L.W.O. Radio is in the building once again, as D-Bricks and G-Small put it down on the Voice Of The Nation’s 27th Podcast!

Come join the party as the guys review the abnormality that is two consecutive Lakers defeats, and how “the bench mob” has suddenly fallen off, lead by Sasha the “Misschine’ Vujacic. MVP chants in Phoenix? Sun Yue in Compton? Is the Lake Show going to snooze their way into the playoffs, or is this limp merely a gangsta lean in disguise? The Legacies of ‘NBA Inside Stuff’ and Sean Rook’s Basketball camp are back!

The only source for EXCLUSIVE Los Angeles Lakers Basketball talk, The Voice Of The Nation Podcast!

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Game Audio – 4/4/2003 Lakers vs. Grizzlies

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  • LakerPoetBR

    Great podcast guys. I’m so po at the bench mob, but I still think Sasha can turn out to be a great player, I recall an early podcast where you guys, at least d-bricks, saying that he would be a great player, he is young, but I’m starting to question his drive and his practice.

    the BR stands for Brazil, southern Brasil actually. Been a die hard fan for about a decade or so. I’ll keep listening and you guys keep bringing that purple and gold talk!

    best regards

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    Thank You guys for the mention of playing Shannon Brown. Where he lacks in experience of the offense, he will more than make up for on the defensive end. Just like when Trevor first came to the team, he did NOT know the offense, but came in getting steals and making hustle plays. Jordan needs to understand that this is his time to prove that he is GOOD enough all the time to lead the greatest team in the NBA, and not just a starting pg, for say the Thunder!
    Trevor, just in a slump, but I believe letting him go would be a mistake, because he has the HEART, and aggressiveness we need on defense!

  • Sako

    Haha, im from North Hollywood and my real name is Sako, im Armenian.

  • Al

    Great podcast fellas.

    I, like everyone else, cant believe the bench mobsters cant put points up lately, hopefully this is just a sign of the long regular season and they can pick up some momentum in time for the playoffs. I like the idea of Gooden being signed to bring veteran moves and “know how” to our young second unit. have you heard how open he or his agent would be to signing with l.a.? and how he would feel about coming off the bench? wouldnt he be kind of like the worm..just a pass through in the triangle and a monster at handling the boards?

  • Andrew Rafner

    anyone who thinks Drew Gooden is gonna ink with the lakers is an idiot.

    why must these lies be propagated!?!?

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks David Brickley

    [Comment ID #63391 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I don’t know I think John Holinger is a pretty good source. Your basically calling G and I an idiot because if you failed to listen to the podcast we did mention that Smith and Gooden have been bought out and the Lakers MAY be one of the teams interested, seeing that Gooden wants to sign with a contender. But, you know way more then all of us.

    So basically D-Bricks, G-Small, and John Holinger = Idiots. Thanks for pointing that out 316 :)

    Do us a favor and hold your thoughts for your Friday articles.


  • patrick

    KWAME BROWN! lol

    maybe next time….

  • LakerPoetBR

    PS.: This would be a nice topic for the podcast.
    (from the kareem interview on bynum)

    DW: I see now that he isn’t reluctant to shoot a hook shot now, but no vaunted swing left shoot right or swing right and shoot left, you know, like you use to do with the greatest of ease. That shot is made for him, he would destroy the league with it. I sincerely believe he could do it, don’t you?

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: At times he does it in practice, but he doesn’t seem to want to try it in games. He is so young, his ego is such that he doesn’t want to fail at anything. That is a problem with young people, they want everything they do to work, instead of earning it and going through the learning process and failing a few times.

  • Dracul

    The entire Laker team sucked in Denver, bench too.

    In Phoenix, the Suns didn’t want to get embarrassed in front of the home crowd, all their starters played 35 to 43 minutes. And calling phantom whistles on the Lakers while Shaq got away with 18 offensive fouls didn’t help either.

    The good news is that its all happening at the same time, bad calls, fatigue, bench sucking. If the entire Laker team had a monster game on both ends and STILL lost, there would be reason to worry.

    They are about the same offensively without Bynum, but defensively, when he’s in position, his 2 blocks and altering of 4-8 shots per game is where it makes a difference.

    I expect Bynum to come off the bench until he gets in rhythm, and hopefully be back in sync by the time the Lakers tangle with the Celtics in the final. I’d also want to see PJ put in Jordan at the same time as Bynum, since those 2 seem to have good synergy together

    I hope the Lakers get to play Dallas for the first round. Phoenix has Shaq, who’s going to play WAAAY too motivated against the Lakers for my tastes, and we wont have Bynum ready. Utah is a team that is a bad matchup for the Lakers, and the Hornets can also cause issues. Portland is athletic, but Oden is too fragile, and their team isn’t mature enough at this time. Denver should have blown out the Lakers by 30 in that last game, but they didn’t, so Denver is whatever.

    So only Denver, Portland and Dallas are teams that the Lakers shouldn’t have issues with, even without Bynum. Utah, Spurs, Suns, NO and Houston all put up a certain amount of opposition. So ideally we’d play Dallas then Portland then Spurs. But there are 6 teams jockeying around the same records, so its totally unclear at this point.

  • Grim

    looking back now that bynum is hurt and sasha is garbage..should mitch have resigned Ronny Turiaf instead of sasha. he is a better back up than mbenga and sasha cant hit a shot for nothin

  • Grim

    you guys were talking about kobe getting mvp chants in different cities. this is one of my favorite youtubes..kobe getting mvp chants in boston