The Voice of the Nation Podcast with Andrew Rafner (varsityoptimism) and David Brickley (DBricks) will guide you through the capillaries and ventricles of the Lakers Nation.

Andrew and David breathe a sigh of relief after the Lakers hang on to win Game 5! Andrew says “feh” to Eddie House’s three pointers and D questions Andrew’s faith on Episode Three of Voice of the Nation.

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Too Many Threads – Voice of the Nation Theme Song
Kanye West – Flashing Lights
The Like – June Gloom
Frank Wilson – Do I Love You? (Indeed)
Page France – Antarctica (My Beloved Home)

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  • Short Diezel

    What team is Phil Jackson coaching?

    1. Does he owe Radmonovic some money or something? Why is Radmon starting? He has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING offensively and especially defensively. In addition, Radmon is making poor decisions and forcing unnecessary turnovers. With these last 2 games, we can not, and I mean can not allow the Celtics to get off to an early lead.

    2. Paul Pierce needs to be contained from the beginning. Ariza is obviously one of the best defenders on the Lakers and is active on both sides of the court. Offensively, Ariza will make Pierce play Defense since he is constantly moving off the ball which will cause fouls and/or make Pierce expend energy which will affect his offense down the stretch.

    3. Defending the pick and roll. This killed the Lakers in the 4th quarter and Phil did not make the proper adjustments. Pau is too slow to defend that pick and roll. If Garnett is going to consistently be the man setting the pick, Lamar should guard Garnett so he can switch on to Pierce.

    4. Chris Mihm? I understand Phil is trying to inject some life into the game, but Chris Mihm? He hasn’t played for who knows how many games and you put him in the finals? and then you leave him in after you see how ineffective he is?

    5. Sasha needs to be on the floor the same time Kobe is. Sasha is a SPOT UP shooter. Therefore, he needs someone (KOBE) to drive to the basket causing defenders to collapse, leaving spot up shooters (SASHA) open.

    6. Pau needs to start taking the mid-range jumpshot. He is money from that spot. If he starts taking those and making them, that will leave the pump fake and drive to the basket. Right now, you know that he is going to put the ball on the floor and back in. Too easy to defend.

  • Tim

    Theme song. THEME SONG.

  • lalball81

    Nice podcast guys.

  • varsityoptimism

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    you like that?

  • Tim

    [Comment ID #40147 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i do indeed.

  • vida8

    Very nice.. !

  • The Nugget

    Glad to know you guys like it.

    Andrew and David bust their butts to do this for TLN and you guys.

    Leaving comments encourages them more to keep doing this. :)

  • jonny

    Hey guys, very well done! hopefully this is the beginning of bigger and better things!


  • Laaffiliation024
  • Nathan Malone

    These are interesting articles. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

  • Ozirus24

    Hey guys, any chance you could get the dl link fixed?