They promise to come to you EVERY Monday and Friday, so even though G-Small calls in from a undisclosed location, they still get the job done in Friday’s edition of the Voice of the Nation.

The fellaz discuss the slow week in Laker land. Show you why Phil says the Celtics NEED help, discuss the listeners comments from last show, and Shaq gives David more of an argument why the Diesel needs to stay away from L.A.

Puddle of Mudd – Blurry
Flo’z – Official TLN Intro
The Fray – Over My Head
Flo’z – Obama Changing
DMX- Up In Here
Ojays – For The Love Of The Money

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  • Margo

    Thanks 4 reading the comment D. G I would NEVER diss ur boy Westbrook, who I really believe is R.O.Y., but I mentioned the thunder because they were one of the teams with the worst record in the league!
    But guys how important is to have a FULL roster going into the playoffs vs having empty spot! I say fill the roster…get HORRY! NOT 4 the offensive performance but the “hard-nose” attitude he will bring. That leadership in the locker room would be invaluable, I think, what u guys say?

  • G-Small

    Big Shot Bobby wouldn’t hurt, I just don’t know how much h has left in the tank.

    With that being said, if I were an opposing team come play off I would gasp if he took the game winning shot!

  • Tim M.

    Puddle of Mudd?

  • 3 wyshes

    D-Bricks man u hit it right on the head again brother. Something that was swept under the rug majorly. When pat Riley saw that ring in front of his eyes. he swooped in from the front office to add to his collection. As much as i loved pat for what he did for the Lakers in the 80’s i lost alot of respect for him with that move and what basically sealed the deal is last season before Shaq was traded and they realized they had no shot on any more rings he basically he just so conveiniently faded back into the front office and said he would not coach ever again. With that being laid out that is why I respect Phil so much more this time around because he came back and signed on for another ride with the 10th ring not gaurenteed to him he just trusted his GM to build and his Superstar to lead the way and it really looks like he will get it.

  • David Brickley

    [Comment ID #63685 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol…I know right!

  • LakerPoetBR

    Great guys. It’s good to have the votn podcast.
    I’m not a Jordan Farmar fan, I think he plays
    no defense at all, and I expect the PG position
    not to only play D, but, to organize the whole
    thing. I’m starting to write (for myself) something
    about why I would rather have Shannon Brown as the
    second PG, he is as (or more) athletic than Farmar,
    he can play D, he is not a great shooter, but I think,
    if he is taught how to, he can get the ball to our big
    men near the paint for an easy hoop.

    Well, here in south BR we are not into Carnival, we are more
    into rock n roll. My city, Porto Alegre is really cold in
    the winter (40°f below) so… lot different from the rest
    of Brazil. But we can party hard here if you ever hit this

    Keep the amazing work!

  • yo

    for all those a**holes at Red’s Army (

    If Kobe is such a douchebag, why does Boston love Kobe?

  • patrick

    [Comment ID #63701 Will Be Quoted Here]

    they know true greatness

  • yo

    [Comment ID #63703 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They should – they started hating when they stopped sucking. Let’s hear some MVP chants for Kobe in Boston during the Finals. The Celtics are so done.

  • Derek

    great show guys when will you be on 5 tmes a week thats what we want to hear.
    undisclosed location???
    i think we should take shaq back but only after we have proved we can win a championship without him.

  • LakerPoetBR

    Mar 7th, 2009 at 4:16 am Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    great show guys when will you be on 5 tmes a week thats what we want to hear.
    undisclosed location???
    i think we should take shaq back but only after we have proved we can win a championship without him.

    Dude, its over, foget about Shaq. He was great, we had a great run with him, but, even though he is older now, he still plays only when he feels like, we cannot depend on him. The lake show plays a different game now, Andrew is comming back big, we still have one of the most talented big man on the game, Mr Pau Gasol, and we have the Mamba playing in another level, more focused, way more mature and not only a conffident shooter, but a tough minded man, that, as he said in his own words, will fight ’till the end, even if it costs him a technical.

  • patrick

    im over shaw also. if he comes back it will be drama all over again.

  • Fernando

    Hey , whats up guys.
    This my 1st podcast and got to say great job.

    Ok , i understand the bench have not performed the way they are expected to do.
    But , serously this slump couldnt of come in a better time.Yes , the lakers are aiming for the best record in the league.However, my question to you guys is Do you want a under perfrming bench in the season or in the playoffs.?

    Its the season.

  • Fernando

    Hey whats up guys .
    Did you guys catch the MVP chants for DJ MBENGA vs Minnesota lol.?

    ok i know the bench has been in a slump lately. But this could of not come in a better time.Yes, the Lakers are aiming for the best record in league . But , ihave this Question for you guys.

    Will you rather like the bench to go ihn a slump during the season otr in the playoffs.?

    They are the most energetic bench in league.They will be back with full force.

  • Fernando

    Did you guys here those MVP chants for DJ MBENGA vs Minnesota .?

    lol great to see these role players get the love.

  • Sako

    theres all this talk about Andrew Bynum and the sky hook, do you guys think Pau might add the sky hook to his arsenal?