They told you they would be back in a flash. David and G discuss all that is going on in Laker land, including the latest on Andrew Bynum’s knee injury, Kobe droppin 61 at the MSG, Shaq’s current love affair with Kobe, and as always send you off with a top Lakers moment. Oh, and President Obama chimes in a few times during the cast. Don’t wanna miss it!


AC/DC –Highway To Hell
Destiny’s Child – Cater To You (Remix)
Lupe Fiasco – Superstar
Outkast – Sorry Miss Jackson
Snoop Dogg – Boss’s Life

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  • LakerPoetBR

    We are all wishing Drew a healthy
    and quick recover.

    And lets play Mambaball


    Wow David you really made my day on this broadcast. I was just laying on my bed listing to this and how you brought up our conversation that we had on #20. This is like my 1 min. of fame here haha. And to be brought up on TLN, my favorite sight, makes it even better. Oh and how last time I misspelled your last name I think I’m just going to stick with David so I don’t make that mistake twice.

  • bernzter

    Hello VON!!!

    Thanks for this… Loved it… especially the love triangle angle that you mentioned…

    Although I took a bit offense when you stressed (a bit too much) on Kobe landing on Bynumite’s legs… ACCIDENT!!!

    Now my anger is pacified, thanks for an impressive podcast. Although some of the songs needs some work… Keep up the good work nonetheless…

    I like the fact that you mentioned the bench mob now that Bynum’s injured… I totally agree that the mob has to step it up more than a few notches…

    Kobe leading; Gasol, Fish, Trevz, Jordan, The Machine, LO helping out and then Josh, Sun, Chris, DJ, Luke, Radman putting their contributions… We got the trophy… Hands down… (Don’t like Coby Karl though…)

    Since we still got one more spot on the roster… Why not put an offer for Starbury? I don’t know… it would be interesting to find out…

    Go LA!!!

    Nuff Said.

  • J’Rex

    Hey guys, another great podcast!
    I really liked it, always love hearing your insight on everything about the lakers. I think you guys should do a podcast every 10 games rather then 20 games. I really liked the podcast though, I’m optimistic much like D.Bricks but i see where G is coming from, when he seems skeptical and doesn’t really want to comment about how long it will take Bynum to come back.

    Considering we have our full bunch back, and Bynum gone.
    Would you rather see DJ Mbenga or Chris Mihm as the backup center for Andrew.


    Slide Josh Powell over and give him more minutes?

    Another question I’ve got for you guys is, do you think many fans outside of the Laker nation, understand the potential game changing Josh Powell brings for the Lakers with his small minutes and huge hustle and rebounding?


  • Taylor

    Hey guys: I enjoyed the light-hearted nature of the podcast. The Jermaine O’neal trade request was hilarious. Lol, that would crush our hopes. If that happened, Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers would send Mitch Kupchak some roses, meal tickets to the best restaurant of his choice, and a bottle of their finest. That’s robbery.

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