Monday nights don’t get any more raw than L.W.O. radio, presented to you by D-Bricks & G-Small on The Voice Of The Nation’s 31’st Podcast.

On this edition the guys review the Lakers Diddy Boppin through Texas, possible playoff match-ups, and talk how Kobe Hating has single handily re-written the MVP criteria.

The swagger jacking has begun, as other Podcast are looking scary, but this is the Great Western like it was Manchester & Prairie.

Lakers Nation STAND UP!


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Lakers Post game audio 3/15/2009 Lakers vs. Mavericks
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  • Brandon Heath

    Lakers diddy boppin?
    swagger jacking?

    what the HELLLLLLL does this even mean!?
    it sounds like Juno meets a remedial special ed class.

    you guys just lost a fight with the english language.

  • David Brickley

    im def reading this one on the next show, we’ll hear G’s response! lol

  • Saber

    What’s up guys. Nice Podcast once again. My name is Ivan, I’m writing you all the way from Bulgaria and yes the Lakerfever is all across the globe :P I listen to the VOTN every time, but this is the first time I write on the blog. I have a question for you guys. Do you think the Lakers can win a championship without homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs ? I mean.. Compare Cleveland’s schedule to ours. They play 7 out their next 8 games at home where they have only 1 loss. And we have a 7 game road trip coming next week ( not to mention some tough games after that ). Cleveland’s record is just so easy… I have no doubt that we’ll that homecourt advantage, but what IF we don’t ? What do you guys think ? I’ll be happy to hear responses :) Keep up the good work ! Lakers 4 Life !

    P.S. About that MVP criteria ? We all have to understand that there are a lot of Kobe haters out there. I know it sound kind of stupid, but that’s one of the main reasons Kobe doesn’t get so much “love” like LeBron and Wade do, IMO…

  • Manu

    Hi guys,

    I’m Manu from Madrid, really great podcast. I hear all of them from podcast #15 when I first heard of TLN.

    My question about playoff time and podcasting, are you going to go on monday/friday format come playoff time?
    It would be great to have a podcast for each game, even if it’s not a 1 hour podcast. My suggestion, something like 30 minutes podcast for each game. That would be amazing.

    About having home court advantage; I think we only have to worry about having a better record than boston, I just don’t think the cavs are going to make it to the finals, once the celtics get everybody back, they will win the east easily, so I just want to have a better record than they do. When we get that, get some rest for all the first unit.
    I’m not saying we are going to easily trounce all the west teams, but I don’t see any of them beating us in a 7 games.

  • Taylor

    Hey, you guys were talking about playoff matcups and I realized the only team that we lost to twice, are the Magic. If Orlando can get past the Cavs and Celtics, do you see LA having a tough time winning a championship against a team that has Dwight Howard, who completlyshut down Bynum in both games?

    Des Moines, Iowa

  • True Lakers Fan

    Hey guys great show! I Was Watching The ABC Post Game Show And Michael Cooper was interested in Starting Adam Morrison What Do You Guys Think He Can Spread Out The D I Might Be Interested In That Too

  • Jonathan

    Nice podcast guys i just wanted to agree with you guys about the mvp voting. I think the media and the league tries to deny kobe bryant honors period. you guys said he got robbed in 06 thats true but remember 03 kobe had i think his best statistical year. He averaged 30pts 6.9reb 5.9ast 2steals .08 blocks all nba first team all nba first team defense the team won 50 games and shaq was hurt most of the year and they gave it to tim duncan. The media has been hating kobe since the kobe shaq feuding days and it escalated when the colorado situation happend. Nash has 2 mvps but i argue Nash had way more talent then kobe does today but he gets 2 mvps it doesnt make sense at all

  • 3 wyshes

    Hey everybody. I just wanted to say another good show in the books. I left a voicmail this time but i forgot to add this in there. I read about 2 or 3 weeks ago that Memphis has shut Chris Mihm down for the remainder of the year and he is having yet another ankle surgery which is just devastating news to us as Lakers fans knowing all that he has gone through the last 4-5 years with his ankles and trying to get back in playing form and this was a contract year for him so its just unfortunate to hear that. GET WELL SOON CHRIS.

  • Brandon Heath

    the new podcast is amazing!

    much better than this piece of trash.

    THE POPCORN MACHINE hosted by the one and only Mike Trudell!


  • Taylor

    [Comment ID #65008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the popcorn machine is awful. Its really boring

  • Sean All Ivy

    Great show as always! University of Pennsylvania in the House! If Sasha continues to slide do you think that we will be hearing trade rumors about him this summer? Or will we see if Adam Morrison or Jamal Crawford will step up to fill the bench 3 point shooter spot we need? -Sean from Santa Ana CA

  • LakerPoetBR

    Sup my laker brothers in the US, I’m a big fan as you know and
    this is precious Laker Talk we’ve got here. My name is Milo Rodrigues, and the Poet part of the nickname is because I graduated as Writer and Scriptdoctor. I really enjoy the podcast and I repp it to all my laker friends here in Brasil.

    I’m still p o over the 76’ers loss, Farmar made such childish mistakes, and the defense was really sloppy.

    The answers you guys give to my comments are always interesting,
    im really glad you guys read my comments on the show.

    Lets keep the interaction, keep it purple and gold!
    VOTN To the fullest.

  • pierre

    i can not stand the voice of this guy with stu on kcal 9 or fox
    and he keep making mistakes
    can they have some one better in this land
    its unbeleavable