The Voice of the Nation Podcast with Andrew Rafner (varsityoptimism) and David Brickley (DBricks) will guide you through the capillaries and ventricles of the Lakers Nation.

On this episode, David and Andrew find time in between sobbing and cursing the skies to try and make sense of the Lakers stunning Game Four loss to the Celtics.

Too Many Threads – Getting Better
The Beatles – Cry Baby Cry
Nico – These Days
Say Hi – Unless the Laker Game Was On

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  • vintij

    You did not mention anything about the abysmal shooting of the laker bench. Farmar 1 for 6, sasha game 3 hero went 1 for 9. Nobody on the bench showed up today and it says alot about the age and inexperience of the lakers second squad. The bench really let the team down this entire series, after being praised throughout the west as being the reason this team would win it all. The truth is, With bynum coming back, mitch really needs to look at the roster and stop giving people free paychecks year after year (chris mihm, luke walton, Vladdy etc….) These three need to go first and foremost, to make some room for artest. Nice job on the podcast though, again you need a prediction segment, and one more person to join the show. Just overall more content. And you should really have all your stats put out on paper (second half shooting %, kobes second half shooting %, second half turnovers, fast break points etc.)

  • adjeff

    Great work, the podcast is a great addition to the website and the hosts are great and know their stuff. keep it going.,

  • Robert Vega

    Go Lakers!

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    I think after last night’s painful game 4 loss, I went through the five stages of grief.

    But ever after a sleepless night of tossing and turning, replaying all the things that went right in Game 4, to the “what in the world happened?!” this loss still hurts. A lot.

    It hurts my heart so much, as I’m sure it hurts the players even more, but when I look back at how far the Lakers have come since last year, since those two first round exits, I’m still loving this year so much, yes, even this loss, because for two periods and a half, we saw the brilliance of the Lakers offense that has gotten them to the Finals, that has wowed us all through these past few months.

    Getting Pau from Memphis was a gift, after Drew was injured, Pau’s abilities with the triangle offense let us keeping watching these Lakers play till June, a promise Kobe kept when he got his first MVP award, and I just can’t help being amazed and loving every minute of this year’s Lakers team.

    Just imagining next year, the beauty of Pau-Lamar-Drew killing the interior is just making me beam. The pain of last night’s loss will ease over the summer, but I’ll still have fantastic memories of the Laker’s playoff and regular season run. No one can take that away from us fans, not the stupid green leprechauns and certainly not the crappy media coverage for the other side.

    This Lakers team is for real. They are going to be here, contending every year for a very long time. So maybe this year wasn’t meant to be, who cares? It’s the road that’s gotten them here, this team is still young, still inexperienced, still learning. Next year, the pain of losing in the finals will no doubt motivate the young players on the Lakers and they will be UNSTOPPABLE.

    Always supporting the Lakers, never caving into the “let’s jump off the bandwagon or trade that guy after every loss ,”

    Peanut Butter Spread

  • Lisa Armas

    Hi David,

    Wow, I am very impressed with knowledge of sports and how far you have come already. You have a great voice, very deep, and you sound so professional. You must be very proud of yourself, there are so many young people still soul searching for what they would like to do in life. It is so nice to see someone of your age doing what they would like to do, and doing it GREAT like you are. Good luck in all you do, I look forward to hearing more broadcast and seeing you on TV.

    I am friends with your Dad and Mom, they are awsome people, and have done a great job helping you grow and support you in all you do.

    Take care
    Lisa Armas