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David and Greg discuss the Lakers fight with the Cavs for the best record in the league and Bynum scored 25 points last night? They dive into and discuss the listener’s comments, and give you another Top Lakers moment!

Let’s do it!

Outkast – Hey Ya
Jacks Manequin – La La Lie
R.Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
Maroon 5 – This Love

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  • True Lakers Fan

    Hey Guys Great Podcast I Wanna Know Is Do You Think Since Farmar Is Struggling Do You Think Shannon Brown Aka Chris Brown Brother Gets The Backup Spot? LWO Stand Up!

  • Jon Miller

    Hey my name is Jon iam 17 I live in Florida and ive been listening to you guys for four months. You guys rock keep up the good work and Bryant deserves another MVP this year and next but i think ill be a distraction for him like last years NBA finals. Thats my thought you guys might think differently soo what do you guys think??

  • Kam Pashai

    David does rap,
    Small does country.

  • Saber

    What’s going on guys ! Good Podcast once again. Keep it up.

    I like Shannon Brown too, but I don’t think he can be our backup PG. He can’t buy a bucket except those garbage time dunks IMO. And we haven’r really seen his godly defense so far ( except that block ). I don’t think he should be placed in front of Farmar, who is a heck of a player when not struggling. Maybe we can really decide if Shannon deserves that spot after seeing him playing more minute. I doubt that PJ’s going to give him that extra minutes though.

    P.S. And I can’t understand why isn’t Phil playing Adam Morrison.

  • Taylor

    Hey, thanks for bringing it every week. If the Bobcats can get the 8th playoff spot, do you think there is any chance they can win a few games, now that they have Raja Bell and Radmanovic? Last time, they beat us even though Bynum and Kobe had monster games.

  • SaraChen

    Hi, guys, great podcast! I’m from China, and I’m enjoy it.

    Well, about the Don “Lakers are better off without Bynum” Nelson comment. You just don’t need to take his words so seriously. And did he watch last season’s playoffs which Lakers got into the finals WITHOUT Bynum? BTW, Drew really should add some strength on his legs.

    I agree with John Ireland though, btw his interview is really good, I’m really concerned with the bench mob, especially Farmar. He always find his own game first when he got the court, and he settled for jump shots and tough jump shots a lot. When he’s got the feeling, he’ll have a great game. But when the shots don’t go in, he got frustrated, and went sloppy on the defensive end. And the whole team was affected by that. Sometimes, I really want Phil to give Shannon Brown a chance.

    And as for Sasha, his passing is really underrated by the Laker fans. I know he hasn’t got his touches back, but I still have faith in him, and at least he play his butt off on D, well, except some cheap fouls. And I think he played much better when he’s on the court with Kobe. I don’t think Phil should position him just as Kobe’s backup. I mean he and Kobe can both play 2 or 3.

    PS, some info on Smush for you. He is playing in China right now, and is in the No.1 ream, Guangdong Tigers, which Yi Jianlian played for. Oh, and Laron Profit was there before he went to NBA. He played alright, not bad, but not dominating either. He just claimed his was the best PG in the CBA (China Basketball Association), lol. But there’s something with his contract, so I’m not sure he will play in the playoffs. I don’t see him back in NBA, like ever! Such a sour loser.

    Thanks again for the great podcast! Keep up the good work!

  • Angel

    Hey guys great podcast. I tell all my friends to pick it up each week.
    So about that bet you guys have going. I think D-bricks should tell G-Smalls to make a freestyle to minnie rippertons “LOVING YOU” that would be hilarious.
    Keep it up guys.
    Lakers 2009 WORLD CHAMPS


    Lol Greg your sounding like Chris Rose off The best Damn Sports Show period with the “playoff” mockery of Jim, (around 16:50)If you watch Best Damn you would know what I’m talking about.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    [Comment ID #65909 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That would be tooooooo funneh!

  • karen

    Whats up guys. Great show as always. I was surfing on one the lakers message boards and i saw a topic that said pau was our co-mvp and i was wondering are they taking kobe for granted? Or its that pau is our co-mvp? So whats you take on that.

  • Saber

    I hope David loses :P j/k

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