands, not from Germany. But no offense it’s one of the best in the world. Clearly better then the wash water, what you got over there ;).
    The question who should fill LO gap it’s pretty hard to tell, if it’s even possible. Perhaps you give everyone the chance and see if you find anyone. But we don’t even know if there’s gonna be a gap. So let’s focus on this season.
    And to get HCA. I’m searious. We’re only one behind the Cavs. And if the Cavs are anywhere unbeatable it’s in Cleveland. And if we’re tied with the Cavs we should HCA beacause we won the two games against the Cavs, right?


  • LakerPoetBr

    I’m with you D-Bricks, lets do this, put up a nice
    singing show for the LWO. I’m ready to the playoffs,
    I got a feeling that the guys are ready too, fish is
    balling, you can see clearly that Pau is on 2nd gear
    in this last couple games, Andrew is coming back
    (thank god Bynum not Rafner…). Always a great show,
    you guys really are doing a wonderful job bringing the
    laker talk worlwide, you got Brasil, Eastern and Western
    Europe, the whole US, VOTN to the fullest!

    And I agree with you guys, HCA against Cleaveland is not
    that important, but agains Orlando, I’m afraid so, in fact,
    we not beating them in the season kind of worries me a little
    bit, don’t you guys ?

    Your biggest fan, Milo Rodrigues,
    the lakerpoet, from Porto Alegre, BR

  • Saber

    Hey guys. Do you think Orlando can upset Cleveland and Boston and make the finals ? They dominated the Cavs on Friday and I think they can beat them at their home when it’s playoff time. The bad thing is that the Magic beat us too. Even with Bynum at the lineup, Drew barely did something against Dwight. And we’re notoriously bad beyond the arc defenders. What do you guys think ? Do they have chance to make the finals ?

    Ivan from Bulgaria


    [Comment ID #66841 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They’re second place in the East and Third in the entire league. Obviously we’re looking for an upset from Either Boston or Orlando to upset the Cavs. In my opinion the Cavs will be a fail in the playoffs.

  • farmabrick

    D + G – Nice work, again. But here is a technical suggestion: you are playing the music too loud over some of the interviews, so it is hard to understand what the interviewee is saying. For example, this week, I could hardly hear Sasha at the start of the podcast. You just need to turn the music down a little. All in all, however, great work. Thanks.

  • Manu

    Hi guys, great podcast again!
    I just want to point out that I’m hearing from Madrid (Spain). I download the podcast into my ipod and hear it during my workout in the gym.
    So, once in a while, a spaniard is lifting weight or biking while hearing you!
    Another place to the list!

  • 3 wyshes

    Whats up G & D-Bricks. Just to let u know im ridin for u D-Bricks good luck on that song. Since we are hearing a lot of different dates on Andrew’s return. I thought that whenever he comes back i would like to see them scale back on Pau’s playing time a little bit to give Drew a lil more time to get get back into game shape. Pau has been great for us since the injury but he has logged alot more minutes. If that happened I could honestly see the mamba going for 40+ for the last couple games and making the MVP race a lil more tighter since the cavs have dropped a few games. Just wishful thinking on my part i guess. Peace.

  • Margo

    What up guys?! Of course GREAT JOB AGAIN! Thanks for playing my comment on air…my daughter came in while I was listening and heard you say my name…and had a fit! She just knew that we were BIGTIME now when it came to the Lakers…lol! I broke it down to her, and she was relentless saying “MOM THEY SHOUTED YOU OUT” that’s all that matters! Then I begin to think THE LAKERS NATION IS BIG TIME! You got not only different states being represented but SEVERAL COUNTRIES (hey stay humble guys) you are in BLOW UP UATION MODE!!!!!!

    Big ups to Clipper Daryl who is the epitome of a true fan…yet seemingly deluded, because of the explanation of clipper fans EXPECTATIONS!

    A purpose is having a clear sense of what God has called you to be.
    Your purpose is not defined by what others think about you.
    The Definition of KOBE BRYANT(A WINNER)

  • Manu

    bassti, Apr 4th, 2009 at 7:48 am said
    ” …
    And to get HCA. I’m searious. We’re only one behind the Cavs. And if the Cavs are anywhere unbeatable it’s in Cleveland. And if we’re tied with the Cavs we should HCA beacause we won the two games against the Cavs, right?

    Hi, basti, the only unbeaten team in cleveland court is actually the lakers, every other team in the league but the lakers has lost there, including the cavs.
    Ok, San Antonio is playing for the first time this season today and technically they haven’t lost there (yet). Let’s hope they also win there, but right now, lakers are the only unbeaten team in cleveland. I think it’s safe to say that the lakers could steal 1 or 2 wins in cleveland if the meet in the finals.