David and Greg come to you on this Monday to discuss that disgusting loss in Atlanta. G went all the way to the ATL for a loss, but there is more to talk about… is the MVP debate now over? Should the Lakers limit the minutes of their starters and rest there players since they have secured home court in the West?

The fellaz also tell you who has already WON the NCAA bracket challenge! That’s right, one of the two will be singing an embarrassing song on the air next week!

They discuss your comments the voice of the fans reppin’ VOTN from Florida, to Brazil, to China, and they give you a Top Lakers Moment. Buckle up, its time for 35!

Ludacris – Welcome To Atlanta
Flo’z – Official VOTN Intro
Cypress Hill – Rock Superstar
Busta Rhymes – Arab Money
Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer
Grand Master Flash – Don’t Push Me

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Mission Impossible Theme
Lakers @ Bobcats (’05 NBA TV)

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  • LakerPoetBR

    Nice show guys. It was a rough loss to the hawks, we missed so many shots that usually go in. I’m with you, I think we could give the starters some rest, let’s get Morrison, Brown, Powell, Dacos, some solid minutes. And lets not forget that 15th spot in our roster, our bench in big need of a tighter punch, as we are starting our best bench players (trevor and lamar). The top spot in the west is ours already, so lets focus on that ring.

    Keep up, keep it royal purple and gold.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Hey Guys You Guys Are Doing Great Work! After WE Win A Ship This Yr Who Should We Get In The Off-Season Assuming We Dont Re-Sign All Three Ariza Odom And Farmar Or Who Do We Go After In The NBA Draft I Know We Wont Get A 1st Round But You Never Know We Could Get A Manu Or Gilbert In The Second Round So Who Do You Guys Think We Should Go After In The Draft LWO Standddddddddddd Upppppppp

  • Taylor

    Hey, guys thanks for doing this podcast, it’s the only Lakers talk we get here in the midwest. If the bench mob gets a lot more playing time, do you think they will play a lot better in the playoffs and turn it up a notch? Also Andrew Bynum will be coming off the bench come playoff time.

  • Taylor

    Also, I just saw the car wash on youtube and that was pretty funny stuff. I feel bad for G-Small, gettin in that tiny bikini. Whew, man thats gotta be posted on TLN!!


    Great Podcast guys!!!!!!! 35 was a great one, and about all this who should play who shouldn’t play, our stars need the rest, they need to play, PHIL needs to do this or why isn’t he doing this, just whatever. Well we are all entitled to speak our own opinions but I say we are fine and we are all forgetting that we are questioning PHIL JACKSON. Of all coaches. He knows what he is doing, he knows who to play, he knows who not to play, he knows when and who to rest, he knows when it wont be necessary. And when, and I hate to say when because when……. he has to retire that day will be the most depressing day in LAKER history, the LAKERS need to pull one of those kwame for PAU moves to replace PHIL. I just hope that day wont be for awhile. So with all that said we all need to just chill, respect our players on bad and good nights and let PHIL do his thing, because like what Rudy T said, DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION.

  • Ethdude

    Gah I would pay to not see “MVP and Kobe” written anywhere for the rest of the season. Should have put the word “title or championship” in for “MVP” months ago. Enjoyed the discussions.

  • bassti

    Hey guys. Nice greetings from Germany, just to add one more to your list. Always hard to keep updated here in Germany, because many games are late at night here and you don’t see much on TV about NBA here. So TLN helps a lot to get the latest facts about the Lakers. VOTN is even more helpful, because you don’t even have to read it by yourself ;). Thank you very much for your effort and all the work, really appreciate it. Really look forward to hear you singing. :D

    Greetings from Germany

  • Ghost of Chick

    Swagger Jackers.

  • Raposo

    Hey guys!! Greetings all the way form Portugal (i hope you know where it is, but if you don’t just google it and don’t say that portugal is spain…. just joking)
    I’ve been listening your podcast for about 4 months and i’m quite enjoying it, especially couse i’m a laker fan and a kobe fan since i started to play basketball
    i’ve seen almost every lakers game live on the internet and most of the times i have to turn off the computer and go directly to classes in my university couse the games are rly late for me.
    Anyway i’m rly enjoying this season and this great podcast, but i have a question. I remember to heard las year some host of some game that usually champion teams have a great quimistry especially off the court and that was one of the main reasons of the lakers bench have been so good, but this year as all you know the bench mob isn’t working so good lately and i’m not good with that “ariza in the starting line up” excuse. Do you think that this could be due to some locker room issues???

    sorry for the big text, keep up the good work i’ll be listening all your further podcasts


  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    D.BRICKS AND G.SMALL, LWO STAND UP! NO really stand up, cover ur eyes…imagine this…the building is in chaos..staple center! The floor is covered with a sea of people, but u are just sitting in ur seat, and u r filled with PURE JOY! You can’t even explain what’s going through your mind, because though you have been here before, it TRULY DOES feel like the first time! MOVE UR HANDS, CAUSE IT’S ALL TRUE. THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS ARE THE 2008-2009 NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS! Fellas doesn’t that just make u wish June was here NOW?

    I do hope that Phil will give the bench extended minutes so they can get into full rhythm, because we are going to win this things as a TEAM! The most unexpected player stepping up! Let’s fill that 15th spot, and roll into the play offs refusing to lose, and the only other option is “dying” and we know that’s not going to happen. Because we will allow NO one to out work us, BECAUSE THIS IS OUR DESTINY!

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    I have one MAJOR issue with the video. G has led me to near blindness with the revealing of this video:

  • Manu

    Hi guys! great podcast again, keep it up!

    I’ve got a question about the MVP debate. I’ve always felt a little bit uncomfortable about individual awards in team sports, and I think MVP award is way overrated. But it is what it is. My question is, if the MVP goes to LBJ and we make the finals against cavs, I get the feeling that Kobe will try to prove to the world that they were wrong and he is the real MVP. I’m not saying that Kobe last year were not giving 100%, but I do think he can get more angry, and why not hungry about proving he’s still above everyone when it comes to winning.
    Do you think we finally take advantage of KB not getting the MVP?
    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’d like to be optimistic!

  • Amanda

    D Brick, G Small, thanks for all your hard work! Loving the podcast here in Australia!! I have a question- If Lamar doesn’t return next season, who’s gonna lead the huddle and jack up the team in the pre game rituals? I don’t really see anyone else on the team stepping into that position…
    Anyways, great stuff once again.

  • Kobebaby

    Hey guys let me give You a BIG THANKS for the great stuff you provide here! Best wishes here from SLOVENIA( yes the country where The Machine is from :) ,remind me to send you some of our special Slovenian made batteries so that the Machine recharges!! )

    So i guess thats that,let us all hope the Lakers get pumped starting the playoff push, thats all I care about in this days! ;)

    GO LA!

  • http://thelakersnation.com Jonathan AKA The Indomitable

    Great Podcast fellas keep up the good work (PLEASE READ MY COMMENT OR AT LEAST SOME OF IT) LOL
    I think it about time the lakers stop making the Andrew Bynum excuses. I think the lakers especially need to prove they are the best. Kobe bryant needs to take his game up a notch including in the finals. Kobe has come up real short in the finals so he needs to redeem himself. In Jordans era MJ was the unquestioned best player in the game. In Kobe’s era they always say arguably the best (even though we know he’s the best). I am a laker fan and kobe fan however i am calling you out Mr. Bryant prove to me your the best player in the game (I think you are but lets end the skepticism for the media)