The Lakers are now 10-2, and have looked good in the first two games of the current 3 game road trip.


  • Postgame reaction to Bucks and Pistons games
  • Lamar is okay, Theo Ratliff is out
  • Lakers plane nearly crashes?
  • Derek Fisher not playing so bad after all
  • Latest on Andew Bynum, and what Rhianna said about Big Drew
  • Miami’s “Fan Up” video
  • And Much MORE

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  • Miami Heat

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  • Emile Martinez

    Great show…going to college in Boston and from LA so listening to you cats is great…

  • kobe bryant lakers

    g-small love the show, I usually can appreciate your opinions. But I have to say you are absolutely wrong on bynum-howard discussion. How could you not trade for dwight.

    Why does bynum fit into our team? He brings the length and size to defend and rebound against the tough inside teams like the celtics.

    When it comes to rebounding and defense Dwight is on another level. Sure bynum’s offense is a plus but Dwight would fit much better in the Lakers offense, and I’m sure kareem would be willing to polish off some of dwight’s weaknesses.

    Come on man

  • 242LakerFan

    Hey, G, I gotta say I wnearly busted a gut when I read the Rihanna story the other day and when you said EXACTLY what I was thinking, I was relieved that I wasn’t the only one. I mean, Rihanna isn’t exactly the world authority on dating, is she?
    But I gotta also agree with the last poster on the Howard/Bynum deal. That’s a no-brainer at this point. We need more offense like Phil needs a third head. Howard would shore up our interior defense, which, let’s face it, has been suspect so far this year. I’d do that in a picosecond (Google it).
    Nice job overall as usual, you guys. Keep it coming!
    But what happened to LWO? I haven’t heard you shout out to us in a while. Have I just been missing it?

  • KUSH

    Count Your Blessings.. Take it one day at a time..

  • dennisc5000

    Man I love listening to you guys, been listening since the first podcasts, just cuz ppl dont comment doesnt mean we dont listen! Keep it goin guys, I could see u guys covering a Lakers game on KCAL 9!

  • m1k3

    3 fa goteers (Mecka, m1k3 and Roy)
    Leader of the Fa goteers is Roy ofcourse..
    The king of the scrubs

  • Roy

    I am not a fa gotteer.. i am a takeitrear..