As Chick Hearn calls pick up games from heaven, L.W.O. radio continues to hold it down in his memory for Lakers fans on the Voice Of the Nation’s 29th Podcast!

D-Bricks and G-Small have stepped their game up, and with that the Podcast continues to grow by each episode! So much so that the Los Angeles Lakers very own radio play-by-play announcer Spero Dedes has been listening, and joins the crew for an EXCLUSIVE interview you won’t hear anywhere else except for here on!

Is the bench mob no longer the stench mob? Same ole Lamar? Is Pat Riley a shady guy with a slick hair and designer suits? Spero, D-Bricks and G-Small answer all of these and more!

The legacies of the Lakers radio network are back once again with yet another swaggerific Podcast!

René Moore and Angela Winbush – Secret Rendezvous
Floz’  – VOTN Theme Song
The Bee Gee’s – Love You Inside Out
Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy
Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy (‘As One’)
Brandy – Anybody
Hugh Masekela – Grazing in the Grass
Lowrell – Mellow Mellow Right On [‘Reminding Me (Of Self)

Other Audio
NBA Audio – Lakers vs. Trailblazers 4/28/2002

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Download Link: Voice of the Nation – Episode #29

  • michael k

    wonderful podcast as usual and a nice way to start the day at work. I lvoe the cohesion between the guys and Gsmall and Bricks really really know their stuff. Keep comming out with quality podcasts like this and you have a fan4Life!!

  • Sean All Ivy

    Love the show! Putting Shannon Brown in front of Farmar is a joke. Brown is a great athlete and fun to watch but Farmar brings such a different dimension to our offense that really keeps opponent’s D on edge. The current combo is great. Fisher brings great floor leadership and knowledge of the triangle and Farmar brings the offensive aggresivesness that makes the second unit so effective plus he is a good shooter. Also what I love about Farmar is that when he gets beat on D he really takes it on himself to burn the guy that beat him on the other end of the floor the next possesion. That attitude is what make the Bench mob so deadly.

  • Chris Manning

    A special thanks again to Spero for coming on. It truly means a lot for everyone here at TheLakersNation.

    Truly a wonderful interview as well. Awesome podcast – the absolute BEST yet.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Hey guys the podcast was great big ups to Spero. I got a question for G Small and David When Bynum comes back later in March or early April do you think he will be able to be better in the starting lineup or on the bench?

  • Taylor G

    Great podcast! I used to listen to ESPN NBA Daily podcast, but you guys are so much better and this is all I listen to now. You guys were talking about bringing Robert Horry back, but someone who is not talked about a lot is Penny Hardaway. He would bring veteran leadership and he is a year younger that Big Shot Bob. He would be a great guy to come off the bench in the playoffs.

  • Sako

    great podcast guys… I personally believe it’ll be terrible idea having Shannon as our second pg atm. Ya most us like him, but working him in as our second pg is like working Mark Madson ahead of Robert Horry in the 3-peat days ya we liked Mark, but all he was was a fan favorite. Same with Coby and Sasha.

  • Margo

    Another great show guys…u are really becoming BIG time getting Spero on the Show! I am a WOMAN! I know Margo is NOT AS KNOWN in the states, and the fact that I am an African American woman, well hey, my mom loved the soaps! Nonetheless, I love the show, he in SC where almost every bball fan, is a Laker hater! Actually you guys have my dream job! I’m reppin the show on every social network I have, trying to generate even more traffic to the site! So let’s GET it fellas, LAKERS4LIFE!

  • 3 wyshes

    Hey fellas. I just want to take the time out to thank everyone at the TLN.Com who made the Spero connection possible for us fans to just to enjoy and also to G-Smalls and D-Bricks for the great interview. This definetly was a pleasant surprise. By me being from DC and watching each game on the NBA League pass I never get to get a feel for the other great people who are apart of the great Laker organization again thanks for the treat and keep up the great work.

  • LakerPoetBR

    Guys, you raised it to another level, you are bringing us addictive doses of laker talk, and as a die-hard-laker-junkie, it is never enough (Ima starting to think about the 5 days a week thing that was suggested). Dedes is very talented and fun to listen to, ask him to do a few podcasts during the playoffs, it would be awesome, hes go a lot to say about the lakers as an insider.

    I’m a big Gasol fan, he was the PF on my all-time lakers 5, but how do you guys feel, you rather a Center Gasol or a PF Gasol, or you think he can perform solidly in both positions?

    By the way, great pronunciations on Brasil and Porto Alegre.
    Keep it purple and gold, and keep it coming!

  • Derek

    great show and BIG UPS to spero thanks for reding my comment on air my local news paper has boston and cleveland already clinched there playoff spot but not L.A. is this right?????

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I am still hurt by last night’s loss. To overcome the grief, I decided to write a poem. Just wanted to share it with The Lakers Nation..

    Oh My Lakers – By LakerLoverCelticsHater

    Oh My Lakers,

    If Dodgers Are The Prince,

    You Are “THE KING” Of LA Nation…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Stronger Than Ever,

    From George Mikan To Kobe “Jelly Bean” Bryant…

    Oh My Lakers,

    You Gave Us The Joy With 3-Peat,

    But How Can We Forget When You Didn’t Make The Post-Season…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Loyal Celebrities At The Games,

    From Leo DiCaprio To Jack Nicholson…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Some Fans Might Dislike You,

    But How Can They Ignore Your Presence…

    Oh My Lakers,

    We Have Purple & Gold In Our Vein,

    But Can’t Stand The Green Playing At The Garden…

    Oh My Lakers,

    The Loss Against The Blazers Was Brutal,

    But I Know You Will Step It Up Against Houston…

    Oh My Lakers,

    What The Fans Would Do,

    Without “THE LAKERS NATION…”