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The Notorious V.O.T.N. is back with another swagtastic Podcast!

D-Bricks & G-Small hold it down again for real Lakers fans as they discuss the squad’s magnificent come from behind victory against the Bulls, the possible return of The Bench Mob, and even though Phil Jackson is coming back, is Andrew Bynum?

It’s funny how money changes situations. Is the current economic state affecting how NBA owners do business?

Come join the legacies of Chick Hearn and Double Dribble on Nintendo. Exclusive, and nothing but Lakers talk, here on The Voice Of The Nation!

2Pac – Me Against The World
Floz’ – VOTN Theme Song
G-Small – Twekirtgurl
The Eastsidaz- Succ Me Licc Me…
Ludacris – It Wasn’t Us
Master P – Make ‘Em Say uhh!

Additional Audio
Kobe Bryant – Lakers Audio
Lamar Odom – Lakers vs. Bulls Postgame Audio 3/21/2009
Pistons vs. Lakers Game 7 1988 NBA Finals

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  • True Lakers Fan

    Hey Guys!Its Kyler From Lake Forest. Great Podcast Its Awesome To Have You Guys! You Guys Mention Before You Guys Will Be Doing The Show After Playoffs Games … Are You Going To Be At Home Games To Interact With The Fans. That Will Make This Show Much Better! Haha G Your Funny With The Jeanie And Phill Segment Keep Up The Good Work LWO Stand Up!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/3wyshes 3 wyshes

    Hey fellas i just wanted to touch on something that caught my attention. Watching a TNT game last week they said TNT the exclusive network for the Eastern Conference finals Damn how times are changing. So i guess that leaves us to play on ESPN for the western conference finals. Just a interesting fact since TNT has been the home of the wester conference finals since like 2000. Oh yea Whoever put on Master P into the line up great job. He is highly hated in the industry and he has been doing his thang for a long time. How cool would it be for his some Romeo to one day suit up in a Lakers Uniform if he was able to get his game on point at SC. Now thats a Hollywood story for ya. Peace out and keep up the great work.

  • Taylor

    Hey guys great show! I know Phil Jackson is getting old and he probably wants to end as a Laker, but do you think he could go to NY in 2010 to potentially coach LeBron, not for the money but the chance to have coached the 3 best players of all time?

  • Matt from Dallas

    Whats up guys, im a big fan and i really want to thank yall for all the work u put into the podcast. It’s tough being a Laker fan in Dallas and you guys are a great source for all my lakers news. Now i hear you guys talk about shaq and the 2010 free agency a lot, but there are a whole bunch of players becoming free agents that year as well. T-mac is gonna be one of those free agents and everyone knows Tracy has a man crush on Kobe and has been quoted saying if he could play with any other player it would be Kobe. What do you guys think of T-mac and Jellybean playing together in 2010?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Ecx5v8vIo (clip of T-mac and Stephen A. Smith talking about Kobe)

  • Manu

    Hi guys,
    the link to download the show seems to be broken, I can only get an error message when trying to download it.

  • J’Rex

    agreed. Links broken, please fix it because i love to tune into G Small and D Bricks reppin LWO

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks David Brickley

    Check the backup RAPIDSHARE link, that is now on the post, that will allow you to download the podcast why we wait for the server to get fixed! :)


  • Saber

    [Comment ID #65576 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Maybe the opportunity to play with Kobe will reignite T-Mac’s passion for the game. Having T-Mac would be fun, but signing a player so “breakable” is always a risk… I don’t know about this. We’ll see…

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    G U R SO WRONG 4 THAT FRUITLOOPS COMMENT ABOUT BYNUM. That guy came back from the last injury, in phenomenal shape! So come on now. David BYNUM will be back (ready to play before the playoffs), but the decision to play him is ultimately up to Jackson, who is a MASTERMIND AT THESE THINGS! I KNOW ABOUT THE ECONOMY, BUT KOBE IS NOT PARTICIPATING IN THIS RECESSION! And I do believe he will opt out, because no matter what is going on in the “reality of the recession” it will NOT affect ANY NBA TEAM (OVERSEAS FOR THAT MATTER) from going after him! From NY to Chicago, they will find the money! I’m happy that PJ has already cleared this up about his coaching status! Now G-we want to hear JENNY on this show, so u can’t mention the “booty”. Remember gotta keep getting the NAMES on the show! Any way….LAKER WORLD ORDER STAND UP! V.O.N. IS WHERE IT’S AT 4 ALL THAT LAKER INFO.

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    [Comment ID #65623 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • patrick

    Hey guys great podcast. Loser of the NCAA bracket should do a freestyle about the lakers! Should be fun and entertaining. How about it?

  • LakerPoetBR

    ‘Sup guys, what a couple of great shows we had! Spero, Ireland, wow, you guys are really some bad mo-fos. VOTN making history in royal purple and gold. Well, Phil is sticking with us, that is nice, but, I’m curious about Rambis, Shaw, maybe Byron Scott too. I’m a go with the Rambis-Shaw duo. The 80s and the 90s combo.

    There’s other thing in my mind that I wanted to share with you guys,
    can you recall the last game that Pau didn’t play well? I knew the guy was good, but, damn, he is being as consistent as consistent can be. He is solid and he is one of the reasons we’ve got our nice record, Fish is balling good as well, for a guy his age.

    Great to hear you guys, keep it purple and gold and keep it comming.
    VOTN to the fullest.

    ps.: My top laker moment is Fish 0.4! That was sick.

  • http://search.power-attack.com Movie

    nice to read that you think, as we actually have professional writers,not the other way around :)